How to Shower When Camping in Smoky Mountains?

How to Shower When Camping in Smoky Mountains

Just like it is with numerous national parks, there is no place to shower in the Great Smoky National Park campsites. Shower installations are functional in the residents wrapping the park. Simply ask the campsite host about the closest buildings after you check-in. There are likewise no electrical or water origins in the park. How to shower when camping in smoky mountains? Read on below to discover much more!

This article points out all you ought to know about camping in America’s most visited national park to assist you to prepare a stay of your own. Great Smoky Mountains camping is a splendid course to relax and de-stress in a stunning national park that is one of our nation’s treasures.

Ask around about paid showers in the districts shrouding the park. Or possibly, if you love wild camping experiences, try to take a bath in nature! Surely, be mindful of the weather.

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Entering the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Have you gone to some of America’s national parks before you may be hoping to stop at a stall and pay an entry price to visit the park? For instance, you might pay $25 to visit Everglades National park. Yet, Great Smoky Mountain National Park is one of the rare extensive national parks that doesn’t set an entry price! So, it is completely free to visit. That goes without saying!

10 Camp Sites In The Park

There are 10 specified “front country” campsites that you can see within the Great Smoky Mountains National Park that are executed by the park service. Frontcountry points you can access these campsites by vehicle and drive right up to your grounds. That goes without saying!

The campsites vary in length and height but not in luxuries. That is a fun fact! There is a chart that resembles the length and height of all 10 campsites. Great Smoky Mountains camping will cost between $17 and $27 per night at any of these 10 sites. This is the unwritten rule!

Height Does Matter

For instance, in the middle of July, it is typically more than 90 degrees in North Carolina in the day. Do you camp in your tent? Do you prefer to be a little colder while sleeping? Then pick the camping site at the most elevated peak in the park. That would be Balsam Mountain Campground.

As this campground is located over 5,000 ft in height, the weather can be much chillier than those at lower heights. This absolutely goes without saying! Truthfully, try to get chilly weather sleeping bags! Hold the significance of height in mind so you are not boiling on the hot sunny days in summer or freezing in the fall.

What Is Not to Be Found?

Like with numerous national parks, you won’t find showers in the Great Smoky National Park campsites. Shower installations are available in the neighborhoods around the park. Simply ask the host!

But, How to Shower in the Smoky Mountains?

Ask at the visitors center about pay showers available in the communities surrounding the park. Or perhaps, if you love wild camping ventures, try to take a bath in nature! Of course, be mindful of the weather.

What You Will Find at the Sites?

Every single campsite has toilets with cold running water and teeming toilets. Every separate campsite has a fire grate and picnic tableland. Numerous campsites may have some kind of tent pad, but not all. There is one area of the campsite that is devoted to tent-only camping. So, you may not be able to sleep in your car while camping, per se! It is amazing to find privacy from your neighbors and to have a tidy restroom as well!

Reservations May Be Needed

You will need reservations for Great Smoky Mountains camping sites. Yet it depended out that we did! Advance reservations are needed at Abrams Creek, Balsam Mountain, Big Creek, and Cataloochee Campgrounds. You can complete your reservations on the website or by phoning (877) 444-6777.

Besides, you can perhaps create reservations at Cades Cove, Cosby, Elkmont, as well Smokemont campsites, but they are not essential. All the other campsites are first-come, first-served. True to the fact!

This National Park Is Absolutely Huge

The park perches on two states, which are North Carolina and Tennessee. Likewise, it is over 800 square miles in scope. It can readily take numerous hours to drive from one area of the park to another. You can employ the park map to prepare what section of the park you’d like to see and try to uncover a campsite close by. This might rely on which directive you are arriving from, or on what you’d like to catch and do.

You Must Secure the Meals

A rule that is rigorously implemented in GSMNP is that when not in usage, food and cookery supplies need to be in your car. There are multiple black bears in the park. Be mindful that food may attract bears and the park service has this law to hold you secure. So, try to pay attention to your safety as it should be a priority.

Have a cooler around or box to readily move food in and out of your vehicle. You might store your cooking supplies in an extensive Rubbermaid container. That way it is effortless to set away when you are done cooking.


You must heat treat the firewood or collect it in the park. Starting in 2015, exclusively heat-treated firewood that is approved by the United States Department of Agriculture or a state division of farming may be carried into the park. People who camp may also gather dead and down wood located in the park for campfires.

This is to guard the park from intrusive insects and illnesses that involve trees. That said, sadly, you can’t bring firewood from home. Still, you can convey a saw or hatchet to accumulate some of your own.

Backcountry Camping

Great Smoky Mountains National Park has required ticket and passage scruples for all outback camping in the park since 2013. This is camping at any location that you need to hike into.

There are nearly 100 backcountry sites that you can locate on this trail map. You can only camp at specified backcountry grounds and sanctuaries. Great Smoky Mountains camping in the backcountry is $4 per individual per night, with an utmost of $20 per person. That is a fact!

Food Preparations

  • Go with plain meals, such as chicken, vegetables, and cheese with quick boil-in-a-bag rice, or sandwiches and baked beans.
  • You may want a two-burner propane camp stove. You can find one at Target for just $39.99.
  • Or perhaps try a nifty simple $7 driblet coffee cone to make coffee while on a camping trip.
  • Think of getting camping meals ahead of time. All is just $3 so the scopes are ideal for THE camp box.

shower in the Great Smoky National Park

Again with the showering! Request at the visitors center regarding paid showers that are in the neighborhoods around the park. Perhaps the following:

  • Abrams Creek Campground.
  • Elkmont Campground.
  • Balsam Mountain Campground.
  • Big Creek Campground.
  • Cades Cove Campground.
  • Cataloochee Campground.
  • Cosby Campground.
  • Deep Creek Campground.

Trendy Amenities You Will Love

#1 Courtesy Wireless Internet Access

All the people staying at the Greenbrier Campground can take benefit from the gratis wireless internet access! Like this, you can stay linked to your buddies back home, check the climate, and much more! You can likewise use the free wi-fi access to play games in the nighttime or start a vacation blog! Whether you are tent camping on the camping island, dwelling in one of the bell tents, or being in your individual RV camper, you will worship the amenity of having the internet at a glance!

#2 Cable Television

Whether you are staying in one of our greatest sites, you can appreciate cable television that is there for free with your visit! While most nights you presumably want to sit by the campfire and unwind beneath the stars, you still may want to notice your favorite television schedule. Cable television also arrives in handy for those drizzling days or nights that may have broken your outdoor lovers.

#3 Laundry Facilities

Smoky Mountain campsite includes trendy laundry installations where you can readily wash your garments after a day of hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park! This likewise comes in convenient for washing bathing suits after an afternoon in a private swimming spot! When preparing for a holiday at the Greenbrier Campground, you can fill light and wash your apparel in the laundry installations in your comfort.

#4 Luxury Bath House

Yes, there is a luxury bathhouse near. It includes a luxurious bathhouse with neat bathrooms and shower installations. The bathhouse is just a few steps away from your camping site so that you can brush your teeth and enjoy a rejuvenating shower before sleep. That goes without saying!

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