Can I Sleep on the Beach in Greece?

Can I Sleep on the Beach in Greece
Are you a comfortable camper, traveling with your tent and sleeping bag, or prefer to have someone pitch your tent or dome for you? Greece presents a startling number of cheap places to camp next to many superb beach fronts or in a peaceful, shady forest.

Make sure not to overlook the mosquito spray, flashlight, and maybe a pair of AirPods. Summer is the break season in Greece and outdoor enthusiasts just want to have fun. If you’re an early bird, you’ll be glad you came equipped. In fact, you can begin preparing now. Here are some superb sites for camping holidays in Greece!

Free camping – pitching up a tent on a beach is prohibited. However, sleeping on a coast without a tent is not. There are many individuals sleeping on beaches in Greece every single year. Use your sleeping bag only and lay freely. 

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Best Locations to Go Camping in Greece

Let’s take a look at some of the best camping spots in Greece that are truly near the beaches. Stay tuned!

#1 Camping Elizabeth, Crete

So, what to do at this rustic, casual place on the long Rethymno shore in northern Crete? Decide to rent a tent or safari-style glamping pitch directly on the sand – or just carry your own.

A sunset stroll will guide you to the well-priced beachside taverna. It serves freshly cooked Greek favorites and weekly barbecue evenings. Additional points go to the sea turtles – this seaside camping area in Greece is their nesting place. That precisely assures it remains blissfully formless.

Tip: Let’s forget about Greece for a moment. There are many incredible spots for camping in Finland, as we all know how beautiful Scandinavia is.

#2 Nisi, Fthiotida

Fetch your own tent or rent one of Nisi’s domes or cottages as your base at this camp in Greece. Grasslands, climbing walls, minigolf, and volleyball are all on-site to keep you busy. The group also suggests hiking and biking trails, as well as a wine-tasting expedition. This is for those who like a negligibly less active holiday.

Don’t miss the superb on-site diner under the trees, with an abundance of vegetarian and vegan choices.

Tip: There are truly numerous points about survivalist camping that you need to take into consideration.

#3 Poros Beach, Lefkada

Campers have been raising tents and attaching caravans beneath the olive trees here since 1974, and for good cause – it’s only 60m (200ft) from the beautiful Mikros Gialos beach and is known for its neat structures.

If sleeping underneath the canvas feels tiring, there are studios and family rooms available. Also, the nice hilltop diner, Menta, delivers delicious Greek food. It is accompanied by views of the bay from an open balcony.

Tip: You need to be watchful of what you will bring for one night of camping. All the camping essentials here are frankly necessary.

#4 Camping Pitsoni, Halkidiki

It sits on the tip of the Sithonia peninsula. It has dark areas for tents and caravans scattered amid palms and pines. This pet-friendly campground in Greece is a sensation to people looking for a warm welcome and manageable shore access.

The wide sweep of sand at Sykia coast – with its transparent, shallow waters just ideal for everyone to splash in – is only 20m (66ft) away. There’s no diner here, but the on-site minimarket is abundant, by all means.

#5 Drolma Ling, Rhodes

If you want something more spiritual than your standard Greek camp, this yoga and meditation retreat may just be your thing. Found in a soothing pine forest decorated with Tibetan prayer flags, Drolma Ling delivers full retreats, as well as yoga exercises, massage, and Reiki.

Ascetics can opt for plain tents, but wooden huts, woodland houses, and cabin rooms are also available. You’re rather assured to find your Zen here – the land has been blessed by Tibetan Buddhist monks.

#6 Simos Camping, Simos

The stunning white sands and turquoise waters of Elafonisos beach beckon smart campers to Simos, only 50m (164ft) from the sea. Beach camping slopes are darkened, which turns out convenient in summer, and you can fetch your own tent or rent one of theirs.

An on-site lunchroom serves homemade Greek classics and the bar. It opens at 10 pm – guarantees you won’t go thirsty late at night. This goes without saying!

#7 Surf Club Keros, Limnos

When the Meltemi breezes bumble, the surfers come out to play, and this camp is a wonderful spot for picking up the basics or testing your limits.

From learning kitesurfing to windsurfing and classic wave surfing, Keros’ sandy bay is a superb summer playground. Establish yourself in one of the surf club’s modern tents, refuel at the Hungry Local beach bar, and relax in the dusk with your newfound surfer buddies at the Tiki Bar.

#8 Club Agia Anna, Evia

With a “summer camp” spirit, Club Agia Anna has accommodated families pursuing summer fun for 30 years. It’s all about the activities at this campsite in Greece.

From races for kids and sack races for grown-ups, how does that sound? There are also pools, basketball and shore volleyball courts, table tennis, and cinema screens. It’s more than enough to keep everyone amused.

If you’d instead have more shelter from the elements, see what other Greek islands have to offer – Skyros and Santorini have a spectrum of resorts and apartments.

Note: You should prepare yourself for the wilderness. Furthermore, think about measures to avoid snakes crawling in your sleeping bag while you unwind.

Essential Tips for Beach Camping

There are tons of excellent grounds to go beach camping. There’s the fresh sea draft, and the sound of the waves to soothe you to sleep. You can go surfing or go running on the sand.

You can also anticipate more variables than you may get when you’re camping in the forest. Notably, from the softer, more shaky ground on which to pitch your tent to varying ripples and sand. Let’s see what essentials you need to bring for comfort.

Can I Sleep on the Beach in Greece

Steer Clear of the Dunes

Yes, you may desire to camp high up, away from the lofty wave line. Still, don’t be drawn to pitch a tent up in the sand dunes. Sand dunes are dwelling of various plant and animal species that don’t want to be crushed.
This is why you’ll usually see signals telling you to keep off the sand dunes. On many shores, camping in the sand dunes is specifically restricted.

Pack a Tarp – Or More

There are numerous useful benefits of a tarp at the beach. Foremost, you’re far-fetched to have the shadow of tree coverage that you’re used to in the forest.
  • So, you can utilize it to set up a shelter from the sun. If it’s windy at the beach, you can also utilize your most suitable tarp to make a windbreak.
  • Also, putting a tarp on the ground beneath your tent offers you a site to stand on and brush the sand off your feet before getting into your tent. 

Purchase Tent Stakes for Sand

Any tent will do for beach camping. This is really the truth after all. However, even a fine set of standard tent stakes won’t help much in the sand.

With that in mind, get yourself a set that is specially prepared for camping in the sand to link your shelter down against that sea draft. 

Plan for Wind

Perhaps while camping in the woods you didn’t have to worry about this much. Yet, seaside areas do tend to have more wind than inland areas, by all means.

Because of this, you’ll want to read our guide on how dome tents perform in the wind. Read it so you can get ready, choose your tent wisely and learn how to pitch your tent if the winds are a bit higher.

Fetch a Dustpan and Bucket

Speaking of sand in your tent, fetch a short dustpan and brush. You need these so you can sweep out the tent frequently. Still, you can also fetch a camping bucket, load it with seawater and keep it outside your tent.

Notably, this step is more important than it sounds. This is essential to stop the dirt from entering your tent. 

Make a Fire Pit – And Bring Firewood

If you’re permitted to make a campfire, unless you know there’s a ton of driftwood on the shore or forests close by, you’ll want to fetch your own firewood. To make your fire, dig a fire pit in the sand to give it some additional protection from the draft. At the end of the dusk, soak your fire entirely in sea water then bury it in the sand. 

Yet, when it comes to this, it is vitally important to make sure you check out the local regulations!

Tip: There are numerous strategies to make a tarp waterproof. Which alternative fits you and your intentions best? Make sure you know it before your following camping trip.

Bring Additional Sun Cream

All kinds of camping can implicate lots of sun exposure. So, beach camping indicates slight or no shade at all. It also indicates the UV rays glancing off the water.

Even if you have a solid tarp cover, fetch sunscreen with an increased SPF and wear a hat and sunglasses.  

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