Electric Blanket for Camping – 12 Safety Tips

A woman sleeping inside a tent, covered by an electric blanket.

There’s a solid chance most of you’ve never even discussed bringing an electric blanket on a camping trip. However, it’s not such a strange addition to your outdoors equipment inventory list. Many folks enjoy this kind of commodity once they’re in nature. Even though it might seem a bit ironic.

Now, there’ll always be outdoorsy cynics with the whole geesh-you’re-bringing-that-on-a-camping-trip set of questions. Luckily for you, we won’t get into that. Our task for today is to show you how to safely use an electric blanket for camping! Stick around for some useful information.

First things first, never sleep with your electric blanket turned on. Also, if you’re pregnant – completely avoid using it. Even if you’re not – avoid using old, worn-out e-blankets. Additionally, don’t put another layer of fabric on top of your electric blanket. Lastly, unplug the cord whenever you’re not using it. 

As one might assume, that’s not nearly everything we’ve planned for this article! Keep on reading to find out what’s in store for today!

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Wait, do folks really use an electric blanket for camping?

That’s right! It might be hard for some to realize, but camping during the winter requires you’re safe from the harsh temperatures. Who says we’re not allowed to use a bit of good ol’ leisure while on a camping trip? Anyway, you’ll want to know that e-blankets have always been an item inside the camping bag. They’re very easy to use and many folks find them more than helpful!

Of course, since they’re electric (wow, what an insight) and all, one must use them with special care. Taking all the safety precautions is more than necessary!

How to use an electric blanket while camping?

Most of the time, they’re very safe to use. Not to mention they’re a great tent-heating-issue solution. Here’s a fun fact: they usually work at a minimum temperature of 77°F (25°C). They can go as far as 118°F (48°C). The ideal, most comfortable temperature is a bit higher than the regular human body temperature.

The thing is: you’ll need a power source. You can use a generator, but they’re not that affordable. It’s no use buying one just for the sake of your e-blanket. If you’re camping with your RV, well… Good for you.

Also, here’s a piece of friendly advice: never use your e-blanket inside your sleeping bag. A portion of the heat made by the blanket will need to naturally dissipate just so you avoid overheating. If you place your electric blanket inside your sleeping bag, there’s no way you’ll evade overheating issues from appearing.

Since we talked a little about safety concerns, it might be time to kickstart our main topic for today. Let’s see those 12 safety tips concerned with the usage of an electric blanket for camping!

An electric blanket inside a tent in the woods.

Electric blanket for camping – 12 Safety tips

Here’s something you didn’t know: wherever there’s electricity, there’s a risk of fire. Ha! Of course, we’re only kidding. Here’s how you’ll steer clear of worrying about issues concerning your trusty electric blanket when camping.

#1 Turn off the blanket before you venture into sleep mode

This is probably the most important tip you’ll find here. Turn off your e-blankie before you go to sleep. You might ask: wait, my electric blanket came with an auto shut-off system, should I still turn it off manually? In short: yes, you should! The thing is: you mightn’t know if the switch is working properly, so just turn it off. 

#2 Try not to use older electric blankets

Are you still holding onto that decade-old electric blanket? If your answer’s YES, it might be time to obtain a newer model. Even if your old e-blankie is still functional, you can’t know if the wires are about to go nuts. They wear out over time and are a safety issue because, you know, burns and electrocution and other lovely things. 

#3 If you’re pregnant, avoid prolonged usage

Now, every single e-device will produce a certain amount of so-called EMF (electromagnetic fields). The amount of EMF generated by the e-blanket is pretty weak when you’re running it in a low setting. However, that amount can triple when you’re running your e-blankie with higher heat settings. Here’s why you want to avoid it: prolonged exposure to the aforementioned high amounts of EMF could possibly increase the risk of an unfortunate event such as miscarriage; the chances go up during the first even weeks of pregnancy. 

#4 Don’t place a cover over your e-blanket

Electic blankies will make sufficient heat to keep you warm & cozy during a cold, winter’s night. In other words: putting an additional cover over the electric blanket is completely unnecessary. Not only that, putting another cover will most probably lead to the blanket overheating. Once that happens, it will create a fire hazard for you and every other person you’re camping with.

#5 Unplug the cord whenever you’re not using the blanket

Well, this one goes without saying. You can never be too careful and that’s why you need to unplug the cord of your electric blanket whenever you’re not using it. Just like you would unplug each device in your home before going on a vacation.

#6 Unfold your blanket first

We’ll be short here. Never should you turn on and use your e-blanket while it’s folded. That’s about it.

#7 Keep sharp objects away from your blanket

This one explains itself, but let’s elaborate. It’s not very smart to keep sharp objects lying around near or, in the worst case, on your e-blanket. Why? Because it could prick it and, of course, expose the wiring inside. Once the wires see the light of day, the risk of electrocution becomes pretty darn high. 

#8 Don’t let your pets play with it

Well, of course. We all know pets, mostly dogs and cats, are, for lack of a better word, prone to experiment with certain objects they might find lying around. Needless to say, your e-blankie shouldn’t be one of them. As we’ve already said, sharp objects can easily prick it and expose the wiring, which is something you definitely want to avoid. When we say sharp objects, we also mean your little buddies’ sharp claws. 

#9 Infants and elderly folks should avoid using it

You’ll want to know that your e-blankie isn’t really an ideal heating option for certain members of your family. Of course, we’re talking about toddlers and the elderly. Why? Because there’s a chance they might oversleep (if they haven’t turned it off in the first place) and the blanket might overheat, malfunction, and start a fire without them realizing what’s going on.

If you’re camping out with your young ones and/or your elderly, it’s best you give them ordinary blankets that are probably pretty sufficient to keep them warm, not to mention – safe, through the night. Your ordinary blankets combined with a sleeping bag shouldn’t cause any heating issues. Also, you’ll sleep better, assured that you’ve done all that’s possible to ensure the safety of your loved ones.

#10 Don’t use the blanket inside a wet tent

Now, here’s a no-brainer if there ever was one. Here’s another one of those facts you (supposedly) didn’t know: water and electricity aren’t on speaking terms. Since you can’t really predict the weather (except for watching the forecast), make sure you always carry ordinary blankies with ya! 

#11 Store it properly

As we’ve already said, time takes its toll on the electric blanket. However, one can preserve and make the best of it by properly storing the item(s). Here’s who you’ll do that:

  • Try not to fold the power cable in the blanket, as it can create kinks.
  • Avoid folding the blanket before storage. Instead, just gently roll it to avoid making some damage to the heating elements. 
  • Store the power cable and the blanket itself inside a bag in order to protect it from dirt. 
  • Always store the blanket on top, never below other items. 
  • Don’t use any moth-proofing solutions on your electric blankie. 

For more tips on the proper storage of, not blankets, but food, feel free to follow this link.

#12 Sleeping bags & ordinary blankets combo might just be more than enough

Last but not least suggestion we have concerning the safe usage of your electric blanket while camping is about not using e-blankets at all. As we’ve already implied, using e-blankets might seem like an unnecessary commodity, and it is just that, to a certain degree. The combination of a sleeping bag & ordinary blankets might be more than enough to get you through a cold, winter’s night. There’s no point disproving that one; your average, everyday camper would tell you the same.

For more tips on safety while being in the outdoors, visit this segment of our blog.

Parting thoughts

Alright, folks! That’s about it on the whole electric-blanket-for-camping-safety-and-other-info topic! We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this and that it had made some foggy assumptions become crystal clear!

For more tips on camping, and everything that’s at the very least mildly related to this fantastic activity, don’t hesitate to visit this page.

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