Can You Get Hardwired Internet in an RV?

A person using non-hardwired internet inside an RV.

Needless to say, even the most stubborn of us have concluded that yes, you’re in definite need of an internet connection wherever you are, regardless of how great of a nature-lover you are. While that might sound a bit cynical, it’s still closer to the truth than we’d like to admit. Anyway, keeping in mind the way things are, it’s only natural someone might ask: wait, can you get hardwired internet in an RV? Let’s find out!

Now, it’s not like folks that are located deep into (almost) human-free wilderness require hardwired internet. The target audience of this article’s a bit different. However, today we’ll also try to tackle topics that are related to the main one. Therefore, as always, here at Outdoor Is Home, stick around for some valuable info!

Yes, you’re able to get hardwired internet in an RV. Now, you should only do this if you’re staying at a certain park for a couple of months. Otherwise, it might prove to be a bit costly. 

There’s no way you’ll learn how to get hardwired internet in an RV by reading just the snippet. If such a thing is possible, that is. Read the whole thing!

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What is hardwired internet?

First things first, let’s consider the very basics of this text. That being said, it’s not so surprising that we’ll first have to ask what’s the definition of hardwired internet. Its properties might be a bit on the obvious side, but still… So, shall we find out?

In the simplest of terms: hardwired internet is basically the complete opposite of wireless (WiFi) internet. That’s right, with hardwired internet, your internet connection’s not transmitted through the air, you’re able to touch it by placing your hands on an Ethernet cable. Here’s a bit of trivia for you: did you know that one of the main reasons folks opt for so-called “shielded” Ethernet cables lies in their wish to reduce RF Radiation?

Anyway, we might want to take a look at some pros and cons of opting for hardwired internet instead of WiFi.

Advantages & disadvantages of using hardwired internet

Here we’ll consider just why anyone would choose hardwired internet over WiFi for their RV. Also, we’ll see why doing such a thing isn’t such a good idea.

Anyway, we’ll begin by mentioning all the good stuff. Here are the advantages of using hardwired internet:

  • You’re able to have greater control over who’s able to connect. Also, you gain more power over how many devices get access to your network.
  • Hardwired internet is a bit faster than your average WiFi. We’re talking about better bandwidth and transfer speeds. That’s because these traits aren’t affected by walls or any other type of interference.
  • Hardwired internet’s much more stable than WiFi. Once everything’s properly configured, you’ll enjoy a reliable network.

Okay, and let’s hear it for the bad stuff:

  • The installation of hardwired internet ain’t as easy as the installation of WiFi. Yup, a hardwired internet connection requires a whole infrastructure of physical components (such as routers, hubs, switches, etc.) and various software including firewalls and security apps. Needless to say, you’ll need some time to set it all up.
  • It’s a bit costlier to maintain. That’s right, the troubleshooting and necessary repairs will be more expensive in wired networks. Not to mention that they’ll take longer, too.
  • Cables & their effect on mobility. If you’re not amazed by the sight of cluttered cables on the floor (we’re guessing you aren’t), you’re probably well aware of how excruciating of an ordeal tidy & organized cable management can be. Here’s another downside: cables also limit your mobility. Lastly, if you’re RVing with cats, wireless might be a better option.

Alright, now that we’ve covered some of the basics concerning hardwired internet connections en général, it’s time we take a closer look at the main question for today: can you get hardwired internet in an RV?

A hardwired internet connection with Ethernet cables.

Can you get hardwired internet in an RV?

As always, we’ll first introduce you to the simplest of answers (if, of course, we find one): YES, you’re able to get hardwired internet inside an RV. Why wouldn’t you? Anyway, let’s see how you’ll go about it!

Okay, so let’s say you’re staying at a certain campground for a whole season or even longer. There’s a good chance that you’ll want to take advantage of your almost sedentary, non-nomadic position and opt for hardwired internet inside your RV. Therefore, you’ll be quite happy to know that you can simply reach out to the local service provider in order to install a cable or DSL internet service right there on your campsite.

If you know that you’re staying for a couple of months, it pays off the pay a bit for the service plus the monthly fee. Now, of course, the campgrounds you’re staying at will need to possess the necessary infrastructure in order for this to happen. RV campgrounds should have this type of infrastructure since folks that hook up independently on the web alleviate the strain on the campground’s free WiFi. It’s basically a win-win situation.

Anything else?

As a matter of fact, yes. Here’s the thing. If the local service providers already installed a connection box at the site, you’re good. All you have to do is contact the company, tell which site you’re on, and plug in your phone line or cable. However, if there isn’t a connection box present at the site, you’ll need to pay for its installment. As we’ve already said, don’t worry as it pays off if you’re staying there for a couple of months.

Another great thing you should keep in mind is that local service providers “get” the transient nature of RV camping and its promoters. Therefore, they typically allow folks to sign up for their service without a contract. To terminate their service, you’ll only need to make a single phone call.

Something of a conclusion

Let’s conclude this section by saying that opting for a hardwired internet connection is the way to go. If you’re staying for a few months at a certain campsite, that is. Now, if you’re a bit unsure about whether an RV camp will enable you to do this, contact their office. Or, you might as well reach out to the local service provider to check whether they service the area.

What about satellite internet for an RV?

Even though it’s a bit more on the expensive side, installing a satellite internet connection might be your best bet. Many outdoor enthusiasts see this as their option number one. So, what’s the deal with satellite internet? Why do RVers all around the world adore it?

Here’s the thing: satellite internet will grant you fast & reliable coverage, regardless of where you’ve chosen to stay. You might be a person who enjoys remote backcountry camping (speaking of which, here’s an article you’ll want to read), for all we know. If so, you can enjoy an internet connection even if the nearest sign of human life is miles away. Anyway, to use a satellite internet connection, you’ll just need to park on a spot that possesses a clear southern sky exposure. It’s not as fast as hardwired internet options, but it comes pretty darn close to them.

Now, as we’ve said in the above lines, installing satellite internet for your RV isn’t cheap. However, keep in mind that it’s one of those investments that greatly pay off. Also, it’s not all that perfect when it comes to signal. You might have some interruptions once the weather gets messy.

Can I play online games with satellite internet for an RV?

There are many folks that wonder whether you are able to play online games with satellite internet for an RV. They’ll be quite unhappy to hear that such a thing isn’t really possible all thanks to the lag time that makes it almost impossible. Oh, and here’s another potential downside: you’ll need to park in order to use the system. Just like you can’t walk inside an RV while it’s moving.

Also, keep in mind that most satellite internet systems use a dish. Others possess a domed configuration that you can put on your RV’s roof. Alternatively, you’re able to place it on a stand and put it in front of your RV.

Lastly, you might want to think about upgrading the whole setup to an automatic system, if, of course, your budget allows you to do so. What’s so special about it? Well, with the help of a single button, you’re able to watch the dish display deploy up and title until it “locks” onto a satellite. It all happens over the course of a few minutes, it’s amazing. Once you’re ready to continue your trip, simply push the same button once more, and the whole thing will fold down, letting you enjoy a safe journey.

Final thoughts on the matter

Alright, folks, that’s about all that we’ve prepared for today concerning the subject of installing hardwired (or satellite) internet in an RV. Hopefully, you’ve had a good time reading this piece. If you’re on the lookout for more interesting RV tips & info, pay a visit to this page.

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