Can You Wild Camp in Corsica?

Wild camping in Corsica

Corsica is a place second to none where every shift in the road exhibits another breathtaking scene of greenish-blue sea and green woodlands. On the assumption that you are searching for an exceptional spot to enjoy your vacation, then definitely get a good glimpse at Corsica. Can you wild camp in Corsica? Reflect on this article to find out!

Picking an ideal leisure destination should not be that troublesome as there breathes a never-never land like Corsica. However, wild camping enthusiasts should bear in mind that wild camping here is surely not allowed.

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When to Travel to Corsica?

Corsica’s countryside varies conclusively throughout the year and, as a result, contributes to a wide variety of ventures and beauty. Above all, the Mediterranean weather on Corsica through spring grants an exceptional stopping place for camping leaves.

Taking into account the coastal water temperatures already surpassing 18 °C from the end of May, you can certainly enjoy nature. You can go camping, hiking, and climbing without needing to worry about any restrictions. As the case may be, this is the perfect time to visit Corsica for a waterside vacation. Moreover, the campsites commonly hold free spaces till the end of June.

The Wonders of Corsica

The wonders of Corsica

Corsica owns the lion’s share of hills and peaks of any island, with many standing over 2,000 m high. The other name for the island is “The Mountain in the Sea,” which allows a wide selection of possibilities for hiking trips. Additionally, beneath the backdrop of the striking jagged view are various beaches for bathing tours and walks near the seashore.

Depending on your preferences, the inquiry should be whether you fancy someplace energetic or someplace more withdrawn. For instance, in spring, you are yet prone to finding more peaceful spaces on popular beaches, such as Palombaggia shore in Porto Vecchio. This is a beautiful cove, that contains white sand, turquoise-blue water, and flushed stones. It’s worth making a journey throughout the island to visit the various hill towns along with their unseen wonders.

Touring With a Recreational Vehicle

You want to be cautious whether you are touring with a recreational vehicle or pickup truck on Corsica. There are two main reasons for that:

  • The trail contours are very unsteady, as well as the wideness of the trails.
  • Amidst the more substantial towns, the trails are in stable condition. However, take into consideration there are also some high-speed trails.
  • The traffic setting by the low east shore is, for instance, high-grade. However, play it safe in the rocky areas of the west coast.
  • Primarily pay attention in the hills, as the trails can be somewhat tapered and in bad condition.

Benefits of Camping in Corsica

Could there possibly be anything more delightful than relaxing in your recreational vehicle right before the seashore? Hardly likely! Whether you are touring with a camper van, recreational vehicle, or pickup truck you will encounter a tremendous variety of campsites in Corsica. There are about 200 campsites, steadily by the sea.

Various campsites also have their stores; nevertheless, you should bring a few supplies since Corsican goods can be costly throughout the camping term. The campsite places are certainly fantastic, with the majority of them directly at the seaside. Also, the best campsites have their pool and sauna as well as exceptional restaurants. Noteworthy, the majority of localities on Corsica are pet-friendly.

Tip: On the occasion that it may interest you, reflect on all the differences between camping in Europe and the United States.

The Typical Camping Equipment

Camping gear

Take a closer look at this easy-to-use camping checklist to reflect on having everything in handy, not to forget the life-saving tools:

  • RV. A recreational vehicle or a pickup truck is the primary commodity that you need to be able to go camping, particularly on Corsica.
  • Tent. They arrive in various sizes, and an unwritten rule is to strive for a tent that has more space than you initially need. Be mindful that you are not allowed to put up your tent anywhere as wild camping is prohibited on Corsica.
  • Sleeping bags. Every camper needs them. It can get pretty cool at night, even in the summertime.
  • Tools for bushcraft projects. You need these to make a shelter, craft tools, or reinforce your camp for the best bushcraft projects.
  • Camping stove. You need it to prepare your snacks. Keep in mind that you take the right type of fuel too.
  • Water carrier. To avoid having to go to the site tap each time you lack water.
  • Pillows. Try not to forget these magical items as they make a tremendous exception to a great night’s sleep. Whether you plan on sleeping in your car while camping, take the ones from home.
  • Torch. This item is a must-have in order to make your tent lighter at nightfall. In addition, always remember to bring the extra batteries!
  • Outdoor stools. This type of equipment is an absolute must-have! The most authentic way to unwind in the sun is on a comfy overlap dawdler or chair.
  • Trash bags. You need them in order to obtain the tent clean and tidy.
  • Electric hook-up. On condition that your pitch has electrical power then you will need a portable pipes kit to attach to it safely.

There Is More to This List

  • Mallet. Mallet is a necessity with the aim of helping to put the plugs in, particularly on rough ground.
  • Fire-starting materials. To smoothly start a fire, char cloth and cotton knots are the most typical and efficient types of fire-starting materials. They are simple to prepare at home and take with you on a camping journey. However, the use of these is strictly forbidden on Corsica, so be aware of that.
  • Duct tape. Metaphorically speaking, this is a guardian angel when it comes to manageable, along with the road adjustments.
  • Spare rope or a string. These are extremely useful for merging, attaching additional guylines in critical weather conditions, or as a wash line.
  • Storage. This maintains the tidiness of your tent so it is a definite must-have item.
  • Gas. This item is necessary for the stove and your barbecue. You are able to purchase it on-site whether there is a store. However, it is greatly more convenient to take yours, rest assured.
  • Cleansing gear. Speaking of cleansing, there are a few items that are certainly useful, such as washing bowls, sponges, and scrub brushes.
  • Wet Wipes. Another item concerning cleansing is wet wipes. They are a must-have, for simple and quick cleaning.
  • Personal prescriptions. Whether or not you have some sort of medical condition, it is always best to bring a few medication pills, just in case.
  • Penknife. Try not to forget a penknife, particularly presuming it has pliers as well.

In consequence of the fact that wild camping in Corsica is not allowed, you probably won’t need half of the items from the previous checklist. However, it is always good to know what is required for any type of camping activity.

Interesting tip: Presuming that you would like to make your own tent carpet, use stain-resistant material, make a slight laminate underlay for the insulation in the center, and apply a duty tarp for the support.

Campsite Opening Hours in Corsica

Take into consideration that not all the campsites on Corsica are welcoming in all seasons. With the greater number of them, starting season begins somewhat between March and April. It is advisable to always verify the campsite availability hours ahead of time.

In case you are ready for a truly special adventure, seek an overnight in the hills in a survival pack. Scheduling this open-air venture can be done through a local tourist guide. Be aware that wild camping is not allowed on the island, and the fine can go up to 400 euros! 

The Ventures in Corsica

Apart from camping, there are countless additional activities, and you can observe that on the campsites. The vacation ventures on Corsica range from the following:

  • spa facilities
  • mountain biking
  • sport climbing such as rock-climbing
  • water sports such as diving and surfing

This place is a complete paradise! First and foremost, the island is a heaven for hikers and you can never in a million years get bored in this marvelous place. Corsica grants leisurely walking tracks, even more, challenging hiking tours, and also long alpine hill tours. As a consequence of the geography of Corsica, no matter where you choose to hike, you will certainly always experience an astonishing view of the sea.

So, Can You Wild Camp in Corsica?

Absolutely not! Wild camping in Corsica is strictly forbidden and you cannot put up your tent just about anywhere. The regional park named the Parc Naturel Régional de Corse protects and manages the whole area. Camping is sustained, but exclusively on well-established camping sites. Therefore, you can solely camp in the proximity of the ports in a place that is allocated to you by the port supervisor. Also, be mindful of the fact that lighting a campfire is rigidly forbidden as well.

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