How to Prevent Snake Bites While Camping?

How to Prevent Snake Bites While Camping

Hoping to avoid snakes on your next camping trip to Corsica? It is totally understandable! Not everyone is a fan of snakes and, even if you do fancy yourself as a snake fanatic, you still might not want them slithering around your campsite at night. While there’s no assured way to hold snakes away from your campsite, there are a few steps out there that you can take to minimize snake bites. How to prevent snake bites while camping? Let’s hop into more mind-blowing details below!

To prevent snake bites while camping, take a few things into account. Make sure to pick a snake’s free camping ground. Try to keep a light nearby or a campfire. Long footwear is an absolute must. Also, you should be aware of how to treat snake bites if they occur. 

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Where Do Snakes Live and Hide?

Snakes are introverts and like to live away from humans. They don’t like us as much as we don’t like them. They tend to hide in dark but warm places like bushes, under big rocks, and tree trunks.

At your campsite, they may take cover beneath your tent or even inside your shoes. Holding a stack of soiled laundry. Or perhaps your Coleman camping gear outdoor can also deliver a suitable cover for them to hide when it’s night. They can likewise hide in long grass and scrubs especially looking for and lurking their prey.

How to Keep Snakes Away? 

Now that we know a tiny bit about snakes and their demeanor, let’s debate how you can hold them away from your campsite. This goes without saying!

#1 Pick a Campsite That Is Snake Free

Particular states in the US have more snake residents, such as Arizona, Florida, as well as Texas. So it’s a suitable vision to review the map of wild animals in your state and camping site before preparing for camping travel.

Likewise, most state and national parks have facts about snakes and other stormy dwellers in their true name Ophidiophobia. If you have such issues, maybe it’s better to pick a ground that is less viable to snake issues.

#2 Choose a Proper Location for Your Tent

As noted previously, snakes are not apt to hang around humans and pick remote locations. For this grounds, go for a campground that is far from scrubs and long grass where snakes often rest.

Grounds around wetlands or water bodies become more of a sanctuary for these animals due to rodents getting lured by the greenery there. If you have to choose a campsite near marshlands, try raising your tent on the dry soil away from the vegetation. This is the unwritten rule, by all means!

#3 Store Your Food in Air-Tight Cans

One of the easiest ways to keep snakes away is by storing your food in an air-tight container. That way, the food doesn’t lie around in the open, attracting rodents and other small animals that attract snakes.

Storing your food away in quite tight containers also prevents other crawlers like spiders from coming to your campsite. Neaten up your grounds and release all food leftovers. This is the most significant thing to do! These foodstuffs leftovers will draw tiny insects and experimental subjects as we debated above. This is absolutely essential for preventing snakes from crawling in your sleeping bag, by all means!

#4 Make a Campfire to Avert Snakes

Campfire can likewise assist you to repulse snakes from your campsite. Its heat and smoke can virtually prevent them from coming near you. This is the unwritten rule!

As snakes are busy largely after sunset, if you make a campfire at that time and hold it flaming till late at dusk, it will make certain your campsite is snake-free. Even after you go to sleep, you can carefully scatter the smoulderings near your tent so that the smoke and heat can save you till dawn.

#5 Scare Them Away With Noise

Snakes are scared of humans so if they listen to your voice or someone making noise around your camp, they will rush away. You can even play music around your campsite on portable speakers to scare them away. Set the mobile speakers on the floor with speakers meeting the ground and turn them on to keep snakes away. Turn up the bass and volume, but not excessively. Snakes are liable to vibration, so they will detour coming near it.

Do you have a dog with you? If yes, let them run free to scare off snakes or any other small animals out there.

Scare The Snakes Away With Noise

#6 Review Your Tent Before Going to Bed

When returning to your camp after a day out, take the time to check your tent before entering it and check if there is any snake inside or around it. This truly goes without saying!

Make sure your tent is locked from all angles and there are no gaps or rips to let snakes in. If you discover any gaps, fix them up on-site if you have the fundamental patching kit.

#7 Wear Long Shoes to Cover Your Feet

In conformity with the study, 13% of snake bites happen at the feet or ankles. So if you are fraying long boots or shoes, it can assist avert bites on to lower parts of your body when trekking around sites where snakes are.

Fray long footwear, some boots that fit nicely so the wild beast finds it hard to bite through. Snakes as well as scorpions usually like to hide inside footwear when you leave them out. Attempt to keep your shoes inside the tent. If that’s not doable, stuff socks inside your shoes so that snake cannot get inside.

#8 Never Sleep Straight on the Ground

Snakes enjoy snuggling inside tall grass sites and rocks close to the campsite. So it is most useful to not sleep straight on the ground if you comprehend the location is not snake-free. This goes without saying!

Hammocks are quite helpful against snakes as you will be sleeping a couple of feet beyond the ground. Even though snakes can effortlessly claim tall trees, sleeping outside the ground does reduce the possibility of getting bitten by a traveling snake. This goes without saying, by all means!

#9 Flashlight Is a Must

It is most useful to invariably have a flashlight with you when it is dark so that you can readily spot any snake or other little creatures before they come in touch with your legs. Anyhow remain away from tall grasses and bushes when going to the restroom. Why? Well, snakes enjoy hiding in such locations.

What About Snake Repellents?

There are a few commercially available outcomes that claim to keep serpents away if utilized. However, their usefulness is highly arguable. This goes without saying!

However, there are some natural cures that assist repel snakes that you can smoothly make by hand. These home mixtures include utilizing peppermint, lemon oil, or perhaps essential oil granules. This one has extremely useful reviews on Amazon so you might try to check it out!

Peppermint and lemongrass oils can likewise be utilized to control insects like mosquitoes away that make issues while camping. It is soundest to utilize refined essential oils for this intent as they are powerful and natural. Nevertheless, it is advisable to employ them in well-ventilated spaces.

Do Rope Lamps Keep Snakes Away?

It is an old idea that placing a rope near your sleeping area will deter rattlesnakes from crawling over it. Perhaps you haven’t seen any definitive test to prove or debunk this approach. Yet, many RV campers place a series of LED lamps near their RV to prevent rodents and also snakes.

Snakes are liable to rays and will not pursue a place that is highly adorned at night. Therefore, it is a great idea to place a string of affordable LED lights near your tent. This will make your camping ground more trimmed and work as a snake impediment to some degree. This goes without saying!

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How to Treat Snake Bites While Camping?

Snake bites can be fatal, even deadly if not treated properly. If medical help is out of reach try to do a few things on your own. Rinse the region near the bite area with water to release any venom that may stay on the skin. After that, clean the injury and wrap it with a sterile bandage. Vacate any rings or jewelry and try to immobilize the damaged part as you would for a rupture. Still, splint it merely underneath the heart level.

These suggestions are the first aid if the medical team cannot reach you in time. Always make sure to first seek medical attention and after that, these steps can come into play! This truly goes without saying!

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