Can You Find a Hiking Partner via Reddit?

Can You Find a Hiking Partner via Reddit

Hiking, camping, or backpacking, and let alone many other sports are outdoor sports and ventures that are usually much more effective whether you have company. In this article, you will discover some valuable tips and guidance for finding a hiking companion. Can you find a hiking partner via Reddit? Let’s hope into more below!

You can absolutely find a hiking partner on Reddit. By joining groups you can find many adventure seekers and friends who love adventure just as much as you! Besides Reddit, you can also find hiking mates on other spots such as Facebook groups or perhaps try to volunteer. 

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Tips to Finding a Hiking Partner

Generally speaking, only a few things are sounder than going on a hiking adventure with a buddy, family member, or your better half and transferring the experience. It’s one of the most pleasing things to do in the world. Having somebody with whom you can reflect on an adventure afterward is priceless.

Transmitting a hiking adventure with another human being forms a strong bond. That bond—specifically whether it’s been a long, questioning, and rewarding hike—will hook you perpetually. That’s the truth!

What’s more, hiking with another individual is much safer as well. In case something occurs, perhaps you get injured or run into a rattlesnake, being able to rely on someone else can word-for-word save your life. Also, when hiking in bear country, for instance, your protection level improves dramatically when you have a hiking buddy with you. Hiking independently when bears are around somewhere is not a great idea.

This mixture of exceptional shared adventures and safety makes it worthwhile to locate a hiking buddy. So, if you’re wondering how to locate hiking partners, here are some helpful recommendations and tips for you below. Among them, you will also discover how to find a hiking partner via Reddit!

#1 Join a Hiking Club

The initial tip for locating a hiking companion is likely also the most apparent one. Joining a hiking club is the most straightforward manner to meet other hikers—fellows of these clusters are by report avid hikers.

Most villages and cities will include one or more local hiking clubs. Simply join them on a hike and, whether you like the environment and vibe, absolutely sign up! They’ll oftentimes likewise have some sort of newsletter, manage hiking expeditions, and additional outdoor get-togethers.

#2 Facebook Hiking Groups

As one of the planet’s biggest social networks, Facebook has no shortage of all types of groups. You can uncover hiking parties of all types on Facebook, from hiking crowds for newbies to trustworthy groups of thru-hikers, day hikers, backpackers, provincial hikers, national park fanatics, and many diverse demographics.

Facebook hiking crowds are excellent locations to link with like-minded risk-takers, analogize notes on trails, and get tips, advice, and recommendations. This absolutely goes without saying!

#3 Ask a Buddy

Why shouldn’t you just ask a buddy whether they’d be up for running on a hike? Whether you’re attempting to find a hiking companion, you have truly nothing to lose by asking individuals you already know. Apparently, you’re already getting along with your own buddies, which offers a remarkable possibility to build a more in-depth connection with each other on the pathway.

What’s more, in case you don’t connect while hiking, that’s no biggie either. You can nonetheless hang out as you used to earlier. Whether it is a terrific match, regardless, you’ll have altered a standard buddy into a friend for life, with whom you’ll have conveyed an unforgettable experience.

#4 Take a Wilderness Survival Lesson

In character with killing two birds with one stone, taking a wildlife survival lesson permits you to both learn noteworthy survival strategies, such as first aid, starting a fire, making a camp, and meeting other outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you are a fan of survivalist camping ventures, this is an absolute must!

Individuals who attend these types of courses and lessons cultivate to be good-natured, sociable, inquisitive, and adventure-minded, which are precisely the attributes you should be peeking for in hiking friends. That’s a fact!

#5 Examine

One of the finest sites to link with and meet other people with identical interests is On this complicated medium, you can “uncover affairs for all the things you adore.” It’s a super-suitable way to meet people in your typical vicinity. The fact that there’s an “outdoor” meetup variety is overly practical as well.

A person on a hiking trail in Canada.

#6 Visit Your Local Outdoor Stylist

As a hiker, you require appropriate hiking equipment like good boots, backpacks, jackets, and conceivably even some suitable trekking poles. You’ll most likely have an outdoor person near you where you can bring all of that.

Into the bargain, most outdoor shops have some type of advertisement panel with notes, brochures, and pamphlets about everything from outdoor movie screenings to pack hikes and other outdoorsy possibilities in the area. Whether you’re attempting to figure out how to uncover a hiking partner, this is a superb place to start.

#7 Become a Member of a Protection Alliance

Most other hikers out there are fellows of at least one main environmental community. These communities are committed to maintaining and defending the very lands that hikers, dwell, enjoy and investigate. It makes 100% reason to join one of these noteworthy communities whether you like spending time in nature.

In addition to shielding topography, rivers, and wildlife, they usually also have diverse outdoor entertainment and protection events throughout the year. These incorporate meet-ups like tree-planting days, clean-up schedules, bird-counting weekends, hiking trips, and so forth. This goes without saying!

#8 Hike With Your True Partner

This might seem like a ridiculously apparent pinpoint, but it’s yet worth noting. Whether you have a significant other—whether it’s a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife—and one of you likes hiking, it’s worth it to try hiking jointly. That other individual is your half in life already, so it would be obvious to become hiking mates, too.

#9 Chat to Other Hikers on the Trail

When you’re already on the trail while hiking on your own or in a group, why not take a moment to talk to other hikers you undergo? You’re both obviously appreciating yourselves in the fantastic outdoors. You’re by all means, on the same hiking path at the exact same time. Who knows whether perhaps there’s an association there?

Whether you see it eye to eye, make certain to swap phone numbers or email addresses. Hold in contact and perhaps meet up for a hike jointly in the future. Locating a hiking mate while on a real hike is much more straightforward than you may think. This is the unwritten rule!

#10 Volunteer at a Nearby Natural Spot

Look at the sites of natural areas near you for volunteer possibilities. Many provincial, state and national parks have standard volunteer schedules and events, such as trail clean-ups, upkeep, and rehabilitation work.

Whether you don’t overlook rolling up your sleeves and doing some work for free, this is another fantastic option to meet other outdoorsy folks who care about the surroundings. It’s entirely likely they’ll be avid hikers, too.

#11 Find a Hiking Partner via Reddit

Reddit is a website where associates introduce satisfaction to the web such as links, text articles, and photos, and people are grouped around communities: gatherings for backpacking, journeying, playing chess.

You can employ this platform to make friends and meet soul hikers who are inclined to happen with you.

 What to Predict When Hiking With Others?

It is a lot more securer to hike with a company. Nonetheless, it can likewise offer its weaknesses, primarily if you are with a group of people you don’t really know. People have different expectations while hiking. Some people want to get to the summit or the end as soon as possible, some people like to take their time, some people enjoy taking photos, some people enjoy videography. Some people are slow and others are speedy.

It is important before going with a group to set anticipations around your comfort level, your experience, and your fitness level. Be open, honest, and communicate before your journey/hike.

How to Choose a Hiking Trail?

Picking the right hiking trail can be overwhelming, particularly whether you are new to hiking or whether you have a lot of alternatives to select from. Traditionally, your bodily ability and physical fitness is the number one element to specify what expedition is best for you. This is the unwritten rule, by all means!


As you can see, there are numerous ways of finding a hiking partner. You can uncover hiking companions both online and offline. From forums and online organizations to real-life meetups, while volunteering or obeying an outdoor lesson, there are conceivable hiking partners everyplace! The truth of the matter!

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