Survivalist Camping – Everything You Need to Know

Survivalist Camping - Everything You Need to Know

When you think about camping, you may summon peaceful surroundings, superior tents, and cosy campfires. Of course, that’s one form to camp but not all camping is like that. Survivalist camping, as the name suggests, is much more adventurous and risky. It is about pitting your wits against the great outdoors and staying alive. While survivalist camping, snakes crawling in your sleeping bag might be the least of your problems. Survivalist camping – Everything you need to know – Let’s hop into more details below!

Visualize, being dropped off in the middle of nowhere with only the bare essentials and having to survive. It’s camping but not as you know it. You’re about to discover everything you need to comprehend about survivalist camping. What it is, how and where to go camping it and, most notably, how to conquer it.

Speaking of survivalist camping, you need to be ready for it. You need to have the proper knowledge and be aware that you are left to fight for life. In the literal sense of that word. 

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The Immense Danger Within

This is not to be taken for granted. Survivalist camping is, by all means, extreme and can frequently be an extremely risky venture. That’s surely a part of the rush. It is not a match, it’s a true adventure.

You should by all means, not try survivalist camping whether you haven’t been in the wilderness and know some form of survival practicum that incorporates essential medical knowledge. You should always inform someone where you are going and provide the details of your journey just in case you get into some heavy trouble.

Survivalist Camping 101

Survivalist camping is an extreme type of outdoor experience where you are plunged off in some remote wilderness with solely minimal kit and your humour to survive. No cars, no phones, and definitely no creature amenities. It is, by all means, not for the light-hearted individuals.

Generally speaking, there are two kinds of survivalist camping, base camp survivalist camping, and walk-out survivalist camping. The purpose is rather the same with both: to survive the venture. Let’s dive into more!

Base Camp Survivalist Camping

With base camp survivalist camping your goal is to locate an isolated area where you can set up camp and spend time surviving in the wildlife. Typically, you would be plunged off at the zone and decide on a time and date to be picked up. This is the primary concept of this venture.

The view is that you will have to lean on your survival knacks to get through the venture which retains detecting your own food and bypassing rattlesnakes as well as the wild animals that catch you as their next probable meal!

Walk-Out Survivalist Camping

Walk-out survivalist camping is, by all means, as extreme as it can be. You are plunged off in the remote wilderness from where you will have to uncover your way back to civilization with very short words of proper gear and supplies. As scary as it may sound, for some people, this is the only form o thrill!

Whether you are crossing unknown territory the stakes are lofty. There is solely so much water you will be capable to take with you and solely so long you can outlast without it. Be mindful of that!

Survivalist camping equipment - Axe

Survivalist Camping Gear – The Essentials

Relying on how hardcore you are intending to go, this is some of the elementary gear and supplies that you may like to carry with you. Is it only the camping axe or much more? Let’s hop into the whole list below!

  • Unique water filter
  • Flashlight
  • Camping axe
  • Hunting blade
  • Multi-tool
  • Lighter
  • Survival veils
  • Emergency tent
  • Impervious footwear
  • Sleeping bag
  • First aid tools

The Preparation for the Adventure

Primarily, try to comprehend that practice is important and this is a profound preparation, not a superficial checklist of things to stick in your backpack. Still, it is a good idea to always attach an axe to a backpack.

Part of your practice is being truthful with yourself about your skillset. Are you acquainted with all the mastery that you require to survive out there in the wild? Nature appears pleasant until you realize that she really doesn’t watch for you the way you may watch for her. The only one you can rely on in the wildlife is yourself. You need to know how to catch, kill and prep meals, make camp and steer your way home whether you are on a walk-out.

Whether you have never done any survival practicum, and that comprises most people, there are a variety of lessons you can take to learn how to stay alive out there in the wilderness. Never rush gung-ho into this without supplying yourself with the vital skills or you may not live to regret it. Yes, it’s that serious!

Why Do People Go Survivalist Camping?

Why would anyone voluntarily put themselves in such a risky backdrop only for pleasure that’s the question?

People go survivalist camping for rather much the same logic they want to go wingsuit flying or climb mountains: for pleasure and adventure. Life is a temporary adventure, it can one, be dull and monotonous or two, entertaining and adventurous. You decide on the life you want to live. This goes without saying!

Whether you determine to go survivalist camping, you select fun and adventure over boredom and monotony. Nevertheless, not everything revolves around the adrenaline rush. Survivalist camping allows you to connect with nature, build self-dependence, and sharpen your survival skills.

The Possibility To Unite With Nature

Whether you’re considering going on a survivalist camping journey then you likely compromise that nature is magnificent. That’s a matter of fact! There is nothing like standing in the great outdoors to humble you and remind you of just how remarkable our planet actually is.

Survivalist camping will allow you to connect with nature and comprehend it in a way that is never achievable through books and television alone. This absolutely goes without saying!

The Possibility To Build Your Self-Reliance

In a world of everyday convenience, we usually slip into dependence without even recognising it. Yes, we all like to think of ourselves as strict and self-reliant but we too often charge and overlook and forget what it truly is to do. Well, when it comes to survivalist camping, nobody is going to do it for you out there in the wildlife.

Whether you want to survive, you’ll do things for yourself and, there is no more splendid feeling than being totally self-self-sustaining and convinced in your own capabilities. This conveys the third fantastic possibility survivalist camping presents you. This is the unwritten rule!

The Possibility To Whet Your Survival Skills

As you begin learning new survival skills, you’ll intrinsically start acquiring more confidence in your own self-support. Every trip or excursion is a possibility to test the limits of your skill and capability to survive in a remote wilderness and sharpen those skills that tiny bit outlying.

Similar to any other skill set you push to expand, practice makes perfect. The more you put your survival skills to the trial, the more remarkable they will become. You will travel into the wilderness with survivalist camping but it will also be a voyage of self-discovery and unique development.

The findings you make about yourself and nature will allow you to see the world and your place in it more plainly. It will be humbling but it will be a venture that helps you click on a deeper level with both nature and yourself.

What Basic Skills Do You Need?

Now, as you have presumably realized by now, survivalist camping is extremely certainly not for the absolute beginner. Whether you have never done anything similar to this or actually camped before then surely don’t try to run prior to walking. Choose ordinary camping a couple of times, try putting up a camp rather than using a tent, also attempt catching your own food a couple of times as well.

These are the essential skills you need before you even start considering more intricate specialist survival skills. Though what are some of the other more intricate mastery you’re going to need to conquer? Let’s see some!

Finding and Refining Water

You can survive several weeks without food whether you truly have to but not much more than a few days with no water, thus being capable to locate and purify water is without a say the most vital of any survival skill. This time you won’t have to worry about leaving your water in CamelBak, yet you will worry about a more severe subject. Never just presume water is pure, even if it peeks that way. Untreated water can be full of pathogens and bacteria that can word-for-word kill you. An old and effortless way to purify water is to employ an old container along with an improvised filter, like an old T-shirt, and some gravel and sand.

Making A Fire

Whether you go regular camping it’s totally acceptable to light a fire with a match or a lighter. Hence, whether you want to you can add some accelerant to truly get the fire running. That’s not really what survivalist camping is all about, however. This goes without saying. Therefore, you’re going to need to comprehend how to make a fire the old fashioned way for an accurate background.

Make no blunder, a fire will be important to your survival. Not only will it give you the opportunity to cook meals and keep warm as the night temperatures drop, but it will also help save away wild beasts who want to eat you.

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