Is the Llanberis Path Boring?

Is the Llanberis Path Boring

Snowdon is the highest peak in Wales at 1085 meters high. It has truly stunning views from all pitches – It’s, thus, an intelligibly famous mountain to climb. Snowdon is also readily accessible with tons of tracks from each side directing to its summit. Yet, which is the best path to climb, and is the Llanberis Path boring? There is no short answer because it will rely on a variety of elements, including:

  • The level of complication you are searching for
  • Your knowledge, motivation & health
  • The kind of walking you want (effortless courses, hills, friendly walks, quiet hikes, etc.)

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular paths to climb Snowdon. This is to help you decide which route is best for you.

So, is the Llanberis Path boring or not? The Llanberis Path is definitely the easiest one out there but it’s indeed kind of a boring one. As a way of descent, with the outlying sceneries in front of you, it is actually quite enjoyable.

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Paramount Paths up Snowdon

The Llanberis Path

The Llanberis path up Snowdon is generally viewed as the most manageable path to climb Snowdon. It has the easiest successive gradient up and the path is easy to track as it pursues the train line.

This path also has a cafe midway up called the halfway cafe for those who would like a leisurely lunch before getting to the cafe on the summit. The Llanberis path is a great path for newbies with restricted navigation skills or for those with bad knees.

If you want to scour around a town after your day summiting Snowdon then the Llanberis path is also amazing. Why is that? Well, you can walk into the town directly thereafter.

We suggest Mafon cafe for excellent home-cooked lunches (fantastic for vegans) and there is also an abundance of outdoor home-shopping at Joe Browns and Crib Goch.

Tip: Skiing is an extremely fulfilling sport. Can you use a hiking pole as a ski pole? Regardless, is doing this a safe practice?

The Ranger Path

The ranger path up Snowdon begins from the western side of the peak. Thus, it takes negligibly longer to get to. Especially for most visitors coming from the East. It is much calmer, even though it is a fairly gentle path up to the summit.
This is a wonderful way to take if you are a newbie but want to do a path that is less active than the Llanberis path. The ranger path is a tiny step up from the Llanberis track. Still, there are some slightly shakier steps and the angle is more sensitive in some places.
There is a wonderful tie-up with the Rhyd Ddu path if you cut across the country through some old slate mines. This is a unique, dearest circular route for many. This goes without saying!

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The Miners Path

The Miners’ path up Snowdon begins from the active Pen Y Pass car park (Be aware – get there early, particularly at the weekend as it’s typically full by 7 – 7.30 am). Review the page for more details as they just presented a pre-booking approach. 

If the Miners’ path stayed as easy as the path starting at the top then it would be by far the easiest path up Snowdon. It does, yet, give you a wrong sense of safety. Also, after being almost flat, the first half goes up steeply on some abrupt, periodically scree-littered paths. 

The Miners is usually used for individuals just wanting to go and respect the stunning lakes that sit below the sharp peak of Snowdon towering beyond them. 

Note: Is it okay to wear hiking boots in the national park? Maybe there are other better choices out there. Boots can oftentimes be somewhat stiff and hard to wear.

The Pyg Track

The Pyg track-up Snowdon is an incredibly widespread path. It is the fastest and has the least incline whilst still being somewhat manageable. 

The route discovery is rather forthright forwards all the way to the top, although it is still likely to wander off the path in poor weather. It is a path that can trap people, as it does have the stray possibility. Also, it can be prone to avalanches in serious snow conditions. 

If you want a brief hike up Snowdon then this is a fantastic path to take. Also, the views over the lakes are breathtaking. Just be mindful – it is extremely popular and there can be lines getting to the top. The car park is also extremely active, so make sure you get there before anyone else.
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Rhyd Ddu Path

This is a choice of many. Why is that? Well, it’s extra quiet, has a fair pinch of exposure near the top, and starts and ends near a bar!

The gradient is typically okay most of the way up, and the track is also very good. The main problems for most people come near the top where it becomes a wide ridge and has a slim ledge that you have to walk along.

In winter conditions, this is a fantastic course to take as an intro to winter ridge walking. You can make it a bit spicy by taking some shaky steps, and have a wonderful day out (with the essential tools).

Note: Mind all the tips and tricks to safely avoid rattlesnakes while hiking. This is crucial, by all means!

So, Is the Llanberis Path Boring

The Watkin Path

The Watkin Path is often considered the difficult path up Snowdon. This is mainly because you start climbing from nearly sea level, so the rise is the largest of all the paths up Snowdon.

The Watkin path is truly not as difficult as it once was due to work on the path around the top. It used to be an extremely vertical scree path, but now it’s just a wildly steep track! Notably, the sight on this path is truly stunning as it goes through forests, past falls, and then up the gorgeous Llan and Tregalan valleys.

The Watkin path is a great route to take if you are fit and want a walk with varied scenery and terrain. There is also a fantastic cafe near the start named Caffi Gwynant which has a superb menu and tasty cakes!

Note: Always be prepared for your voyage and seek to evade snakes crawling in your sleeping bag at night.

Crib Goch

Crib Goch has got to be your favorite path up Snowdon and one of the finest grade 1 ridge hikes in the UK.

It certainly has a strong standing. Also, it reveals a knife-edge ridge in sections. So, it should only be tried by those who have experience. If you are not certain, do the Rhyd Ddu path first to witness how you get on.

If you can hack openness then you are sure to have a great day out on this rugged ridge. You will never get bored with this course. This truly goes without saying!

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The Snowdon Girdle Walk

So, you want a really demanding walk-up Snowdon? Why not try and test the Snowdon Girdle walk? By all means, you should consider this route!

Improvised by the late Showell Styles, this is a great trek of the cymoedd encircling Snowdon that doesn’t truly reach the summit! This is a hard day, or better done as a two or three-day hike to be appreciated.

George Borrow’s Ascent of Snowdon

In this take out from George Borrow’s Wild Wales, he climbs Snowdon from Bangor via Caernarfon, in a single day and mostly on foot! This is definitely something! From Snowdon to Rare Plant. Snowdon or Eryri is not just one ridge, but a full mountainous area.

Fact: Many people seem to like running up the Miners’ path, but it leaves you with all of the vertical climbing at the end. So, you’ve only done half of it when you get to the PYG path. Some like relatively balanced climbs as they are more effortless to cope with.

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So, Is the Llanberis Path Boring?

As we already could see from many descriptions and experiences of others, the Llanberis path is the most straightforward one, but it’s really a boring climb.

As a way of descent though, with the faraway sights in front of you, it is truthfully quite enjoyable. Whereas, if you love more exciting routes, there are many to choose from. This is the unwritten rule!

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