Which Is Better Angels Landing or the Narrows?

Which Is Better Angels Landing or the Narrows

Hiking Angels Landing and The Narrows are must-dos when staying or hiking in Zion National Park. In a perfect world, visitors would have unlimited time to scour Zion National Park. Sadly, this isn’t always the possibility. Count in the gatherings and logistics of seeing the shuttle, and you may be pleased to spend only one day scouring Zion’s primary section. Which is better Angels Landing or the Narrows?

Make the most of your time in Zion by using the tips summarized in this guide. Let’s dive more into the topic!

Which is better Angels Landing or The Narrows? Angels Landing has many reasons to be a better option. Both canyons are extremely beautiful, and that goes without saying! However, The Narrows might lose this battle because it is overly crowded.

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Zion National Park 

It is effortless to get mopped up in a national park fever in southern Utah – Arches, Bryce, Canyonlands, Capital Reef, and Zion. Each one is superb and deserving of your time. Outdoor lovers believe Zion to be a premier playground due to its scenic geology. 

Angels Landing and The Narrows are 2 legendary hikes in the park that do not need unique talents. The hikes could not be more diverse. The peak of the Landing is a knife edge crimson stone track encircled by the sky.

The Narrows is a slot canyon cut by the Virgin River that ranges through sheer cliffs of rust-colored rock. Both routes have their dangers. Yet, if you visit during the off-season, you eliminate heat and masses and sometimes have the spot all to yourself!

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Angels Landing or the Narrows?

Let’s take a closer look at these two spectacular destinations. There are many marvels of Angels Landing and The Narrows. Stay tuned!

Note: Remember to check out all the indications to avoid rattlesnakes while hiking. This is too important!

Angels Landing

Angels Landing is indeed the most prevalent route in Zion national park. Yet, it is also one of the riskiest hikes in the US. Various adventure seekers and risk-takers have contributed to this route’s fame. It’s worth noting that a hiking permit is a must-have for the full Angels Landing hike, which is given away often. 

Angels Landing is simultaneously terrifying and breathtaking. The slimmest part of the course is approximately 3 feet in width and there are 1,000 feet drop-offs on either side. Stunning sights of the canyon await those who have the nerve to climb to the top.

The rise to the top of Angels Landing is not for everyone, by all means! Yet, there is an alternative way how you can enjoy this hike even if you are frightened or not ready to climb to the top. You can make a stop at Scout’s Lookout, where you can still appreciate amazing views.

The Narrows

You should absolutely anticipate getting your feet wet in regards to this trail. The Narrows trail presents the option to hike through the Zion Canyon on a pathway that is immersed in water. Moreover, the Narrows puts you right in the middle of Zion national park.

The Narrows is a course that is well-known around the globe for its odd sight. Notably, the hike is defined as somewhat challenging. That is a fact! Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that this track is often shut in the spring due to high water levels that make it risky.

Hikers should also watch the weather conditions and mind flash floods that can be a surprise in case of heavy rainfall. These are the things you should definitely keep in mind at all times! 

Tip: Be aware that there are countless toxic plants that can ruin your hike. You should learn what these are!

Zion Narrative

According to the National Park site, the human dawn of time reverts to 6000 years to the Archaic period. Hunter-collectors occupied the place from 600BC for about 1000 years and archeological leftovers symbolize the Virgin Anasazi and Parowan Fremont grew corn and squash on the river banks roughly 300 AD.

For the following 800 years, they permanently inhabited the region. Roughly 1300 AD, both the Virgin Anasazi and the Parowan Fremont evaporate from the archeological narrative of southwestern Utah. It is presumed that climate change pushed them somewhere else.

The documented narrative starts in the late 1700s when traders crossed the Old Spanish Trail. In 1872, John Wesley Powell and the U.S. Geological Survey crew researched Zion Canyon.

Then, in 1909, the Executive Order set Mukuntuweap (Zion) as a federal monument, although the location was still unreachable by street or rail. By 1917, touring motorcars got to Wylie Camp, a tent camping hideaway.

Soon after, Zion evolved to be an authorized National Park and the Union Pacific Railroad expanded access by making a rail spur from Cedar City. Even now, guests travel along the wonderful Mt Carmel-Zion highway by vehicle. Making the highway required exceptional engineering, including chiseling a mile-long tunnel through ruby sandstone ridges.

Before Heading to Zion National Park

Dozens of individuals visit Zion National Park each year. Planning and prepping for your journey is essential in making the most of your time in this great park. For your hike in the national park, get some good hiking boots

In trying to have a go-with-the-flow roadway trip across Utah, many don’t do much planning before arrival. Here are things to know before your trip: Zion National Park is Active.

As mentioned before, Zion National Park is enormously popular. Clearly, you may not be ready for the enormous amount of people on each trail. If you have seen some unheard-of parks in Utah, such as Natural Bridges National Monument, you may have even found yourself isolated on some tracks. Notably, this will not be the case while scouring Zion’s central park area.

This superb national park is great for hiking. So, check out La Verkin Creek Trail if you want a more out-of-the-ordinary adventure in Zion. Note that personal vehicles are not allowed on the Zion panoramic canyon drive.

Private cars are not permitted to drive on the Zion Canyon Scenic Road for the prevalence of the year. Winter is the exception. The park stopped the usage of private cars throughout the park’s major area to help control traffic. All guests must park and ride the shuttle into the park. Since you cannot drive your own vehicle bonus planning is a must.

Which Is Better Angels Landing or the Narrows

Scouring Zion National Park via Shuttle

The first cluster of park shuttles starts operating at 6:00 a.m. In order to get on the first game of shuttles, you should reach the park 45 minutes to an hour earlier.

Doing so guarantees your best odds of catching a parking place at the Visitor Center, just like a spot on the bus. It is advisable to come no later than 5:15 a.m. This truly goes without saying!

Scouring Zion National Park via E-Bike Rental

It is advisable renting E-Bikes to scour the park. Surely, you may not recognize you could bike willingly around the park. You will see many visitors doing so!

Also, you can enter the park and hit the tracks well before dawn when you are biking. You likewise get to miss the shuttle lines, evade clutching onto the bus, and stop and go as you wish throughout the park.

It is advisable starting your bike ride approximately one hour before sunrise. Sure, your first 30 minutes or so will be spent biking in the darkness. Yet, if you start before sunrise, you can reach the Angels Landing Trailhead before the shuttle starts plunging off hikers.

Note that you will be among the first on the track and have your preference of a seat at the meeting to observe the sun rise over Zion National Park. You will likewise want to get an early start to smash the heat. Temperatures can be overly increased during the summer season. To detour heat fatigue and dehydration, begin early.

Hiking Angels Landing – The Expectations

Many hikers on the course often don’t know what to anticipate when hiking Angels Landing. This is not an effortless trek, despite its popularity.

The initial course miles are a walkway as you trek along a part of the West Rim Trail. During the walkway area of the trail, you will gain over 1,000 feet of height. You will be out of breath, and your quads and calves will hurt. The trail is expansive during this particular course. Hikers can pass each other easily and step aside to take breaks when necessary.

Note: Always be ready for your trip and think about steps to avoid snakes crawling in your sleeping bag at night.

Hiking The Narrows – The Expectations

Some people report being very let down by The Narrows. Somewhat, by the utopian anticipations set by social media. Partially, by the overwhelming share of people on the course.

You can do your research and be mindful that many travel bloggers direct to The Narrows as the “Disneyland” of the alfresco. Yet, it’s a frenzy! Also, the entire experience can feel as if you are being far from nature. But, despite all the masses, the canyon itself is stunning.

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