Camping in Finland – Best Locations and Tips

Camping in Finland - Best Locations and Tips

With loads of delightful lakes, miles, miles of woods and woods, and an abundance of outdoor wilderness, Finland is a great place for a back-to-nature camping trip. It’s more familiar as the land of a thousand lakes. Even though there are nearly two thousand of them. Still, there’s nothing better than pitching up lakeside and diving in for a vitalizing swim. Camping in Finland – Best Locations and Tips – Read on for more!

It is a known fact that there are more saunas than individuals in Finland. It’s not tough to see campgrounds with a sauna as well. There are more than 100 of them scattered across the country. Hence, we could try to do what the Finns do. Warm up in the sauna, then leap into a lake for a rejuvenating plunge?

Do you like comfort while camping? Or do you perhaps favor simply throwing up miles from any place for an authentic wildlife adventure? No matter the intentions, camping in Finland is tough to beat. Are you excited yet? Review this mind-blowing Finland camping manual and discover all you need to know about camping in Finland. Also, don’t forget to protect yourself from wild animals while hiking, that is a must!

Camping in Finland has as many tins to offer. From a nature that can reflect its wonders no matter the season. You can set up a tent to watch the Northern Lights, camp in Lake Inari, or visit Nuuksio National park for a more back-to-basics camping experience. 

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Wild Camping in Finland?

What’s good to know is that wild camping in Finland is downright permitted. It is known as the Finnish “every man’s rights” and it indicates that you can set up a tent or hike on any public ground. What’s more, even on private land, as long as it is not being employed.

There are a couple of oddities. Those are, for instance, particular nature resources and limited areas. Yet, the privilege to roam applies to some 90% of Finland’s mainland. Therefore so there’s a quantity of room for you to camp rather much wherever you like. This truly goes without saying!

Particular lake shores even include free basic installations for campers. Those can for instance be toilet blocks, straightforward sinks, swimming docks, and barbecue grills. They’re not as useful as the raw gasoline grills you’d utilize at home. Yet, you can always cook up a storm. All you need to accomplish is turn up with a tent, relax in and look at the stars emerging in the dark skies above.

Principals for Wild Camping in Finland

The freedom to camp and hike anyplace is a privilege. That being said, you should utilize your common sense and observe a couple of basic regulations.

  • Make sure you take all your rubbish with you.
  • Try never to intrude on any flora or fauna.
  • Only camp for a short period. A few days in each location at most.
  • Campfires are only meant for specified areas. Always ask approval to light a fire on private land.
  • Avoid camping near or in anyone’s private playground, or areas that are strictly for farming.

What About Fishing in Finland?

You are able to go fishing in Finland! Foraging, as well as fishing, are likewise a stake of the “every man’s rights” regulations. You can pick berries, wildflowers, as well as some spicy wild mushrooms. Also, you can fish in the lakes as well as rivers seeing it is just for your depletion. If you’re fishing you must utilize a no-frills hook and line. Anything more complex demands fishing access.

Tip: While coming, it is essential to know how to store fish safely to avoid any unpleasantries.

What About Swimming in the Rivers and Lakes?

The great thing is that the rule from before also involves the country’s waterways. That being the fact, you can swim in, kayak on, and even skate on Finland’s numerous lakes and rivers. Simply make certain you keep a great distance from any private residences. This is the unwritten rule, by all means!

The Venture Under the Northern Lights

Let’s say your camping trip to Finland is in the fall or spring. In that case, you have a reasonable likelihood of catching the Northern Lights from your tent. This is, by all means, the biggest world wonder! Knowing that the motherland is so sparsely inhabited, it’s quite effortless to set up camp away from any bases of population. That way, there’s no glow pollution. Also, since much of the country is right above the Arctic Circle, that creates perfect necessities for northern lights viewing. There’s much more than seeing the Northern Lights in this article.

The Venture Under the Northern Lights

Winter Camping in Finland?

Many of Finland’s grounds remain open all year round and have warm wooden lodgings and comfortable cabins to rent. That way one can have all the pleasure of camping in winter, without the trouble of the colds! If you camp in Finland in wintertime, you likewise have a reasonable chance of seeing the northern lights.

Only real devoted campers would prefer to remain in a tent in Finland in winter. Yet, if you are thinking about it, make certain you’ve got all the proper gear, including a sound winter tent. That is a must, by all means!

Camping Areas in Finland

Surely, you might favor a bit more luxury and a few more installations for your camping journey. Still, don’t worry, there are a bunch of well-equipped grounds in Finland, from no-frills lakeside sites to exclusive glamping sites.

Finland has no lack of camping capacity either. From relaxing camping pods to comfortable yurts. In addition, there are also tree tents, broken up in the forest. What’s more, if you’re searching for some the ideal camping in Finland, make sure that you review these couple of famous Finnish camping spots.

Tip: Have you ever thought of going camping in Portugal? There are numerous magnificent places to unwind.

Back-To-Basics Camping

For a true back-to-nature camping journey, yet one that’s no more than an hour’s drive from Finland’s capital city Helsinki, go to the Nuuksio National park. What you will find there are several public campgrounds, where you can hike, kayak, or paddleboard as well. This truly goes without saying!

The Holma-Saarijärvi lake is a particularly attractive part of the park. It includes two free campsites, one by the lakeside and one on an island right in the lake. Both include campfire sites, with firewood. That means you can cook on an open fire. Hence, this is surely wonderful accommodation!

Are you able to use a 15-degree sleeping bag in the summer? That is the question that troubles many!

Glamping Under the Stars

Moreover, if you want a bit more luxury, take a look at the Laawu Kultaa site. This is where the superficial cabins, tents, and camping pods have sceneries of the Kymijoki River and its rapids. Sound magnificent, doesn’t it?

There are firkin saunas and outdoor hot tubs near the river. There you can warm up after a short dip on the private beachfront. There’s a buffet breakfast also in the price. Also, in the evenings you can barbecue down near the river. This sounds so dreamy!

Camping on Lake Inari

This is word-for-word camping on a lake. You remain in a portable cabin that you can hook up to a snowmobile at night and tow out to the frozen lake. The cottages have a reflector roof so you can rest in bed in the middle of nowhere and observe the Northern Lights right above. So wonderful! Back on the mainland, there’s a collaborative kitchen, nightspot, showers, and, last but not least, a sauna. That goes without saying!

The Northern Lights

The beautiful riverside Arctic Camping holds a camping area for tents and campers, as well as a pastureland of cabins and hideaways to rent if you favor a bit more comfort. Keep this in mind, by all means!

It has waterfront campfire zones and barbecues, saunas, and hot tubs. Moreover, you can hire kayaks from the river beachfront. Or perhaps jump into the water from the jetty if you feel courageous! What’s more, as its name indicates, it’s in the Arctic Circle, so is a suitable spot for some northern lights glancing.

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Final Thoughts

Finnish camping grounds are consistently situated in inherently fascinating surroundings. They are always by a river, a lake, or the sea. Likewise, they offer three types of lodging: pitches and parks for tents and corteges, superficial cabins, and bigger cottages. They often have a kitchen area, a sauna, a couple of showers perhaps, a kid’s grassland, a laundry, a café, and a minigolf. What’s more, they even present boat and bike rentals.

We hope this article gave you insight into the spectacular camping sites in Finland. What’s more, we hope you have a better understanding of camping in Finland by now. Enjoy your trip planning!

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