Are Marmot Tents Good for Camping and Hiking Adventures?

marmot tents can be great for camping and hiking

When you’re planning your hiking or camping adventure you need to ensure you have a proper tent. A good quality tent can make a big difference and provide you with much-needed comfort in the wilderness. If you’re looking for a new tent, you’ve probably come across Marmot tents.

Many people wonder are Marmot tents good for camping and hiking adventures.

Marmot tents are high-quality tents that are a great option if you’re planning to hike or camp for a longer time in various weather conditions. They are waterproof and sturdy, so you can cozy up inside them and rest.

So, today we are talking about Marmot tents and their types, so you can choose the right tent for your needs.

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How Marmot Tents Got Their Name?

If you wonder how Marmot tents got their name, you’re at the right place. So, a marmot is an animal. It’s actually a large version of a squirrel that looks like a groundhog.

But, even though these two animals resemble each other they live in opposite country parts.

Marmots are western animals that enjoy mountain regions of the United States.

On the other hand, groundhogs spend their life around the Rocky Mountains in the east.

It’s interesting to know that marmots live in holes in very high altitudes. Very often over 6,500 feet or higher.

So, it only seemed logical to name the camping and hiking gear after this mountain rodent.

Are Marmot Tents Good for Camping and Hiking?

Marmot tents are high-quality tents and are very popular among outdoor lovers. But, as they come with a long tradition and sturdy materials, they are considered pricey.

The good thing is that you don’t buy your tent every day, so you can put some money aside.

These tents are a great option for longer camping adventures that need waterproof protection.

So, if you’re a regular camper and stay in the wilderness for a longer time, you could invest in a Marmot tent and have great hiking and camping gear for years to come.

marmot tents come in various shapes and sizes

Types of Marmot Tents

Here you can find some info about Marmot tents according to their size. So, in the following text take a look at some of them and see if any suits you.


You can find three one-person Marmot tents. They have some similarities but also have some differences and downsides.

Tungsten 1P

If you’re looking for a cost-effective tent, this one can be a nice choice. You can find it in two colors combo – Blaze/Steel orange and Green Shadow/Moss green.

It weighs about three pounds and 20 square feet of interior space, so it’s pretty lightweight, which makes it great for carrying around. Tungsten 1P has D-shaped doors, and it has a rainfly and footprint.

Tungsten UL 1P

This version comes in Dark Citron/Citronelle yellow color and has two pounds. Tungsten UL 1P has 20 square feet inside and D-shaped doors. It’s also geared up with rainfly and footprint.

Eos 1P

You can find this tent model in yellow color. It’s the priciest of all three one-person models and weighs two pounds. Eos 1P has D-shaped doors and you can also count on rainfly and footprint protection. This model has 21 square feet.

Note: There is info about mentioned tents’ durability. Some users say the poles weren’t sturdy enough, so the fabric around them became ripped after a few uses.


Marmot sells eight types of two-person tents, but here, we will cover the most popular.

Catalyst 2P

If you’re looking for a cost-effective two-person tent, this one might be for you. Catalyst 2P comes in bright red color and weighs five pounds. It has a 32.5 square feet interior.

Limelight 2P

This tent also comes in the same color as Catalyst 2P. Limelight 2P has some handy pockets for your lamp. It weighs five pounds and has a bit more square feet (33) than Catalyst 2P.

But, when it comes to Limelight 2P, some people had complaints about moisture inside the tent, they said it lacks ventilation. So, have this in mind and check all the info during your tent shopping.

Thor 2P

This one is the priciest among Marmot’s two-person tents. It has ten pounds and 38 square feet. You can find two D-shaped doors and a poled vestibule.

Thor 2 P also contains a repair kit, in case you come across some unpredictable emergencies. People seem to like this tent very much, as it performed nicely during various weather conditions.

However, one downfall has been mentioned – the lack of space for two people and setting up during snow conditions.


Marmot’s three-person tents are actually enlarged versions of their smaller tents. So, take a look at some interesting models.

Mantis 3P Plus

If you find the shape of this tent a bit weird, you’re not alone. Mantis 3P Plus has a totally different shape than other, more traditional tents. It comes in one color – Macaw Green/Deep Teal color and it weighs seven pounds.

This tent has 56.3 square feet inside space and it comes with some handy design that it almost doesn’t need a rainfly.

But, it has a weatherproof fly that has top vents, so you’ll be safe from the weather.

Fortress 3P

This tent comes in Tangelo/Grey Storm color, has six pounds, and gives you 41.5 square feet of space. People say it can withstand plenty of rainfall, so you shouldn’t end up wet.

As it comes to some downsides, Fortress 3P seems to be a bit tight, some users say. So, it might not be too spacey for three adult persons and with gear.

A lot of people say this might be the just-right tent for two persons and their gear.


Although Marmot has seven four-person types of tents, today, we will focus on two of them. So, take a look, as they might be just what you need for your next adventure.

Colfax 4P

This tent model actually comes in various sizes, which is great if you like it and need it for a different number of people. Colfax 4P is 64 inches high which makes it the most taller of all the other models.

But, this also comes with more weight – nine pounds. It has a footprint, rainfly, and jingle-free nylon zipper pulls.

One major thing is that most people will be able to stand upright inside this tent.

But, like all things in life, this tent has a downside. It lacks window shade on the front doors, so you will need the rainfly if you want some privacy.

Halo 4P

This tent has 64 square feet of interior and weighs 13 pounds, you can find it in Tangelo/Rusted Orange and grey color. Some people say Halo 4P is a great option for car camping.

So, have that in mind when planning your next camping trip.


As you’ve had a chance to see so far, Marmot tends to make the same tent models in various sizes. That means there are some new size versions for six-person tent models.

Orbit 6P

This is the model you can find for both six and four persons. Orbit 6P comes in Orange Spice/Arona red color and weighs 23 pounds. But, it’s nice to know you can relax in 77.5 square feet big interior.

This model has a double door, rainfly, and even a porch. People say it’s spacious and has plenty of space inside.

However, the only mentioned downside is its weight and lack of door cover. That means you’ll need to take care of the privacy and warmth issues.

Lair 8P

This is one of the most spacious and pro Marmot tents. It has a 165 square feet interior, so that means it can welcome up to eight people inside, and a pack of six for sure.

Lair 8P comes with D-shaped doors, fly vents, and a nice removable floor. Marmot says this tent can withstand some rough weather conditions.

However, have in mind that some customers reported that using a footprint may trap water between the footprint and tent. There were also some issues with the removable floor. But, overall this is a quality tent.

The Bottom Line

Having a high-quality tent for your hiking and camping adventures is extremely important. A tent in the wilderness represents the comfort of your home and provides you with much-needed shelter. That’s why is so important to choose a nice tent.

As there is nothing better than coming to a warm and dry place after a long day of hiking, you need to make sure you are geared up with an appropriate tent for the weather and terrain conditions you are staying in.

Marmot tents really have a large variety of tent choices. You can choose from different sizes, colors, and shapes. Always make sure to double-check the place you’re planning your hiking or camping and opt for the right tent type with proper rainfly.

Check with professionals at the tent store, as they should be able to help you to make the right choice.

So, choose your tent wisely, pack everything you need, stay safe and have fun.

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