Camping in Portugal – Get Ready for Your Upcoming Trip

Camping in Portugal - Get ready for your upcoming trip

Do you wish to explore Portugal solely with a tent or your camper van? That is, by all means, an excellent idea! You will be fully self-reliant and that’s a wonderful thing while in one of the numerous lovely locations in Portugal. Camping in Portugal – Get ready for your upcoming trip! You will find all that you need to know about camping in Portugal in this article! Let’s hop into more details now!

In order to camp in Portugal, before thinking about wonderful campsites to visit, think about the vital gear that you should bring along. That is a sleeping bag, a tent, sunscreen, a lighter, pocket knife, rain jacket, duct tape, camping stove, a pan and pot, water bottle, and camping light.

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Things You Should Know Prior to Camping

One of the major grounds why camping in Portugal is so alluring to so many individuals is how safe Portugal is. You don’t truly have to stress about dangerous snakes crawling in your sleeping bag or natural catastrophes. Also, Portugal has a rating as one of the securest countries in the world on the report of the Global Peace Index.

The only matter you may have to stress about is a sunburn while the summer months last! Frankly, camping in Portugal is indeed the safest. Even during the more lagging months, it feels as there were always other campers around which makes it pleasant and relaxing.

Below you will discover more about camping in Portugal and also locations to visit during your journey around this captivating country! This goes without saying!

Wild Camping in Portugal

A query that fastly emerges when talking about camping in Portugal is if it is straightforward to go wild camping in Portugal. The response to such inquiries has two components. Preferably, it indeed is achievable to go wild camping in Portugal and it’s comparatively effortless, per se.

Another point to have in mind while thinking about wild camping in Portugal is that it is strictly restricted by law, like in most European countries. The Portuguese authorities aren’t especially rigid with disciplining wild camping. However, during the last years, residents became upset by visitors who camp outside of campsites.

And that’s comprehensible! Campers frequently leave garbage behind, act inappropriately, and don’t appear to care about the impression they leave. So, if you choose in favor of wild camping in Portugal, bear in mind not to leave anything behind and be respectful to nature as well as residents. This is an absolute must!

It can be a captivating thing to wake up in untouched nature and catch your surfboard instantly after waking up but even if you are on holiday, be mindful that it is truthfully not lawful!

Suggestions for Camping in Portugal

Now it’s time to focus on a few convenient tips and items you need to have by all means! Whether it happens you forgot something or you want to preserve room in your baggage it is advisable to check Decathlon. The shop has a few branches in Portugal and vends all you require for a satisfactory camping trip.

  • Pack light. To have all your items on your back can feel wonderful is pretty much what portrays being free. Nonetheless, if you packed too much and too weighty it surely is quite annoying while on the roadway. Rethink your choices when you pack and examine every single thing you pack!
  • Practice makes perfect. It’s convenient to be quick when setting up your tent, by all means. So rehearse precisely that at home! When it abruptly begins to rain and you just got to a new campsite, you will be extremely happy not struggling while setting it up. Another thing you can get equipped for is, by all means, food at the campsite. Prepare meals at home prior to your camping trip.
  • Bring coffee. Quite frankly, there is nothing better than appreciating a fresh coffee in your tent or trailer! Invest a couple of bucks more in a fine coffee, get a superior coffee machine and relish the freshly brewed delight in your restful home.
  • Arrive during weekdays. What’s more, think about choosing a date during the week, not the weekend. As campsites manage to be a lot less packed on weekdays, you can pick the ideal spot for you!
  • Pack the proper gear. The next vital camping gear must be with you: a sleeping bag, a tent, sunscreen, a lighter, pocket knife, rain jacket,  duct tape, camping stove, a pan and pot, water bottle, camping light.

The Best Campsites in Portugal

Portugal indeed has some of the most wonderful camping sites on the planet. Read below to discover precisely where you should be pitching your tent or shutting down that motor for the night.

The Best Campsites in Portugal

#1 Redondo Lodges and Camping

Although it might be alluring to spend the totality of your trip by the beach, the inland of Portugal holds too much culture and views for you to miss them entirely. Redondo Lodges and Camping is in Tomar, which is thought to be one of Portugal’s historical treasures. The site is popular with residents as well as tourists, letting you participate in the heart of Portugal. This goes without saying! Its near proximity to an extensive lake lets you swim and chill off after your active day exploring the sights.

The panoramic place is ideal for biking and exploring, although the caravan and campervan area is harbored from the extreme sun by dense forestry. The campsite presents restrooms and showers, as well as water and power sources for your motorhome. Redondo shows highly reasonable prices for their vast structures, asking €7-€9 per night for your motorhome. The campsite is likewise renowned across central Portugal for its unconquerable sights, including the expansive vineyard next to it.

#2 Albufeira Camping

1.5km from the panoramic village and city center of Albufeira, in-depth in the heart of the Algarve, this campsite has a mixture of structures. It is ideal for everyone, Albufeira Camping has three swimming pools, diners and bars, a supermarket, spa, laundry buildings, and even a playground! It presents the opportunity to rent bikes as well as a bar. Prices vary relying on the season, as well as if you plan to set up a shelter or pavilion.

The center can be smoothly reached either by bus or a quick hike. When you get there, appreciate the vast retail possibilities and busy nightlife. Or if you’d favor spending the day on the water, you can go diving, dolphin watching, or on a yacht trip near the coves. This luxury campsite might be the ideal manner in which to complete your journey, and Albufeira proposes limitless amusement for all ages and lifestyles.

#3 Orbitur Costa de Caparica

Orbitur Costa de Caparica is in a spa town, just 20km away from Lisbon. Its near proximity to the Portuguese capital is perfect for any motorhome travelers who hope to explore the capital although also resuming the camping and unrestricted lifestyle. The site lets pets and features a bar, diner, minimarket, and laundrette.

Yet, the most outstanding component of this campsite is that it is just 200m from the beach, delivering immediate beach entry! The Orbitur campsite strives to expand environmental awareness and encourage eco-tourism growth. Some samples of ventures they show are tours of the local flora and fauna, hiking, and mountain biking.

Note: There is an interesting point that hiking may suppress your appetite, per se. Hence, be aware of that!

#4 Yelloh! Camping

If you’re looking for a campsite that can hold you amused into the evening, peek no further than Yelloh! Camping in Turiscampo. This campsite is 2km from the stunning shores of the Algarve as well as a brief length from the International Airport. If you prefer not to see the seaside one day, you can rather plunge into their swimming heaven, whole with a kiddie pool, jacuzzi, and indoor unit.

Their dance and recreation evenings will hold you busy until the early hours. Kids up to 7 years can go for free, and the cost for two adults ranges between €23 and €48 relying on the time of year. This campsite is clearly more expensive than others. Nonetheless, that is to be hoped given the nearness to Lagos and the all-around overblown costs of this touristic area.

#5 Orbitur Canidelo

One more campsite presented by Orbitur is Canidelo, found along the Atlantic coast in Vila Nova de Gaia. It has a bar, lunchroom, and swimming pool with an outstanding viewpoint over the Atlantic Ocean. This is indeed a campsite that will satisfy the younger fellows of the family, given the multiple movements and watersports, from kayaking to a nice rock climbing wall. If you have kids, a Portugal camping trip can be super delightful! Whether you are not traveling with juveniles, you can go through the well-known Vila Nova de Gaia cellars, locally known as “caves”, where their well-known port wine is kept.

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