How Do You Roll a Coleman Double Sleeping Bag?

Tips on how to role a Colleman sleeping bag

Camping enthusiasts often like to venture off into the wild with someone close. It doesn’t matter if you prefer backwood or deep forest wilderness there are a few essential things you need to have.

Camping equipment is an investment anyone who plans to spend the night outdoors should have. We already talked about Coleman’s camping gear. Today we will focus on sleeping beds. In the following article, we unwrapped the Coleman Double sleeping bag and the exceptional opportunity for a special camping experience.

Having a Coleman sleeping bag is a great addition to your quality camping equipment. However, since it is airy it can sometimes be challenging to properly roll and pack it. How do you roll it? The process is quite simple! Zip it up, fold it, toggle it, and secure it!

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Sleeping Bag 101

A sleeping bag is a mandatory part of the camping equipment. We will try to explain to you in this text what types of sleeping bags exist, how to choose a good bag, and what a sleeping bag can be used for.

It is not known exactly how long sleeping bags have been around, but modern versions are known: they were first sold by the Welsh merchant Price Jones in 1876 under the name Euclisia (good sleep in ancient Greek). The data say that he sold about 60,000 pieces to the Russian and British armies, but also to civilians who went on missions to Africa.

Today’s bags are made of modern materials and are easy to use, maintain and carry. The selection of sleeping bags is large, and we will start with the last one, which is the first one:

Sleeping Bag – What Is It For?

In addition to the fact that its name suggests that it is used for sleeping, it does not have to be used only when camping. We think that everyone should have a sleeping bag because it is useful:

  • for any type of travel, suitable for hostels, airports, bus stations, sofa surfing, and other types of ad hoc accommodation
  • to constantly stand in the trunk of a car, because you never know when you will be snowed in or you will drink some more so you can take a nap
  • when going to a friend for a sleepover, especially if you go to a cottage where you do not stay often, but also so that the host does not get dirty bedding
  • to be at hand in case of a natural disaster, which can be an earthquake or a flood
  • if you are forced to go to a makeshift hospital
  • when a spouse kicks you out of the house, we hope not
  • camping, of course
  • cycling
  • miscellaneous

Simply, a bag is a practical thing and if you have it with you, you will find an additional purpose for it. A good sleeping bag can last for years – with proper maintenance.

However, many use the bag on camping and during other activities during their stay in nature. You don’t even need a tent to sleep in a bag, but a good bag. Of course, this means that it doesn’t rain, it doesn’t snow and you have a good surface.

Before you start choosing a sleeping bag, you must know what it will primarily serve you for, ie in what conditions you will sleep and at what time or season. Only when you clarify things with yourself can you think about the quality of the bag, its comfort, material, insulation, heat, color, design, and price.

Types of Sleeping Bags Depending on the Season

There is a reason why there is not just one type of sleeping bag. There are many parameters, but the most basic is seasonal, so there are: summer bags, three-season bags, and winter sleeping bags. In addition to being used for sleeping in a certain season of the year, whether it is summer, spring, autumn, all three, or winter, they are also characterized by the temperature from and to which one can sleep in it.

Summer Sleeping Bags

Summer bags are suitable for temperatures of around 0 degrees Celsius and above. They are lightweight because less insulation means less weight, and they are smaller in size. They are often the size of a larger melon or a smaller watermelon. When you think about how much bigger and smaller than these two, we don’t know what else to compare it to.

Also, summer bags often have so-called zippers. zippers along the entire length. This type of fastening allows airing, but also that the bag serves as a possible cover if the night is hot and you are camping at sea. In other words, most summer bags are simple bags without too much wisdom. In summer, you do not have an excessive need for a hood or collar, especially on hot July nights.

So, if you only camp in the summer where it is warm (like the seaside), a summer bag will generally suffice. Although they are said to be suitable for sleeping at temperatures above 0 degrees, we do not recommend them.

Three-Season Sleeping Bags

Three-season sleeping bags are used at temperatures above -5 degrees Celsius. This means that they are used in spring and during autumn, as well as in summer if you sleep on the mountain. This means that the weather can change as the weather conditions are like a lottery. Unpredictable mountain weather can be a source of stress on your relaxing getaway weekend.

These three-season bags are already more serious and are characterized by hoods, collars, and other zippers that do not open the entire length of the bag. The three-season sleeping bag is extremely practical because it can be used during a larger time of the year, and it doesn’t have to be big or heavy.

Winter Sleeping Bags

Winter sleeping bags are used at temperatures below -5 degrees Celsius. Like three-season bags, they have similar characteristics such as hoods, places for covers, and zippers, but unlike them, they are better insulated (they are warmer). Read more about insulation below.

These bags are bulky for packing, they are often heavier, so if you are just a recreationist, consider whether you need a bag like this, whether you will sleep in winter conditions, and how often. In practice, it happens that such bags are used by those who are winter-threatening in all seasons.

How to Choose a Good Sleeping Bag

To know which sleeping bag to choose, you need to know that each bag has its temperature characteristic or range, insulation that can be made of natural material or down or artificial material. Of course, all this is accompanied by the shape of the bag.

Temperature Characteristics of Bags

All sleeping bags have a temperature rating or range, which indicates the minimum temperature for which the bag is intended or comfortable. You will see the temperature for which the bag is intended on the manufacturer’s declaration, although you should be careful. This does not mean that not all manufacturers tell the truth, moreover, many manufacturers’ declarations are realistic. Sometimes they can be “too optimistic”, and you will not be able to know that until you freeze in the bag.

Coleman Double Sleeping Bag

This sleeping bag has a unique feature in that it has a 3-in1 design. It allows it to be zipped into two separate sleeping bags. The stuffing is from Coletherm hollow polyester insulation. This Coleman-specific feature allows you to stay warm in temperatures down to 45 degrees Fahrenheit. The given measurement is without your body temperature.

The ComfortCuff at the top of the sleeping bag encases the back of your head. This saves the hassle of a pillow getting tossed around. The built-in detachable sheet completes the sleeping essentials. On top of that, there is a blue removable liner. It is easy to use in warmer weather.

Maintenance is a piece of cake with this product. The easily removable layers make it easy to fit into a standard washing machine. There is a little extra convenience because of the ZipPlow system. It pulls away the fabric to prevent snagging while zipping. This is one of the most advanced features, as it saves hours of frustrating broken sleep.

How Do You Roll a Coleman Double Sleeping Bag?

This sleeping bag is presented as a modern sleeping bag for two. It has the potential for longevity and perseverance. We can even say it is a knight among the sleeping bags.

One of the challenging features is how to pack it. Since the material is so airy, it may be hard for rookies to manage to roll the Coleman sleeping bag without the air. It takes some time to practice, but it is quite simple:

  1. Start by zipping up the sleeping bag.
  2. Fold it in half lengthwise,
  3. Fasten, toggle, and loop to ensure the bag stays folded.
  4. Start rolling snuggly from the opposite end of the tie, loop, or straps. Make sure the ties lie directly on the ground.
    After rolling the bag, completely secure the ends. If the bag has a Wrap’N’Roll feature, continue rolling into the attached carrier. Tie and transport.

This might be a trial and error process. For those who don’t have enough patience, have a laundry bag to stuff it in. If you also need a guide on how to roll up a Coleman Biscayne sleeping bag, check out our blog.

Coleman has other quality camping equipment as well.

The Final Verdict of Colemans’ Double Sleeping Bag

According to user reviews, it is among the top-rated Coleman products. The soft and convenient material makes sleeping quite pleasant.

The quality of the material ensures longevity. Most customers have reported being able to use it multiple years in a row. Simple maintenance and the option to divide the sleeping bag put it quite high on the scale. Even other equipment and tents are quite in demand on the market. Coleman tents also provide a solid variety of options, depending on the number of people going camping.

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