Can Rain Pants Be Altered (And How to Do It)

A man sitting in rain pants on a camping trip.

We’re no masters at assuming the downright obvious, but let’s give it a shot! There’s a good chance that some of you are wondering: can rain pants be altered, and if so – how does one do it? Needless to say, you don’t have to be Nostradamus or something to figure out just how many of our readers ended up here! The answer’s simple: they’ve just typed can rain pants be altered into their Google search bar and that’s it!

Okay, lame assumptions aside, let’s just say the following. Many folks are wondering if there’s a chance to alter their rain pants (or why Portugal is such a hit camping destination). Either it’s because they’re too small or too big, too lengthy or too short, etc. Well, you get the idea! Anyway, let’s see if together we’re able to find the answer to the question proposed in the title!

That’s right, it’s quite possible to alter your rain pants. Usually, the alterations are done by folks who find their rain pants a bit too long. Anyway, find a material shop that sells seam tape and use it to retape the parts you’ve stitched. Alternatively, you might wanna add some elastic to the bottom of your rain pants.

That’s not even mildly close to what we’ve prepared for our readers downstairs. Don’t hesitate to see just what we’re talking about!

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Rain pants 101 (FAQ)

Before we take a good look at the possibility of rain pants alterations, let’s see if there’s other rain pants-related info one should know a thing or two about!

Are rain pants the same as snow pants?

Well… Yeah, it’s obvious there must be some differences between these two types of pants. The main thing is that rain pants are a lot more versatile and flexible than your average snow pants/ski trousers/salopettes. They can be adjusted (not to say: altered); the layers can be attached and detached so you can alter your experience wearing them on different occasions. Unfortunately, snow pants don’t offer that kind of flexibility; in other words: they’re not so adaptable.

Are rain pants necessary backpacking?

Now, this article will show you just why rain pants are necessary when it comes to camping. However, one might start to wonder: are they great for any type of outdoor activity? For instance, are rain pants your average backer’s inventory sine qua non (translation from Latin: an essential ingredient)?

You’ll wanna know that they are that Latin phrase we’ve mentioned a couple of seconds ago. They’re made for every outdoor enthusiast out there since they provide protection from the sometimes chilling effects of rain or wind. Planning to enjoy some beautiful nature in a rainy climate? Don’t forget to pack your rain pants, sir! 

Are rain pants supposed to be baggy?

Good question! It shouldn’t surprise us anyone would ask this question; it’s an issue that’s quite common. Here’s the answer: while you’ll wanna search for a good fit at your waist, the rest of the pants should feel a bit loose and baggy in order to let air freely circulate! Additionally, you’ll want your rain pants to cover your hiking/camping boots. Needless to mention, they’re bulky themselves.

Are rain pants worth it?

Here’s a quick answer: they absolutely are! That’s because they’ll:

  • help prevent heat loss by posing as a waterproof barrier between water and your skin.
  • trap your body heat just so that it stays warm all of the time.

Also, keep in mind that rain pants differ when it comes to the amount of venting they provide. And they do so to reduce internal condensation. All in all: they’re a necessity in every camper’s backpack. Love being outdoors? That might just mean you’ll need a solid pair of rain pants!

Do you wear pants under rain pants?

Lastly, we’ll consider the most asked-about issue: do you have to wear an additional pair of pants under rain pants? 

The thing is: most folks actually wear rain pants over plain ol’ basic hiking pants. Here’s why: according to expert outdoor enthusiasts, rain pants by themselves don’t provide enough ventilation to keep you from sweating greatly (speaking of sweating, here’s an article you’ll wanna read). That’s why you’ll wanna put them on just before the rain starts; most folks wear them as something you’d label as a last resort to prevent heat loss.

Okay, now that we’ve covered the introductory section, it’s time to check out can rain pants be altered, and if so – how should one go about the task?

A man wearing rain pants and laying in the grass on top of a hill.

Can rain pants be altered (and how to do it)

Found out your rain pants don’t quite get the job done in terms of length? If that’s so (and you’re a fan of sewing), you’ll gonna love what we’ve prepared next! Also, rain pants can be altered, and we’ll gladly show you how to do it! Now, if you’re not a fan of going full-blown DIY, there’s bound the be an outdoor gear repair shop that’ll handle the task for ya! Anyway, let’s see how can one alter their quality rain pants without much hassle!

Here’s a fun fact: most folks find rain paint to be too long, not too short. That’s exactly why we’ll focus on the ways you can shorten your rain pants a bit more! Anyway, some of the rain pants you’ll stumble upon are modifiable. In other words: you’ll have no trouble adjusting them to the length that you prefer. However, there’s a fine chance your rain pants aren’t adjustable, and you’ll need to either cut or fold ’em.

How to alter your rain paints?

The biggest issue most folks seem to have with shortening their rain pants is concerned with zippers. How to shorten rain pants without running the zippers? Here are two ways you can handle the task of shortening your rain pants (without hurting the zipper):

  • Find a material shop that sells seam tape. Use it to retape where you’ve stitched! 
  • Also, you add elastic along the bottom of your rain pants. If you’re not that worried about how will it look like (and you shouldn’t be), there’s a good chance this will work out!

And if you’re brave enough to deal with the zippers, here’s how you’ll do it:

  • Pick out the zipper, and cut a little bit off the bottom. Afterward, reinstall the zipper and retape. However, you might be allowed to leave it the way it is. That, of course, depends on where the velcro is. Anyway, stitch the zipper using the sewing machine.

That’s about it, folks! Now you’ve got an idea on how to alter your rain pants so they become something you’d call a perfect fit! Okay, so let’s see if we’ve prepared some additional info that you’ll appreciate!

Bonus round: How to camp while it’s raining

Needless to say, we’ve all been there. The weather forecast said nothing, but rain still chose to invite itself to our camping grounds. So, how does one prepare for this scenario? Here we’ll show you how!

Avoid pitching up in the rain

If you can hold out for half an hour or so to see if the rainfall’s about to stop, avoid pitching your tent in the rain. The thing is: most of your camping equipment will get wet during the process, and it’s best if you can wait out for while. If you’ve got no chance but to set up in the rain, make sure your stuff is safe in the car (if possible), or under a makeshift shelter. 

Make sure nothing wet goes inside your tent

Try not to allow any item that had its fair share of rain to get inside the tent. You’ll thank us later! Also, most of your items don’t work well with water. For instance, your trusty camping e-blanket doesn’t really like to get wet.

Pack some extra socks (and other useful pieces of clothing)

This one goes without saying! There’s a good chance your feet will be soaking wet once the rain chooses to stop. That’s why you’ll want to have some dry socks ready for usage. Additionally, don’t forget to pack a waterproof jacket and rain pants (we’re guessing you’ve had enough rain pants info for today, so we’ll stop).

Choose tent location wisely

Trust us, you don’t wanna stay near large bodies of water once the rain falls. Also, avoid setting up your tent near something that could easily become a serious mud pile.

Cheer up

Lastly, don’t let the rain ruin your outdoor adventure. Picture it this way: you’ll have a fantastic story to tell once you get home. Also, it’s a great way to test your survival skills in nature! Not to mention the outdoors look fantastic (and a bit romantic) once rain falls! Take your camera and make something out of it!

Sometimes the rain can be quite helpful. In other words: during hot summer days, it can cool things off a bit. Speaking of staying cool while camping during hot summer temperatures… Yeah, just click on that one!

Final words

Alright, so that’s that on the whole can-rain-pants-be-altered subject! Hopefully, you’ve had some fun reading about rain pants this and rain pants that! Not to mention that you’re now equipped with some pretty useful DIY tips!

For more camping tips, you’ll wanna pay a visit to our blog section dedicated to this phenomenal outdoor activity!

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