Why Does Camping Make You Tired?

A group of people camping, looking tired.

Ah, the good old feeling of coming home after some time spent surrounded by the great outdoors. There’s nothing in the world like it. Even though you’d rather never leave the campsite, stepping into a hot shower after a few days of camping is an experience of its own. But, what if you come home after camping only to feel more tired than you’d like to admit?

Let’s keep our thoughts on that last sentence. Judging by what many folks write on the web, feeling pretty darn tired after a couple of days worth of camping isn’t something extraordinary. Quite the contrary! Anyhow, here at Outdoor Is Home, we’ve always been dedicated to resolving talked-about issues. That’s why today we’ll show you just why camping makes you tired and other related info!

Camping involves a lot of physical activity, so it’s no wonder some folks might feel tired after it. Also, sleeping in the wild isn’t the most comfortable thing for some, and a little sleep deprivation can make us feel pretty tired. Not to mention the fact that your body’s wasting plenty of energy regulating your temperature. 

There’s nothing more tiring than reading a boring text, though. However, we’re quite sure you’ll like the one that’s below!

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What do you feel after camping?

And suddenly, I felt... Okay, we’ll steer clear of lame jokes. Anyway, here we’ll show you how one should feel after camping if everything goes according to plan. In other words: if nothing out of the ordinary happens while you’re enjoying the outdoors (like a snake bite that you can easily prevent).

  • After camping, you’ll feel like you’ve done something good for yourself. They said that about 79% of campers feel happy with themselves and the way their lives are organized, compared to the 59% of non-campers that can say the same. It’s just the way things are.
  • After camping, you’ll feel like you’ve just made some sweet, life-long memories. Every moment we spend outside surrounded by nature alone, or with our loved ones, is a precious gift. That’s why some of our most vivid memories tend to be related to the outdoors.
  • After camping, you’ll feel your old self again. As they say: you’re going back to the roots. Human brains work better outside the stressy urban landscape.
  • After camping, you’ll like you’ve recharged your batteries. Some say that camping’s much like yoga; you’ll feel more relaxed once you’re home.

Of course, we couldn’t have possibly counted down all the things one is able to feel after camping. However, we’ll take a guess and say that this is more than enough to get you started, right? Right.

As you could’ve seen, none of these “feels” is related to feeling tired. So, why do some folks feel tired after camping? Needless to say, that’s what you’re about to find out in a couple of seconds!

Folks camping, sitting around the campfire, feeling tired.

Why does camping make you tired?

In the central section of this text, we’ll introduce you to the reasons why a person can feel tired after camping. There’s some good science behind these facts, just so you know. Anyway, shall we begin?

Reason #1: Physical activity leads to tiredness

Needless to mention, folks tend to be pretty physically active while camping. There are many activities one can participate in while enjoying the outdoors: hiking, fishing, preparing the fire, etc. Each of these requires you to move a lot all of the time. In our comfy homes, we’re not so used to being active that much, and if we are – it’s not like those activities last long.

Some folks tend to get pretty tired after only a day or two of camping. They’re probably not in their best physical shape, since they’re not used to moving a lot, and they might’ve overworked themselves during the whole process of setting up camp and other related activities. So, how does one avoid feeling tired while at the campsite? It’s simple, just take things slow, ease your pace, and try not to overdo anything.

Reason #2: You’re out of your regular routine

It’s not like only physical exhaustion causes the feeling of tiredness. We can talk about mental exhaustion, too. Once you’re outdoors, you’re kinda out of your normal daily routine. In other words: you’ll have new things to think about, plan, and do. Therefore, this new setting is able to overload your senses and turn you into a so-called sleepyhead.

We’ve got a suggestion that will help you battle this: start planning your camping adventures and whole daily list of chores once you’re there ahead of time. That way, you’ll feel more relaxed once you’ve actually arrived at the campsite.

Reason #3: You’re missing nutrients or you’ve dehydrated

Once you’re in the great outdoors, it can be a bit difficult to prepare healthy meals (we all know the standard camper’s diet…) and drink enough water. If you’re missing the right food and good amounts of water (at least 2l a day if you’re not involved in any kind of strong physical activity), that might easily make you tired. So, yeah, make sure you bring enough water and see how you can make your camping meals and snacks more healthy than a sausage & marshmallows combo.

Reason #4: Issues with sleeping outdoors

While some folks might instantly enjoy sleeping outdoors, some might have some difficulties with it. Issues with sleeping might come as a result of the sounds, temperature, and overall sleeping conditions one might surround oneself with. In other words, some folks mightn’t get as many sleeping hours as they normally do, and that can result in the feeling of tiredness.

Do we have a suggestion about how you should prepare your sleeping spot? Well, it’s fairly simple, just try to make your sleeping conditions as comfy as possible. For instance, if you’re missing some loft from your sleeping bag, you’ll want to find a way to restore it.

Reason #5: Issues with body temperature regulation

We’ll take a “wild guess” and say that you’re most probably enjoying a home with a thermostat that keeps your place at a temperature that’s consistent. Also, we’ll take another one and say that your workplace’s “equipped” with the same balance, too. For all we know, you’re probably working straight from your home ever since the whole remote-work transition happened. Anyway, once you’re out camping, your body is exposed to various new elements and it is putting in some additional work to regulate your temperature.

If there’s some hot weather you’re experiencing, your body will work extra hard to keep you cool. The body will react similarly when you’re out camping in the cold, it will try its best to keep you warm (and you can also do something yourself). This whole thing might drain some energy off of you and make feel pretty tired. Our suggestion for this? You’ll want to check the forecast and dress appropriately for the occasion. You don’t want to make things even harder for your body, now don’t you?

Reason #6: Unfortunate events

We’ll be quick here. On rare occasions, feeling sleepy might be caused by certain infections or bug bites, for instance. If you’re feeling way more tired than usual, if it feels somehow natural, it’s best that you check this with the nearest ambulance. 

Hopefully, the previous paragraph hasn’t scared you or something. In most cases, feeling tired once you’re out camping is like the most common thing you can “encounter”. Oh, and speaking of bugs, here’s an article on bugs you should worry about when camping. Read it, because, you know, you’re better off safe than sorry.

Why is my dog so tired after camping?

In order to reward our readers’ patience, we’ve decided to include this section on why your dog might be tired after camping, too. So, what’s the deal?

It seems like many dogs like to sleep off a good one after a camping weekend with their owners in the great outdoors. There’s even a little something called playtime hangover. Once they’re surrounded by the outdoors, dogs will want to use that opportunity to move around as much as they want and for how long they want. It’s completely normal for your dog to be tired after a weekend’s worth of staying outside, running around, and playing. 

However, keep in mind that certain campsites don’t allow dogs on the location. Some allow dogs, but only if you keep them on a leash all of the time. Try to get as much info as possible about camping with your dog at a destination of your choice.

Final words

Alright, dear lovers of the outdoor, that’s about it on the subject of why camping makes you tired. Now you’re well aware that feeling a bit tired after a day’s worth of camping isn’t such a big deal. It’s actually one of the most common “side effects” of enjoying nature. Anyway, if you’re on the lookout for more fantastic tips on camping and various camping-related activities, simply pay a visit to our blog page.

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