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There ain’t no place quite like Ohio! That’s not something you’ll hear only from the state’s residents. Nope. More likely, it’s something anyone who’s ever tried camping in Ohio would say without having any second thoughts. So, what’s the catch? What’s so special about camping in the so-called Mother of Presidents?

There isn’t an easy way of describing the outdoor scenery of Ohio. You’re risking coming up with inadequate words for the delicate nature of this US state. Adjectives like amazing or fantastic or beautiful don’t really do this place any justice. Still, it’s not like we’re gonna avoid the topic because of its delicacy. In the article below you’ll find our selection of the best camping spots in Ohio.

Start the Ohio camping tour with Alum Creek State Park, one of the most popular destinations in Buckeye State. Also, if you’re a water-lover, check out the campgrounds at Tappan Lake or Roundup Lake. Fantastic nature awaits you in John Bryan State Park. Lastly, RV fanatics are bound to enjoy Evergreen Park RV Resort and Woods Tall Timber Resort.

Now, that was only the trailer! Feel free to enjoy the whole thing!

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Is Ohio good for camping?

In short: yup, it surely is! Rare are those who’d even try to disprove that one! This fantastic Midwestern state offers folks 75 state parks which provide a much-needed refuge from nerve-consuming big-city life for many US families. One can assume we’ve had a tough one trying to point out the best camping spots in Ohio. Want to hear something more about the process? Check out the next paragraph.

A tough choice

As we’ve already said, picking out the best camping spots in Ohio wasn’t an easy task. There are too many things to consider; too many wonderful spots that we couldn’t fit inside the margins of this article, not because they aren’t any good, but because you’d need a hundred-page-long text in order to mention them all. That being said, we’re sorry in advance for ignoring campsites that would’ve been mentioned otherwise (if we had the luxury to write lengthy articles; if people had enough patience and will to read ’em, and so on).

Anyway, it’s safe to assume you don’t want to read more about our sincere apologies, crying fits, heartbreaking letters written to lesser-known Ohio camping associations, or anything similar. That being said, let’s finally start this simulated outdoor adventure and take a look at the best camping spots in Ohio. Buckle up, because we’ve got a long, yet exciting road ahead of us!

A woman enjoying herself on a camping adventure in Ohio.

Alum Creek State Park

Let’s kick off the adventure with one of the most recognized camping spots in Ohio. Located in Delaware County, the Alum State Park offers you 4.630 acres of fields and woodlands. It’s also home to the Alum Creek Reservoir. Needless to mention, that’s the favorite spot of many boating & fishing enthusiasts. The park has a pretty large campground you’re bound to enjoy, with a boat launch ramp, camper’s beach, nature center, dog park (along with a dedicated dog beach, just so your four-legged buddy can enjoy the campsite too), and the playground equipment for the youngest campers.

Anything else?

Additionally, the campground offers its occupants 24 full-service sites (that all have water, electricity, sewerage hookups, flush toilets & showers, and many other things the format of this article doesn’t let us mention). By going there together with a couple of friends or your family, you’ll get to enjoy a lot of activities including swimming, fishing, hiking, horseback riding (a fantastic treat for your little ones), mountain-biking, and naturalist programs. As one can assume, there’s no way a person can be bored camping at the Alum Creek State Park.

If you’ve got any camping enthusiasts among your friends, just ask them about the Alum Creek State Park. They’ll probably kidnap you the next Saturday morning for another unforgettable Ohio camping adventure!

Tappan Lake

There can’t be a list of Ohio camping spots without Tappan Lake on it. That’s just how things are. Of course, it ain’t so without a good reason! Tappan Lake (sometimes called the Tappan Reservoir) is located in Harrison County, Ohio. It covers about 2.350 acres. The lake’s surrounded by 5.000 acres of fantastic natural imagery. You could’ve easily guessed this one but the lake offers its visitors a vast array of water-related recreation (boating, fishing, kayaking). Also, on-land visitors will surely enjoy the traditional stuff like hiking, horseback riding, and mountain biking.

What’s the campground like?

It’s a bit notorious for being really, really quiet. Ironically, it’s one of the most popular camping spots in the whole state. Anyway, the campground offers both electric and non-electric campsites alongside cabin rentals, flushing toilets & hot water, picnic tables, and iconic fire rings.

Roundup Lake

If you’re looking for a family-friendly camping site, you might want to check out the Roundup Lake resort in Mantua, Ohio. Family-style camping was never easier. Anyway, the Roundup Lake campground has over 350 camping sites. There’s no need to emphasize the lake is bordered by stunning natural imagery.

Spring-fed lake? Check! How about a sandy beach on the lake’s shores? You’ve got it! Restrooms with flushing toilets and hot showers? There ain’t no other way, buddy! 

Oh, and how about more corny questions?

Alright, we might’ve gotten a bit carried away there. Still, the whole story’s completely true. The campground has everything you need if you’re taking your family along on a camping adventure. The kids will enjoy one of the four camp playgrounds, a swimming pool, pedal carts, a basketball court, and kayaks/canoes. While you’re reading your favorite book by the lakeshore or getting some barbecue ready with other adults, your young ones will have the time of their life.

John Bryan State Park (Yellow Springs)

One might say this is arguably one of the most scenic parks in the whole of Ohio, and definitely the most scenic one in the western part of the state. Folks that have been there memorized this one for a lifetime. Along with all the traditional camping stuff, John Bryan State Park features a day lodge, hiking trails, mountain biking, disc golf (!), rock climbing, sledding, cross-country skiing, and many other activities you’ll surely want to try.

One of the most memorable (and popular) attractions this state park has to offer must be the limestone gorge cut by no one other than the Little Miami River. We’ll take a guess and predict you’ll have a picture of it in your family photo album.

Evergreen Park RV Resort

Camping with your RV? If so, we’re sorry we’ve only just mentioned the Evergreen Park RV Resort. It is a luxurious RV park placed in Dundee, Ohio. With nothing less than 87 paved RV sites, it represents every RV owner’s dream. Also, it can easily accommodate the largest of big rigs. Additionally, some of these sites are pull-through.

There are a lot of fun activities the park offers its visitors, especially ones that camp with their four-legged best friends. Why? Well, because Evergreen Park RV Resort hosts an amazingly fun dog show with prizes like The Waggiest Tail, for instance.

Woods Tall Timber Resort

Last but definitely not least, we’ve got the Woods Tall Timber Resort. This fantastic retreat is a 157-acre park near New Philadephia, Ohio. Wondering what the main attraction is? There’s a seven-acre lake where visitors/guests can swim, fish, and enjoy other water-related activities. The campground offers cottages and cabins, along with 150 RV sites.

If you’re a history buff, you might want to think about this. The Historic Schoenbrunn Village is nearby New Philadephia too. Paying it a visit might be a great addition to your camping adventure in Woods Tall Timber Resort.

The best camping spots in Ohio (a quick round-up)

Okay, so we’re getting really close to the southern margin of this article. Sorry if we’ve bored you talking about this or that physical aspect of this text. Anyway, shall we do a quick summary of the best camping spots in Ohio:

  • Alum Creek State Park. One of the most memorable camping spots in the state. Your doggie will be grateful, too (the campground has a dog beach).
  • Tappan Lake. There ain’t a list of Ohio camping spots without this one. You might as well want to check out what’s the big deal?
  • Roundup Lake. Many water-related activities await your family at this campground. Don’t forget your swimming apparel!
  • John Bryan State Park (Yellow Springs). Probably the most-photographed camping site in the western part of Ohio.
  • Evergreen Park RV Resort. RV owners will adore this one! It also has a fantastic dog show!
  • Woods Tall Timber Resort. The campground offers its visitors a scenic seven-acre lake. Oh, and don’t forget the additional 150 RV sites!

That’s about it, dear camping lovers! Hopefully, you’ve had some fun reading this article! Until we write another one, you might want to check out other camping tips.








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