Hamlin Beach State Park Camping – Tips & Tricks

Iconic Hamlin Beach State park trees, and Lake Ontario in the background.

Are you on the lookout for a neat little weekend getaway? Oh, you’ve already planned out something… What’s that? Hamlin Beach State Park? It seems we’re heading the same way, buddy.

You’ll excuse us for the lame-ish opening. Sometimes the whole “destination X is one of the most beautiful…” introduction just won’t do any justice to the place in question. Hamlin Beach State Park deserves something (if not better) at the very least mildly original. Anyway, we’ll show you some tips & tricks on camping in Hamlin Beach State Park. You’ll find them below!

Hamlin Beach State Park is located on the southern shore of Lake Ontario. It’s a place with fantastic history and breathtaking natural imagery. Hiking and biking enthusiasts will enjoy it, so don’t forget your outdoor-adventure starter pack! You can take your four-legged buddies on this journey, too! Unfortunately, the maximum number of allowed pets is only two.

If you think that’s too short to be any good, we’ve prepared a whole article on the subject! Stick around!

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Where’s Hamlin Beach State Park located? (and other info)

So, you’ve heard of Hamling Beach State Park’s beauty, and you’re planning to visit, but don’t know where it is exactly? No worries, we’ll show you its exact location. Also, we’ll include some info that might come in handy.

On the shore of Lake Ontario…

Hamlin Beach State Park is situated on the southern shore of the great Lake Ontario. It’s a coastal part of the town called Hamlin, NY. The famous US Lake Ontario State Parkway, a 35-mile (56.41 km) parkway gliding along the southern coast of the great lake, passes through it. Biking and/or hiking enthusiasts around the country surely know a great deal about the trail. The LOSP is beyond beautiful to experience, as many folks are prepared to tell you.

Anyway, we almost drifted off there. Let’s keep our eyes on Hamlin Beach.

A glimpse into the history of Hamlin Beach State Park

Before you head anywhere, it’s important to do some research. Here we’ll talk a bit about the history of this fantastic place and see why’s it (or why it should be) an important toponym in every nature lover’s chapbook.

It all began in 1929 when this area first became a park after Monroe County (Hamlin being its second-largest town) purchased it. The park got its name in 1930. From 1935 to 1941 there was a Civilian Conservation Corps camp in Hamlin Beach. Lodgers worked to improve the park’s facilities. Then WWII broke out.

Between 1944 and 1946, Hamlin Beach was home to a POW (Prisoner Of War) camp. Captured German soldiers worked at local farms and food processing plants. Basically, the whole camp served as a labor hub. As we said, in 1946 the POW camp was dismantled.

After WWII, the NY state government extended the aforementioned LOSP trail to pass through Hamlin. This decision made the park more accessible. Subsequently, the campgrounds were built including more and more parking lots. The place became a local attraction.

In the 1970s, the beach was suffering massive amounts of erosion. This all happened due to aggressive storms in that period. Of course, the beaches were rebuilt. Jetties were also added to help prevent the park from enduring major consequences of similar events in the future.

Nowadays, Hamlin Beach State Park is a place where many USA families come to spend some quality time in nature. If you’ve got a chance, there’s no reason why should you miss the opportunity to experience the fantastic natural imagery of Hamlin Beach. Just take a look at the picture below this text!

A couple of little birds wandering around Hamlin Beach State Park.

Camping at Hamlin Beach State Park – An overview

Here we’ll try to point out some general info on camping at Hamlin Beach State Park. In other words: what can one expect to find at Hamlin Beach?

The list starts with 264 tent and trailer campsites. Thousands of visitors enjoy the camp’s hospitality each year! You can find the famous Yanty Creek Marsh area on the eastern end of the park. It has a mile-long self-guided trail which you’ll surely appreciate. Additionally, there are 6 miles of trails (biking/hiking), plus a trail for snowmobiles and cross-country skiing!

You’re bound to find many picnic tables with pavilions, which are a great backdrop for an American-style family breakfast! The parking places (there’s three of ’em) have the capacity to hold 2.5k vehicles. Let’s not forget to mention the fact that the Hamlin Beach State Park is handicap accessible.

Anything else?

Well, of course! If you’re a fishing enthusiast – you’re going to love camping at Hamlin Beach. Visitors mostly fish for salmon and trout. Richard Brautigan’s fans will surely like this fact you can find some good ol’ trout fishing at Hamlin Beach!

Also, campgrounds are well-known for their cleanliness. We can say that’s a result of the mutual effort by environmentally-conscious camp visitors and staff. It’s good to see more and more people caring about others and the ecosystem they inhabit while camping.

The trails

Let’s take a closer look at what hiking enthusiasts might expect to find at Hamlin Beach. Alongside LOSP, you’ll have a chance to experience:

  • The Yanty Creek Nature Trail. Accessible the whole year-round, give you an opportunity to observe fantastic wildlife. Also, you’ll find bird-watching platforms on the trail.
  • The Devil’s Nose. Notorious for being the site of the many shipwrecks.

Hiking at Hamlin Beach is well-known to be a NY state’s hidden gem. Both the abundance of animal species you’ll rarely see anywhere else and beautiful coastal imagery are the things many folks like to mention when talking about this park. You really shouldn’t miss it! 

PS If you were wondering whether your doggie should have a big meal after a long hike, visit this page.

Wait, are pets allowed in the camp?

Yup! Your best buddies can tag along! Although you’ll have to keep them on a six-foot (or less) leash. Also, you’ll need to show the proof of inoculation to the camp’s authorities before entering. Unfortunately, the park doesn’t allow any animals on the beach. While we’re on the subject of campground rules, let’s see is there anything else you should know.

Oh, and we almost forgot something. For an article covering the tips on camping with the man’s best friend, click right here. And now – the rules!

Camping at Hamlin Beach State Park – General rules

First, let’s answer the question that’s on everyone’s mind.

Are you allowed to swim in the lake?

Yes, you’re allowed to swim in Lake Ontario. But, and there’s always a but, you’re only permitted to do so if there are lifeguards on duty. Oen

Can you bring along two pairs of dogs?

Unfortunately, the rules state you’re allowed to bring only two pets, regardless of the species.

What about the so-called quiet hours?

Yup, you’ll need to keep the noise down from 10 PM-7 AM. During that time your neighbors (and so do you) don’t want to be disturbed. Also, your guests (that are not listed on the permit) can’t visit during this time period. 

Check-In / Check-out

Unless it’s otherwise noted, check-in is at 3 PM. On the day of departure, you’ll have to leave the site before 11 AM.

What do other folks say?

Alright, here we’ll try to sum up the reviews we’ve found online concerning the camping at Hamlin Beach State Park.

Many folks adore Hamlin Beach for its historicity. Visitors have a chance to witness historic buildings from the 30s. If you’re an Art Deco lover – this park is just the thing you’d want to see! Of course, people mention amazing nature as the key asset of this beautiful state park. Also, plenty of parking space is something you’ll probably find attractive.

The only downside we’ve encountered anyone mentioning is that the picnic tables seem a bit worn out, so to speak. Well, if that’s the only negative thing one can say about this campsite, then…

Hamlin Beach State Park camping – a summary

Let’s see what we’ve had to say about Hamlin Beach State Park today. What can an outdoors lover find there?

  • A slice of history. Did you know Hamlin Beach State Park served as a POW camp back in the day?
  • Lots of space. With over 250 camping spots Hamlin Beach offers its visitors and occupants the peace that they deserve.
  • LOSP (Lake Ontario State Parkway) and other trails. Hiking/biking enthusiasts will most definitively enjoy visiting Hamlin Beach.
  • Your four-legged buddies will enjoy it, too. Unfortunately, you can only bring two pets.
  • Fishing is allowed, and many folks fish for salmon and trout. Trout fishing in America, anyone? (Another R. Brautigan reference, sorry.)

Sorry if we’ve forgotten to mention something. For more camping-related info, check out this page on our website.


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