How Do You Dry a Camping Chair Quickly?

A regular camping chair placed on dry land.

Okay, so imagine you’re out camping. It’s your last day and an unexpected thunderstorm chose to appear out of nowhere. Needless to say, you’re better off quickly finding a shelter than packing the chairs you’ve placed outside your tent or RV. Once the storm’s over, you realize that your trusty chairs have gotten quite wet from the rain. So, what now?

Of course, packing wet chairs for the road home is totally out of the question. That being said, there’s a good chance you’d wonder: is there a way to dry a camping chair quickly? And that’s where you’ll meet us, here at Outdoor Is Home. In other words: read this article to find out how to quickly dry a camping chair!

The best method to dry a camping chair quickly is to simply let it air-dry in the sun. The process will only take a couple of hours, if not less. However, if you’re in such a hurry that you can’t wait that long, seek assistance in the form of towels or a hairdryer. 

One shouldn’t leave satisfied with reading just a tiny little preview. That’s right, feel free to read the whole text!

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Can camping chairs get wet? (and other info)

Before we continue to discuss our main subject (how to dry your camping chair in a quick manner), let’s consider some basic info related to the item in question. Therefore, we could ask: can camping chairs get wet? Aren’t they supposed to be waterproof or something?

It’s good that you’ve asked this question since most camping chairs are actually water-resistant. That means you can leave them out if a thunderstorm like the one we’ve already mentioned appears, and nothing will happen to them (except they’ll get a bit wet). All in all: water won’t do much harm to them.

Once the rain has passed, you’ll want to dry them off. You should, by all means, leave absolutely no water on them before you start packing. That way, you’ll prolong their lifespan greatly. Also, you’ll avoid them having watermarks on the fabric. As soon as you’re home, store them someplace dry and safe.

Oh, and since we mentioned thunderstorms, here’s an article about pop-up campers and their safety in lightning.

This one, of course, doesn’t have much to do with your camping chair getting wet. Still, it’s one of those brotherly or sisterly questions that always tag along with the main one for today. However, if you think about it – one might try to dry a camping chair by placing it next to the fire, so… Yeah, there’s a lot more than it meets the eye.

Anyway, don’t worry, getting the recognizable campfire smell out of your camp chair is much easier than you could imagine. Here’s what you’ll have to do:

  • First, you’ll want to set your camping chair on the bathroom floor. Next, fill your tub with steaming-hot water. Once you’re done, pour four cups of white vinegar into the water. Now close your bathroom door to let the fumes from your tub work their thing. After 10 minutes, open your bathroom door and check your camping chair. Most of the smokey smell should be gone. 

PS. Run the exhaust fan to handle the vinegar smell.

Why are camping chairs so uncomfortable?

Okay, so here’s the thing: many folks say that camping chairs are downright uncomfortable. In fact, one could say that camping chairs are a bit notorious for being so uncomfy. So, what’s the deal here? Why are camping chairs so obnoxiously uncomfortable?

The reason why many folks find sitting inside a champing chair a bit unpleasant might be the fact that cheap camping chairs aren’t so good. In other words: they don’t distribute the weight of the user for optimal comfiness; you’ll most probably experience much of your weight on the back of your things. Needless to say, that kind of scenario isn’t something you’d call pleasant. Also, talking about weight, here’s whether (or not) a 5lb tent is too heavy to carry. 

By spending some extra cash (a few bucks) on a camping chair that’s of better quality, you’ll make sure your campfire talks last until the early morning hours without anyone feeling uncomfy!

Can you use a camping chair in the sand?

For our last addition in this introductory section, we’ve chosen to talk about whether (or not) you can use a camping chair in the sand. The summer’s almost here (in most parts of the words), so it might be good to tackle this issue. Okay, so what’s our take on it?

Now, most camping chairs will do a good job at the beach. However, there are a few things one needs to consider. For instance, you’ll want to know that larger, more solid camping chairs are the ones you’ll find most stable while on the beach. They’ll need to possess wide feet that will assist in distributing your weight, preventing your camping chair legs from being slowly pushed deeper into the sand.

Okay, so that’s about it on the subject of basic camping-chair info. Without further ado, let’s tackle the main issue and finally answer the question: how do you dry a camping chair quickly?

A green camping chair by the shore.

How do you dry a camping chair quickly?

As we’ve said, before packing your camping chair for the road or storing it in whatever place you want to store it, it should be completely dry. That way, you’ll prevent various issues you’d rather not mess around with (mildew, anyone?). So, anyway, how does one dry a camping chair quickly?

The best method for this is to simply let your camping chairs air-dry in the sun (if, of course, such a scenario is possible). The whole process might take about 2-3 hours. If that’s not quick enough, and you’re in a bit of a hurry, utilize some towels or a hairdryer to boost the process of drying a camping chair. Unfortunately, this is where the alternatives stop. In other words: you don’t have a lot of options, so stick to the ones we’ve shown you.

Imagine you’re not able to dry your camping chair quickly before packing or that you’ve stored it inside a damp storage area. Next up, imagine that some mold has formed. What can you do? Is there a way to clean such a mess? Needless to say, you’re about to find out!

How to clean mold from your camping chair?

Okay, so we’re pretty sure no one likes the sight of mold. Needless to mention, your sight won’t be your only sense affected by this smelly guest. So, what’s there to be done about it? Here we’ll show you a little step-by-step guide and its alternatives. Stick around!

PS. We know mold is pretty smelly. However, what about nylon tents, why do they smell, and what’s there to be done about it? Click on that to find out!

A little guide on cleaning mold from your camping chair

Let’s jump right into it! 

Step #1

First, you’ll want to brush away any of the loose dirt or mold you’ll find resting on your trusty camping chair. Keep in mind that you should conduct this process outside of your place since you don’t want any mold spores finding their way to your other belongings.

Step #2

Once you’ve brushed the loose mold, you’ll want to utilize a homemade solution to clean your camping chair. Simply make a mixture that’s 2/3 vinegar and 1/3 water. Afterward, find a gentle brush and use it to apply the vinegar homemade solution to the fabric. Once you’ve let it sit for a while, rinse your trusty chair using warm water.

Step #3

Well, it’s not hard to guess what the last step will be. Let your camping chair dry in the sun. You’ll want to make sure that your chair is totally dry before storage since you don’t want to repeat this whole process once more, now do you?

Okay, that should handle the issue. But, what about those alternatives?

Alternative solutions for removing mold from your camping chair

Instead of vinegar, you’re able to use other solutions. Let’s see ’em!

Alcohol to the rescue

That’s right, you’re able to remove the mold from your camping chair by using alcohol. Additionally, you’ll also disinfect your chair which can’t be a bad thing. Simply spray some alcohol on the affected areas. Afterward, dry it in the sun. Repeat until the job’s done.

Utilize your washer

Got a camping chair with removable fabric? Great. You’ll be able to wash it inside your washing machine.

However, be careful. Before you do anything, please check the chair’s label. You need to find out if such an action is allowed by the manufacturer. If it is, wash the fabric of your chair with a mild detergent. Also, avoid using anything stronger than a gentle cycle since you’d otherwise probably ruin the material.

If you’re looking for hammock cleaning tips, if you’re that kind of a camper, read this article we’ve published recently.

The bottom line

That’s about it, folks, this was our take on how can a person dry a camping chair quickly! Hopefully, now you’re well-equipped with all the info that’s necessary to prevent mold from attaching your trusty camping gear. Even if unfortunate events do unfold, you’ll be able to clean your camping chair without much hassle by following the methods we’ve shared above.

For more tips on various outdoor themes and topics, please feel free to visit our blog page.

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