How Can I Make My Pop up Camper More Secure?

A person chilling inside a hammock next to a brown pop up camper.

You know how they say: safety first! Now, security issues have always been a hot topic inside the outdoor enthusiast community you’d find here, at Outdoor Is Home. Okay, it’s not like nature is a totally scary place or something. However, being far from home, surrounded by wildlife, ain’t a situation that’s absolutely safe. That being said, it’s only natural to ask: how can I make my pop-up camper more secure?

Let’s take a wild guess and say that’s exactly the question that led you here. If you’re curious about how can folks make their outdoor adventures more secure, you’re going to appreciate the info we’ll share with you today. In the text you’re about to read, you’ll some safety tips surrounding the topic of pop-up campers. Stay tuned!

First of all, consider leaving all your valuable items that aren’t completely necessary at home. Also, ask around to see if there’s a campsite safe you can use. Think about installing a pocket alarm, or simply – taking your dog with you on a camping trip (just make sure dogs are allowed on the campsite). 

A preview, of course, can’t satisfy even the most carefree among us (in terms of security). That’s why you should read the whole thing!

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How safe is a pop-up camper? (and a couple of similar questions)

First things first, let’s consider the “original” safety condition of an individual pop-up camper. By original, we mean before you do any of the stuff we’ll share with you below. Okay, so how safe is a pop-up camper? Here’s your answer: that’s right, pop-up campers are totally safe! Let’s if there’s anything we can add to this claim.

Now, of course, this will have to depend on a few factors. For instance, you’re better off buying your camper from a renowned manufacturer than trying your luck with some DIY tricks. Experts say that you should absolutely avoid the so-called homemade route, even though it might seem a bit too tempting. By trying to save some funds, you’ll actually decrease your pop-up camper’s safety.

Also, you’ll want to make sure that the pop-up camper you’ll buy isn’t too old. If it was manufactured in the last 10-15 years, it’s completely fine to use it. Unless, of course, the previous owner didn’t do anything to compromise its good shape. In other words: the vehicle should’ve been properly maintained. If you’re in the process of buying an old pop-up camper, you’ll want to watch out for various signs of poor maintenance: mold & mildew, electrical issues, evident water damage, foundational issues, and so on.

Are pop ups safe in storms?

Needless to say, no one wants to mess around with lightning. If you’re enjoying the outdoors in your pop-up camper and a thunderstorm appears, it’s best that you avoid using your trusty camper as a shelter. They’re pretty unsafe in a lightning storm and you should see them only as something of a last resort (if there ain’t a better place to hide and you’ve got little time on your hands). If there’s a so-called permanent building nearby, you’ll want to hide right there.

For more tips on pop-up campers’ safety during a thunderstorm, follow that link.

How strong of winds can a pop-up camper hold?

You’ll want to know that pop-up campers are usually safe during wind storms (if, of course, you’re not towing them). If, on the other hand, you are towing them during a wind storm, even a 30 mph wind’s able to tip your pop-up camper over. So, yeah, avoid towing your pop-up camper once a wind storm hits.

Now, here are some tips on surviving (not to be taken literally) a wind storm inside a pop-up camper:

  • Close off the roof hatches and windows of your pop-up camper. Also, close all the zippers in the right manner so that the wind’s unable to hit from below.
  • Make sure your pop-up camper’s tires are up to the task (in perfect condition). That’s because you’ll need something to compensate for the lack of traction you’ll get during a wind storm (while staying put and while driving, too). Think about this before hitting the road.

Here’s a friendly suggestion before we continue to discuss our main subject: good insurance for your pop-up camper is something you’d want to think about, too. Oh, and speaking of winds, here’s our take on the question of whether (or not) dome tents are a better option in windy areas.

Okay, so that’s that on the topic of general pop-up camper safety. Without further ado, let’s check out those tips on how can you make your trusty pop-up camper more secure!

A parked pop-up camper during nighttime.

How can I make my pop up camper more secure?

Okay, so we’ve already shared some tips on your pop-up camper’s safety. That, of course, can’t be the whole thing, right? Right. Let’s check out what we’ve got in store for today!

#1 There’s no need to carry certain valuables

Now, before you head to the campsite, there are a lot of things to consider. One of the most important ones is: what will I carry in my luggage? If you want to worry less about your valuables being stolen, feel free to leave most of them at home. Of course, you can’t leave home without your smartphone but what about that expensive watch? Is that really a necessity?

Anyway, the fewer valuables you carry to the campsite, the better you’ll feel. You won’t have to worry about whether some of your valuables will somehow go missing. All in all: only pack the necessary items.

#2 Use a campsite safe

As we’ve already implied, sometimes necessities and valuables merge into one (like your new iPad, for instance). If there isn’t a chance to leave some of them home, check if there’s a safe present at the campsite’s reception. Most campsites offer this option for only a couple of dollars a day. 

#3 Okay, so there’s no safe at the campsite?

Oh, is that so? Well, you can always put your valuables in your car’s small safe with a lock (if you’ve got one). For extra safety, you could also secure your vehicle’s safe with a steel cable so that even if it’s broken into, thieves can’t take the safe as a whole.

#4 Avoid using a lock to secure your pop-up camper

Because? Well, because a lock on your pop-up camper might attract thieves, the thing you want to avoid in the first place. A thief might think that just because there’s a lock, there must be some goodies inside. In other words: a lock signals you’ve got something valuable to hide. So, yeah, avoid putting the lock on your zipper since you’ll have to get out and react quickly if something was to go awry (it’s not just the whole catch a thief scenario).

#5 Take your dog along

It’s nature’s own alarm system! Okay, our little furry buddies deserve a better title. Anyway, by taking your dog along with you on a camping adventure, you’ll ensure that folks think for a second time before they proceed to take some of your stuff. Just make sure that dogs are allowed on a particular campsite. Also, there might be some additional rules to camping with your best buddy, so get informed.

#6 Install an alarm

Okay, so this might be the most obvious safety tip concerning your pop-up camper. However, we don’t suggest you install a real alarm system that might cost more than you’re able to afford. We’re talking about a small one, a so-called pocket alarm that you can obtain for nothing more than a few dollars. The thing is: it will produce a loud sound once the cord is pulled, scaring potential thieves into oblivion.

Not only will it scare possible thieves, but your neighbors will be alarmed, too. Keep in mind that it’s crucial you connect the alarm inside the pop-up camper and attach the cord to the zipper. That way, the whole “alarm system” won’t be visible from the outside of your camper.

#7 Insurance, anyone?

We’ve mentioned this upstairs. So, yeah, one of the best ways you can make your pop-up camper more secure is by insuring it. In some parts of the world, you can’t travel on the road with your pop-up camper without insurance. However, most folks choose the so-called minimum insurance just so they can save some funds. Unfortunately, that’s not enough to be considered safe camping (even if you’re well aware of all the bugs that might bite you).

#8 Use your social skills

You must be wondering: what’s up with social skills making your pop-up camper more secure? Even though it sounds weird at first sight, using your social skills to secure seems natural once you remember that you’ll have neighbors around the place where you’ve set up camp. Of course, you’ll want to establish good social connections with them. If you’re about to leave for a hike, for instance, you can simply ask them to watch over your stuff. 

The bottom line

Okay, folks, that’s that when it comes to the tips on how to make your pop-up camper more secure. Now you’re all set to enjoy a stress-free outdoor adventure with your trusty pop-up camper! For more useful info about spending some quality time in the great outdoors, feel free to visit our blog page.

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