Can I Add a Hitch to a Pop-up Camper (And How)

A person standing next to a pop-up camper with a hitch.

It’s no wonder that one would question whether you can add a hitch to the back of a pop-up camper (or whether buying a pop-up truck camper is worth it). Because? Because they’re quite infamous for having bumpers that are made from thin wall tubing. Also, they’ve got very thin frames, which makes the situation even worse.

Do we have a solution for this? Is it possible to add a hitch to a pop-up camper, and if it is – how? Needless to say, you’re about to find out. In the article you’re about to read, we’ll thoroughly consider this whole issue. Additionally, we’ll expand our talk to cover some of the issues that surround this topic. Stay tuned!

Yes, it’s possible to add a hitch to the back of your pop-up camper, but you should refrain from using your pop-up camper’s bumper for it. Let’s say you want to attach a bike rack to the back of your camper. If you’ve got an A-frame pop-up, simply attach a bike rack that’s designed for it to its frame. 

Since we’re talking about a pretty serious topic here, reading only the preview won’t help you make the grade. Read the whole thing!

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What exactly is a pop-up camper hitch?

Before we sink deeper into the mud of today’s main topic (not the best metaphor out there, but we’re trying hard to be original), let’s consider what exactly is a pop-up camper hitch and what it means to hitch a pop-up camper!

Okay, so a pop-up camper hitch is the thing that connects your trusty pop-up camper to a vehicle that you’ll use for towing. Today, you’ll find a lot of hitch types and designs that are cleverly designed to match all sorts of rigs. Lastly, know that the lightest hitches (in terms of weight) are ideal for your pop-up camper.

Here’s some interesting info: if you’re wondering whether you can use a pop-up camper at Walmart, click right here.

What types of hitches are good for towing your pop-up camper?

Alright, here we’ll show you the types of hitches that might suit your needs ideally. In other words: they’re seen as suited for towing pop-up campers. Without further ado, here they are:

  • Bumper hitches. That’s because they’re good to use with lighter vehicles, a category in which your trusty pop-up camper will surely find its place.
  • Gooseneck hitches. If you’re a truck owner and you want to tow your pop-up camper using it, you might want to think about using this type of hitch.
  • Fifth-wheel hitches. Similar to their gooseneck siblings, this type of hitches are exclusive to trucks and can pull about 24k pounds. You’ll be able to tow bigger pop-up campers with it.

Now, let’s see if there’s anything else we’d like to mention here! A quick digression: here’s an article about the relationship between your pop-up and a thunderstorm. 

Are pop-up campers hard to hitch?

You’ll be happy to know that most pop-up campers aren’t so hard to tow. They’re pretty lightweight and can be easily towed with small SUVs or trucks. However, before doing anything – check in with your local auto mechanic to see if your vehicle’s all good to tow (another lame attempt at originality, sorry). Here’s another recommendation: if you’re not sure how the whole process will turn out to be, simply practice towing your pop-up camper through the neighborhood. Or: you can also find an empty parking lot to work on your towing skills.

Okay, that should be fine for this intro section. We’re now well aware that a person is able to hitch a pop-up camper without much hassle. However, we’d better consider whether one can add a hitch to the back of a pop-up camper! Stick around.

A person sitting on the top of a pop-up camper, looking at the night sky.

Can I add a hitch to a pop-up camper?

You might’ve thought about adding a hitch to the back of your pop-up camper since many folks imagine putting a bike rack that attaches to a hitch. That’s like one of the most common things you’ll stumble upon on RV forums and such. Additionally, many folks have tried it. Based on their stories, we’ve put together something you’d call a little mash-up guidebook on how to add a hitch to the back of your pop-up camper. You’ll find it below!

Some folks note that plenty of people have already done this. So, here’s the thing: first of all, you’ll need to check out if your pop-up’s number can even handle the weight you’re planning to tow. Most probably, it won’t. What do you do then? Well, you’ll want to attach the hitch to the frame of your pop-up.

The thing is: most pop-up camper bumpers aren’t able to hold out the weight of the bike rack you’re planning to put up there. They simply weren’t designed for that purpose, and you’d have a bad time relying on your bumper to hold out the weight of the bike rack that connects to the bumper hitch. Anyway, if you’re sporting an A-frame pop-up camper, attaching a top-quality bike rack for A-frame campers might be the best idea out there.

Now that we’ve seen why you shouldn’t mount your bike rack or tow anything from the back of your pop-up camper, let’s see if there’s some additional info we can talk about here.

How fast can you drive while towing a pop-up camper?

Well, it depends on where you’re driving. In other words: it depends on what the state law says. If you’re a US citizen, that is. Different states have different laws concerning the towing of your trusty pop-up camper but the speed you can tow it mostly goes from 50-80 miles per hour. Oh, and it’s not just about following the law – it’s mostly your safety we’re concerned with.

That last one being said, let’s see some safety tips on pop-up camper towing!

Tips for safely towing your pop-up camper

You know how they say: you’re better off safe than sorry and all. Let’s see those tips! Also, we’ve published another article about pop-up camper safety recently.

#1 Curves and turns

You’ll always want to remain close to the middle of your lane while you’re negotiating a curve with your pop-up camper mounted on the back. For instance, if you’re trying to make a right turn, please watch the traffic and look in your rearview mirror. Next up, simply signal your intention to other drivers that you’re about to turn right and slow down. Is the curve tight? If so, drive forward until you notice that the front wheels of your towing vehicle are well past the curve before you turn.

Turning left? If so, signal your intention and slow down. You’ll want to make a big deviation once you’ve passed the intersection before you turn.

#2 Avoid sudden stops

That’s right, you’ll want to steer clear of sudden stops. That’s because your trusty pop-up might jackknife or slide sideways, and you don’t want that to happen. Instead, you should try to slow down, then stop. Leave a good distance between the next car (the one in front of you) and your vehicle. Try to avoid riding in fast lanes, and always “work with” a speed that will enable you to slow down easily and come to a so-called smooth stop.

#3 Reversing

The thing is: you should practice this one in an empty parking lot before you head off to your pop-up camper outings. Also, you’re gonna need a person that will stay outside the vehicle to lead you. Anyway, try out a series of small turns to steer your towing vehicle.

Reversing right? Simply turn the steering wheel to the left since the front of your camper will go left, but your pop-up will go right. Reversing left? Just to the opposite.

Oh, and speaking about safety, here’s how you’ll keep your pop-up camper from tipping.

Can a 4 cylinder pull a pop-up camper?

Yup, it’s totally fine to pull a pop-up camper using your 4-cylinder vehicle. That’s mostly because pop-up campers are, needless to say, usually lighter and smaller than your average camper. They can easily be towed with smaller vehicles. However, please keep in mind that you should check the towing capacity of your car first.

Today, you’ll find a lot of pop-ups on the market. You’ll surely be able to find one that suits your needs perfectly. The crucial thing to keep in mind here is that your amenities are weighted equally. Also, it’s never a good idea to go beyond your vehicle’s towing power. Lastly, always leave some additional space just so you don’t have to lose your hair over carrying some extra cargo (whether we’re talking about freshwater or a hitchhiker).

How much weight can the top of your pop-up camper endure?

Last but not least, let’s see how much weight can you put on the top of your pop-up camper. It all depends on the type of camper you’ve got. The thing is: you should always check your owner’s manual to see if there’s some info about this. If you don’t find any, simply e-mail the manufacturer.

The bottom line

Okay, folks, that’s that when it comes to adding a hitch to a pop-up camper and how it’s supposed to be done. Hopefully, now you’ve got a slight idea of how you should conduct this process. Anyway, for more RVing tips and related info, please pay a visit to this page.

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