Can You Stain RV Cabinets – 10 Tips You Should Know

Can You Stain RV Cabinets - 10 Tips You Should Know

Staining RV cabinets can appear like a daunting job. Yet, it’s well worth the struggle if you want a reasonable way to modernize your rig. It’s nice when the kitchen of your moving home itself gets an update that mirrors your style. Can you stain RV cabinets? Read on for more!

Everything needs to be remodeled ultimately, so you might as well give your eating area or bathroom cupboards a little TLC and have fun while you’re at it.

For instance, gel stains might work great for you. You prep with suitable cleaning spread the stain, and then brush it off fully until you get to your preferred darkness. It needs some training. A standard oil-based stain will be a lot of work as you need to sand the aged finish off.

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Why Do People Paint the RV Cabinets? 

Painting is a wonderful way to brighten up a room and not just make it look much better and more memorable. If you only purchased a used RV and want to put your stamp on it.

Or if you’re sick of gazing at the peeling paint on your cabinets, this is a great way to get fresh air into your tone. More often than not, it’s also pleasant to have a simple transition. 

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How Long Does Painting RV Cabinets Take? 

Due to paint drying and curing time, it’ll take a couple of days to finish your whole kitchen. Cabinets are more time-consuming than painting a wall. How is that exactly possible? Well, you should empty the doors and hinges if you want a proficient look. 

Spray painting will be quicker, but it relies on what type of paint you want to utilize, how much you prep, and how comfy you are with renovation outcomes. 

Finally, if you’re dedicated to the job full-time, you can complete the project in approximately two days (relying on paint curing time). Yet, if you’re doing it apace with travel or other obligations, give yourself no less than a week to do the job. Take your time and do it properly. You’ll catch every mistake if you hurry through it. 

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10 Tips You Should Know

The quantity of reserves you need relies on whether you’re doing liquid paint or spray paint. Even with that, it can differ relying on the exterior, the state of the cabinets, and your DIY ease level. 

In any circumstance, you’ll require a cleansing solution, sandpaper, and scrubs. Having drop materials, rollers, and gloves will likewise make the procedure more comfortable. Here are a couple of other reserves you’ll need. Let’s take a closer look at them now! 

#1 Use Spackle or Wood Filler

Odds are, if you’re refurbishing your RV, it’s somewhat because your cabinets have taken a loss. There are possible spots and scratches that you can fast fill with a tiny spackle or wood filler.

#2 Find Sand Paper

Sandpaper is essential as it will smooth everything out. So, let’s say you paint something before cleaning and sanding it, the paint will have chunky places and peel smoothly.

There’s likewise liquid sandpaper if you want something quick, yet it’s not often as practical as paper goods.

#3 You Need Quality Paint

First things first, you’ll require paint and possibly primer, relying on the job. Usually, the paint includes a primer, yet you can obtain the two separately if necessary.

For the finest finish, find paint that’s precisely made for cabinets. The Sherwin Williams Emerald line is perfect for cabinets, yet it’s a bit expensive. If you go for something more affordable, select a satin finish. It’s more long-lasting and easier to scrub than an eggshell or matte finish.

Acrylic latex paint performs well with cabinets, just like professional-grade oil-based paint. Please bear in mind that oil-based paint is long-lasting, yet it’s also questioning to work with, and your RV will stink like oil for quite some time (weeks or even months). Oil paint smokes aren’t fantastic for close spaces.

#4 Brushes, Rollers, and Roller Pans

Rollers are a massive time saver when painting extensive zones. Moreover, they leave the most suitable finish, yet, brushes are essential for borders, corners, and closed spaces. Bear this in mind!

Still, cabinets tend to be shorter and have distinct surface levels, making it tough to paint with a roller solely. Still, using both brushes and rollers will be to your benefit to shield all places while leaving a smooth finish.

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#5 Use a Paint Sprayer

Spray paint is certainly swifter than brushing or rolling paint, even if you need to be very cautious to keep the space well circulated so you don’t make yourself ill. A paint sprayer will depart a smooth finish and get all places with minimal (if any) brushing in hubs.

Spraying paint is a problematic method, and it’s effortless to overspray and splatter paint someplace you don’t want. It can even be more pricey because spraying takes more paint, and renting or purchasing a sprayer can be expensive.

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#6 What About Painter’s Tape?

Utilizing tape will help hold paint off all surfaces you don’t want to modify. For instance, that can be the countertop, any walls, or appliances. It can also help keep any plastic in position if you want to employ that to cover the inside of your cabinets or the floor from paint drips.

Any painter’s tape will do, but experts suggest using Sherwin Williams tape or Frog tape. These will pack nicely for neat borders without pulling paint from the shells underneath.

#7 Drop Cloths Are a Must

No matter how cautious you are, painting is relatively dirty. Using drop cloths can aid control the mess as you work, departing less clean-up for later.

Simply apply the cloth or plastic over the foundation below the cabinets, and conceivably keep a couple of extra handcloths close by just in case.

#8 The Magical TSP

TSP (trisodium phosphate) is a heavy-duty cleanser to get those cabinets fully clean. If there are any stains from grease, oil, or soot, this is a great option to clear those stains once and for all.

Tip: It is relatively critical to know how to cover an RV in the rain, in order to be certain it lasts considerably longer.

#9 Prep RV Cabinets for Pain

The most important point to having a non-stressful painting background is keeping everything neat and in place: an outstanding feat when dealing with dirty liquids. Attempt to label each cabinet with caution, as well as the nails and hinges linked, so nothing gets lost or misplaced.

Painting cabinets can be quite a hassle, so taking steps to make it go as smoothly as feasible will be well worth it. Keep these things in mind, by all means.

#10 Pick Your Paint Color 

Paint colors are a wildly individual preference, so pick something you love while regarding the color scheme of the rest of the RV. White cabinets are always prevalent, yet you don’t need to go that way.

White for the highest cabinets and black for the base is a nifty elegant look that could help keep your kitchen from getting overpowered with one color. You can likewise do this two-toned approach if you want to throw in a fun, bright color without it peeking too absurd.

Yet, if you only want to negotiate with a single paint, neutral tones are easier on the eyes in a short space. At the end of the day, you’re the one who will be glancing at those cabinets, so choose a color you relish.

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Can You Use Wd-40 on RV Slide Outs

What More Should You Do?

Empty Cabinet Doors and Handles 

Clearing the cabinets, drawers, and pulls allows you to get a soft proficient-looking finish without operating around the hinges or holds. This stage is rather time-consuming, but it will save you big time and strain later.

It’s practical to put a piece of tape on each cabinet specifying where it should go. Put the hardware in plastic baggies and mark it identically. Doing that when you clear the cabinets means they don’t get jumbled up.

While you’re at it, think about upgrading your cupboard holds to something much more elegant.

Note: You should always take specific safety standards to ensure your RV slide-out supports are working as they should.

Spackle Holes and Scratches 

After clearing the doors, check the surface for any spots and scratches, and other paint problems. Spackle or wood innards are straightforward to use and dry fast.

Overload the scratch and utilize a putty knife to push the putty into the void and then scrape it slick. If the mark is superficial, it often takes 15 minutes or less to dry before you can smooth and paint.

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