Are Wind Pants and Rain Pants the Same?

Wind pants and rain pants have the same purpose

Camping or hiking is a kind of adventure for all nature and outdoor lovers. It is beneficial for the body and mind, as it is a great exercise while getting away from the urban craziness. What is key for such an endeavor is good preparation, because, without it, camping can turn into a series of unpleasant events.

There are quite a few elements that go into making the perfect camping or hiking trip. A planned out route, equipment for protection, and attire. However, another important piece is hiking pants.

Durability, protection, and comfort are the three main focal points when it comes to choosing clothes for your legs. Good pants should provide insulation, but allow the skin to breathe (otherwise you can overheat and tire out much faster). So, are the wind pants and rain pants the same? Wind pants are practically alike to rain pants, except they’re rarely waterproof.

Season Changes in a Day

Many choose a nice time to return to nature, so they will spend the weekend, or the whole summer, under the open sky. Whoever decides to camp then mostly counts on warm weather conditions, however, this can easily deceive. Even if you are camping in the middle of July, it is very important to dress in layers and bring a pair of quality socks.

If you are going camping for the first time, don’t let the good weather fool you. The nights in the tent can be extremely cold, even if you are camping on the beach. So be sure to prepare comfortable hooded sweatshirts, which will warm you pleasantly during the night both outside and inside the tent.

However, with the first rays of the sun, it can get quite warm, especially in the summer months, so be sure to bring more plain cotton T-shirts. You will be able to change them every day, and also take advantage of the warm weather by washing them as needed and letting them dry in the sun for a couple of hours.

Pack a pair of comfortable shorts, but don’t forget to pack tracksuits and long-legged pants, both because of the cold and because of the insects that can visit you during the night. Another type of prevention and protection against injections that you can wear, or in this case, wear socks. Even though it is summer, don’t just pack your ankle sock, and have a pair of long socks with you.

Being Outdoors in Bad Weather

If you decide to camp, or find yourself hiking, in not-so-favorable weather conditions, you will have to bring a slightly larger backpack to pack warm clothes that are quite bulky than summer ones.

Prepare to bring thick sweaters, hoodies, pants as well as a warm, well-fitting jacket. Layers are not the only thing you need, make sure that the wardrobe consists of the most pleasant, natural material. If you don’t mind wearing wool, the trick is to prepare comfortable cotton underwear that will go under a woolen sweater and socks. A hat, scarf, and gloves always come in handy in a camping bag “just in case”, and when camping in cold weather, so don’t go on a trip without them.

Of course, you can avoid packing up half of your closet if you shop for practical, and not so many fashionable pieces. Waterproof long pants and upper garments can solve heat insulation, as well as water resilience.

Don’t Forget Waterproof Equipment

Bad weather usually brings a lot of precipitation, so it is necessary to bring a waterproof jacket and boots to camping. Depending on whether it is snowing or raining, you should prepare an adequate raincoat and rubber boots for camping in nature in such weather.

Also, it is important not to wear tight clothes. It will have such an adverse effect on your circulation, which will have a share in the change in your body temperature, which means that it will be colder and more uncomfortable for you.

Layered clothing is the key to success when it comes to camping. However, try not to bring too many clothes because it is certainly not a crucial factor for a good time at camping. The main guideline during the packaging of camping clothes should be wearing multi-purpose and, above all, comfortable pieces of clothing. Put aesthetics and fashion trends aside. After all, camping means returning to nature and enjoying it, so choose a wardrobe that will not disturb you.

It is a convenience to have rain and wind wind protection in a pair of hiking pants.

A Good Pair of Hiking Pants Goes a Long Way

A wardrobe primary for spending time outdoors, mainly if you are covering long distances, should allow your skin to breathe. This means that your favorite pair of denim jeans is out of the question. The hard material is hot and gets very uncomfortable when it gets wet. This prevents your skin from breathing, also, staying wet outside in a forest or on a beach can make you sick overnight.

The simplest way out of this is to wear a wardrobe that is practical for the environment, in a way that it provides insulation and allows the skin to breathe. This means that the most sensible options for pants should be convertible or standard hiking pants.

  • Convertible hiking pants, as their name implies, allow you to make shorts if the temperature is higher. The trouser leg is attached to the shorts by a zipper. It allows you to remove half of the pants in an instant, and get them back on just as efficiently.
    Benefits of such a design include breathability for the skin and versatility to be used in multiple climates. The only potential downside is the weight of the zippers when they are used as full pants.
  • Standard hiking pants, as per the name, are regular pants made from waterproof materials, or even some thicker cotton, and cannot be converted into shorts. They are highly recommended for colder climates and are lighter than convertible pants.

Depending on their quality, and mostly the material, they might be waterproof or windproof. Depending on the season, and whether you should consider one of the two models, keep in mind that some materials are not waterproof, and some are weaved denser as good protection from the cold, annoying wind.

What to Pay Attention To?

Buying from bigger stores and on sale might save money at the moment, but buying high-quality hiking pants can turn out to be a good investment in the long run. Most hiking pants contain nylon but the difference is the quality of the nylon. Depending on its thickness you can have either stiffer pants, that will rip more easily, and produce more noise while rubbing them together. A good pair of hiking pants should have the following:

  • It has to be a good fit because of comfort.
  • Mobility should not be restricted, so make sure you try the model on before purchasing.
  • A couple of pockets are sufficient, as the majority of your hiking and camping equipment should be in your backpack.
  • An elastic waistband is a great alternative to a traditional belt, but keep in mind that they are usually lighter and will not stay on if you put too much stuff in your pockets.

Protection From the Elements

Spending time outdoors can be a lot of fun, and can be stressful at the same time.

Having another pair for the most expected elements, like wind and the rain should always be tucked in at the bottom of your backpack, or a side pocket will save you from getting cold or wet in a matter of minutes. Now there might be some confusion as some hikers will claim that rain and wind pants are significantly different, while the truth, as always, lay somewhere in the middle.

If it does rain and you get wet and cold, the best option would be to set up camp, light a fire and dry out before continuing on your path. Having proper rain paints is the most essential thing is that they are waterproof, while wind pants, made specifically for protection against the wind are made from lighter material.

Why Are Wind Pants and Rain Pants the Same?

Having a good pair of hiking pants, as well as jackets, is equally as important as having a good pair of footwear that is comfortable and will keep your feet dry. The market is large on each piece, and all of them can be found with a range of quality and prices.

Going on frequent hikes can count as a sporting activity since you activate all of your muscles – and you might even call it a good leg day. All of the said is well and true, but going on a hiking or camping trip should be about connecting with nature, having a simplistic journey, and packing light. This should also reflect on your equipment.

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