What Makes a Good Glamping Site

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The way we travel has changed. People no longer want a one-dimensional vacation in which they will be mere extras in nature. They want to one with nature, which contributes to the fact that camping is becoming more and more popular. This unique experience as a combination of glamor and camping allows you to choose comfortable accommodation in which you will be able to hike or enjoy the beach. Without sacrificing comfort.

Most glamping accommodations include beds, electricity, bathrooms with showers, coffee makers, and even fully equipped kitchens. Although it is possible to prepare a meal on the fire, there will also be a restaurant serving international cuisine not far from you.

This article covers the key aspects of glamping and details the characteristics of a good glamping site.

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The History of Glamping

Mass tourism is causing multiple damages to numerous tourist destinations and historic sites around the world. As a consequence, more and more people are embracing the ecological concept of travel embodied in glamping. Although the term is new, the concept of glamping has been around for hundreds of years.

In 1520, a French-English diplomatic summit was held, known as the Field of the  Cloth of Gold. For this occasion, 2,800 tents were set up in the north of France, many of which were very luxurious. Ottoman sultans were also known for their ostentatious tents, which were richly decorated by military craftsmen.

The tradition of luxurious tents was established at the very beginning of the 20th century. Namely, these tents became fashionable among rich American and European travelers during safari trips in Africa. They wanted to enjoy their holidays surrounded by the prestige of having beds, private bathrooms, verandas, and gourmet kitchens.

Those who decide to glamp today can also expect an amazing view and a unique landscape. They can also enjoy comfortable beds, bathe in the sparkling water of hot tubs, enjoy the spa or have a personal butler. Depending on their budget.

Much More Than a Beautiful Tent

Glamping has become increasingly popular and shows no signs of decline. Various options are available all over the planet, from tents to treehouses. With all these variants and possibilities, glamping is a trend that suits all types of travelers, and here are a few reasons why you should consider glamping during your next vacation:

  • Glamping is an environment-friendly activity. Glamping accommodation relies heavily on going green. Composite toilets and self-sustaining gardens are just some of the things you can find on a glamping site. In some cases, these facilities are made from recycled materials, but given their design and comfort, you would never guess.
  • With glamping, you will reconnect with nature. Instead of listening to the city noise, you can wake up in your tent, cabin, eco-lodge, caravan, or treehouse and step into “your” private property in nature.
  • Glamping provides maximum adventure. Hiking, cycling, rafting, canoeing, animal watching, wine tasting… are just some of the activities you can try. There are numerous possibilities to enjoy amazing landscapes around the world and test your adventurism.

Glamping tents are the oldest type of accommodation for such trips. These are typically safari tents as spacious as hotel rooms, with beds, bedside tables, and chests of drawers. Not to mention electricity or Wi-Fi.

Glamping Accommodation

  • Yurts have been in use in Central Asia, especially in Mongolian culture, for more than 3,000 years. Classic yurts have a wooden circular frame that expands and a lid made of felt, canvas, or other material, designed to be set up quickly and easily. Modern yurts are much more spacious.
  • Teepee is a widely known legacy of Native American tribes. They were made of animal skins and wooden poles, with adjustable smoke openings at the top of the structure. Teepees are warm in winter, pleasant in summer, stays dry during rainy periods, and is easy to transport.
  • A sweat lodge is a traditional Indian hut that was used for purification through sweating. It is domed and traditionally built of wood and earth. For modern tourists, it is a kind of spiritual experience.
  • Treehouses are popular not only with children but also with adults. They offer a unique experience of sleeping and waking up among the treetops. With this type of accommodation, the negative impact on the natural environment is minimal.
  • The glamping community is increasingly interested in trailers and RVs. These are an ideal choice for those who favor a combination of nostalgia and mobility at an affordable price.
  • In 1954, American architect Buckminster Fuller patented Geodesic domes. Their structure makes them very stable, allowing maximum space within the smallest surface. They are extremely convenient for vacation in places with strong winds, such as Chilean Patagonia.
  • An innovative approach to glamping accommodation has raised interest in shepherd’s huts. As well as wagons evoking memories of scenes from the Wild West.

In the world of glamping, there is a rule – the quirkier, the better. In recent years, variants of accommodation in caves, submarines, ice hotels, old planes, trains, and cars have also become very popular.

Traits of a Good Glamping Site

Glamping gives a whole new meaning to your holiday in the outdoors. You can enjoy fresh air, campfire cooking, and sun-soaking without pitching your tent. Glamping is about luxury and sleeping under the stars surrounded by comfort. But what is it that makes a good glamping site?

It Needs to Be “Glam”

There is an amazing variety of options available and a sleeping setup is one of the key determinants of a good glamping site. Are you going to sleep in a futon, airbed, camp bed, or real bed? Do they provide bedding? Do they charge for linen or is it all included?

When planning a holiday, most people think about a good night’s sleep. Ideally, in a cozy, comfortable bed, surrounded by nature and enjoying the fresh air. If your selected glamping site has proper double beds, mattresses, duvets, and soft pillows, you should have no second thoughts.

Fresh linen you can crawl in after a day of hiking, coupled with the sweet smell of toasted marshmallows – what more can you ask for? Do some research before you book your stay because you wouldn’t want to start your holiday sleeping on an airbed.

Fancy glamping site

The Perks of Having a Bathroom

If you’re a glamping enthusiast, you surely understand this is critical! However, there’s a huge disparity in the offer, including the sites with outdoor showers serving all visitors. Nevertheless, other sites are offering perfect en suite bathrooms with roll-top baths. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide where you want to be in that range.

Avoiding queuing is definitely a privilege you’d want in a truly glam site. Not to mention limitless hot water and warm towel rails to keep your stuff dry and cozy. Some of the best sites out there will go as far as to spoil you with soap, shower gel, and freshly laundered bath mats and hand towels.


People typically associate camping with eating dry foods and working your way around meals. If looking for a luxurious outdoor adventure, you should make sure the accommodation has cooking facilities. And check whether they charge extra for those. You’ll also need somewhere to boil water as an important element of a great holiday.

Even hotels often charge these facilities and you’ll find yourself without a possibility to cook a simple meal or warm up milk for your kids. Some glamping sites provide each guest with their own BBQ and a supply of charcoal. There are also fridges and basic cooking equipment for seamless self-catering. As well as the option to book a la carte meals through their on-site chefs.


The cost of having a holiday in a glamping site is a critical issue to consider. It makes quite a difference whether your glamp site has electricity. Or you’ll have to pay extra to charge your laptop or phone or plug in a hairdryer. Do they provide wifi?

Alternatively, you may want to spend your holiday electricity-free and far from your devices. Some glamping sites provide lights and lanterns and many charging points in their shared facilities. You may not need wifi, but it’s up to you to check this option before you book a site.


Before booking a holiday, you’ll need to check where you will actually be staying. Staying in someone’s garden or a farm is way much different than staying at a normal campsite with glamping pitches. You’ll also want to check if your accommodation is by itself or surrounded by others. And you’ll definitely want a lovely view to enjoy.

It’s a Unique Experience That Matters

Apart from relaxation, you may be interested in spending active time without additional costs. Beautiful spots nearby your glamping site, long walks, and interesting places to discover are some of the activities you’d want to have on-site. Are those activities to take the kids to?

Some glamping sites (in the UK, for example) provide sporting equipment, including a croquet set or a table tennis table. You may want to spend your holiday relaxing and reading a book under a tree, exploring historical sites, or trying hiking trails. After all, you may want your kids to learn some survival techniques, like starting a campfire.

Customer Service

If you are glamping for the first time, sleeping outdoors is going to be a whole new experience. And regardless of how prepared you are, there will be issues you’ll only become aware of when you arrive. This is why it is important to check whether there is help at hand in the glamping sites you are looking at.

These issues may include cleaning and maintenance of your glamping yurts, shepherd huts, pods, and bell tents. Or lashing down in wild storms. There is also the issue of water supply, cleaning, sanitation of shower and lavatory facilities, and parking.

To start with, a successful glamp site will have someone to meet you and show you to your tent. They’ll also brief you on everything you need to know, and will always be on call if you need assistance. Last, but not least, you’ll want to know if pets are welcome at a glamping site you’re looking at.

Wrapping It Up

Now that we’ve explained the key traits of a successful glamping site, you should do your own research to be sure you’re making the right choice. Web sites of glamping sites provide valuable information on the very site, along with reviews and recommendations from previous visitors. A relevant and informative website should be your first checkpoint when booking a holiday.

Glamping (and running a successful glamping site) is a lifestyle choice. Otherwise, you’ll be perfectly OK with good old camping where you’ll be pitching a tent, drying your clothes in a sleeping bag, and collecting dry firewood. We do hope this article has helped you get a better grasp of the wide range of options out there.

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