What Is the Average Tent Campsite Size

there are various tent campsite sizes

If you’re planning your camping trip, you’ve probably come across a few campsite options.

That’s great, as you have a choice to opt for the one that suits you most. But, people often struggle to find out what the average tent campsite size is.

An average tent campsite size is about 12ft by 30ft for a vehicle parking spot and 20ft by 20ft for your camp pad. But, these sizes may vary depending on the campsite type.

So, today we are discussing different campsite types and options they could offer to every enthusiastic camper.

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Types of Campsites

Various campsite types are a great thing. You can plan your adventure in advance and choose the campground for your needs.

So, to have stress-free camp trip planning, check out the following types and enjoy.

Standard Primitive Campsites

If you love being close to nature as much as possible and want to experience true off-the-grid living then primitive campsites might be interesting to you.

These types of campsites are most common, and you can find them in various locations. From the state, national, and some private parks, you can really find a lot of places to put your tent.

Especially as these campsites are almost always tent-only. Some of them are even on a hiking trail, and that makes them inaccessible with RVs.

Besides that, you should be careful where you park your RV anyway.

But, if you want to go with your RV on an adventure you might find that option in some state and national parks.

Bear in mind that this doesn’t mean these places provide you any electricity, water, or sewer hookups. They are still primitive campsites.

However, you might come across state or national parks that provide restrooms, showers, and drinkable water near primitive campsites.

This is a nice option for people who love camping off-the-grid, but still want to have access to the wonders of the modern lifestyle.

Standard Campsites

This is the second most common campsite kind. You can find various comforts in standard campgrounds. Usually, these include some graded driveway, a fire ring, and a good old picnic table.

If you want to have electric and water sources for your RV, that’s possible too. Many standard campsites have partial hookups.

In some campsite locations, you may find restrooms and clean water access.

So, check out some of the variations you may bump into when reserving your campsite.


These types of standard campsites usually have electric outlets, but you shouldn’t count on water or sewer spots. Standard electric campsites often give you options for tents, RVs, and camper trailers.


If you’re looking for a campsite that is large enough to accept an RV, this one can be good. But, as its name says, you won’t find any amenities.

However, some of these campgrounds may have restrooms or showers. Non-electric campsites are often used by people who love to camp in a tent.


These campsites are often used for RVs and campers. If you opt for a back-in campsite, you will need to check what is the specific type of RV because it needs to fit into a campsite size.

When choosing this type of camping spot you should find info about the max length of RV or camper that can be parked there.


These campsites often have a single driveway campsite that has two sides. You should be able to camp here with some larger RVs or trailers.

Pull-through sites are good as you can very easily park the vehicle.

tents are often grouped in tent-only campsite


As the name suggests, these campsites are meant only for tents. Usually, you won’t find any electric or water outlets. If you love camping in group-like places, these sites might be for you.

Tents are often grouped, and away from RV parks. That way people who enjoy camping in tents won’t be bothered with light and noise from the RVs and trailers.

These kinds of campsites often belong to a state or national parks. You could also find some privately owned ones, but they are often placed in these parks because they need to provide hookups for RVs and trailers.

As for the campsite’s equipment, these sites often have a gravel pad for your tent, a parking spot for the car, a fire pit, and a picnic table.

Note: You can find some tent-only campsites that offer electric plugs where you can plug in your lanterns and chargers.

Premium Campsite

If you prefer camping in the comfort of an RV or trailer and want to avoid tents, then premium campsites are the place for you. They are specially designed only for RVs and trailers.

A large variety of private, national, and state parks can give you the luxury of premium camping.

However, bear in mind that if you opt for premium tent camping, you will have narrowed choices, and you will need to pay the premium fee but you won’t be able to use all the features.

Premium campsites are very similar to standard ones when it comes to back-in, pull-through, water, and electric sites. Check out a few comforts that you can expect in premium campsites.


In these campsites, you can find comforts for RVs and campers. There are amenities such as water, electricity, and sewer.

You would probably be able to enjoy your spare time at a picnic table, fire pit, or grill.

Plus, you won’t need to worry about where to park your RV or trailer, as the padded drive is included usually.

Water and Electric Hookups

These are equipped with water and electricity but lack a sewer outlet. However, campsites like this often have a dump station, so you don’t have to worry.


If you’re looking for a full hookup service for your RV or camper, this is the place. But, you should have in mind that these offer 30-amps electricity.

So, this kind of electrical power is most suitable for smaller RVs and trailers. Check your vehicle type before reserving a place in this kind of campsite.

Note: You can always find an adapter for your vehicle’s main power plug. Just be sure to check with your car mechanic and opt for the right one.


These campsites are very similar to 30-amp ones. They are full hookups with 50-amp electric service.

So, if you have a large RV, this is a place for you. You should be able to use your air-conditioning, TV or appliances with no problem.

How to Identify a Campsite

When you want to reserve your place for the next camping adventure you can do it on campsite reservation sites.

Always be sure to check the site key, as it will indicate variations between parks and states. You can find a variety of symbols indicating RV camping, camping, primitive camping, electric sites, full hookups…

You would probably be able to find any other symbols that indicate various comforts inside a given park.

What is the Average Tent Campsite Size?

Campsite sizes vary in type. An average campsite size is from 12ft by 30ft for your vehicle and 20ft by 20ft for your camp pad.

However, every site is different, so before your trip, be sure to check where you’re heading. That way, you will know how much space to expect and what to bring accordingly.

Is There the Best Campsite?

Various people like various types of camping. Some prefer spending time in the comfort of their RV, relaxing by the fire pit.

On the other hand, some of them enjoy chilling out closer to nature, spending their time in off-the-grid conditions.

It’s good to know there is something for everybody when it comes to campsites. So, take a look at a little recap about mentioned campsites, and see what works best for you.

Primitive Campsites

For people who enjoy off-the-grid experiences, primitive campsites can be a great choice. There is no modern stuff, and you will need to have some outdoor skills sharpened.

But, it’s good to know that many of these campgrounds can offer you restrooms and shower options. That way a pure wilderness can be less harsh.

Standard Campsites

These campsites are nice for some mid-sized RVs, and even for some tent camping.

For people who don’t want to give up all the modern lifestyle luxuries, but still want to experience the wonders of nature, this might be a great option.

Tent-Only Campsites

These are similar to standard ones, but you won’t find an option for your RV or trailer.

However, you may find some restrooms, showers, and even water drinking spots inside the campground.

With often no water and electricity these are still a bit more modern campsites than primitive ones.

Premium Campsites

For those who like having all the home comfiness on wheels, the premium campsite has it all. You’ll find full hookups and all other amenities.

If you bump into some private campgrounds you may even have stuff like Wi-Fi, cable, and even satellite TV.

The Bottom Line

Whichever campsite you choose, be sure to check what it offers so you will know what to bring and how to prepare.

Always make sure you know what the size of the campsite is, that way you’ll know if your RV, trailer, or tent fits in.

It’s good to have many campsites to choose from as each of them brings some new experiences, and that way outdoor adventures never get boring.

So, be safe, explore and have fun, in the end, that’s what camping is all about.

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