Is Enamel Tableware Good for Camping?

A man camping with an enamel tableware cup.

Needless to say, before kick-starting their camping adventure, folks must consider all the things they’ll pack for the days they plan to spend in nature. Therefore, whether you’re tagging along this or that tableware set is an important question. That’s where we, here at Outdoor Is Home, step inside the picture frame. Today, we’ll discuss whether enamel tableware is good for camping!

So, what’s the deal with enamel tableware? Do folks really carry it with them on their outdoor escapades? That’s what you’re about to find out! Besides tackling the main question you’ll find in this text’s title, we’ll expand our talk a bit more to cover some info related to the topic. Stay tuned! 

Yes, enamel tableware is fantastic for outdoor activities such as camping. That’s because it’s durable, lightweight, eco-friendly, resistant to rust and corrosion, non-sticky, visually appealing, and pretty inexpensive. Needless to say, these are all the things that matter to an average camping enthusiast. 

A snippet’s only a snippet, and there’s so much more we’ve prepared for you today. Therefore, read the whole thing!

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What is enamel tableware?

Before we venture deeper into the subject matter, it might be best to consider just what exactly are we going to talk about today. In other words, let’s define the term we’ll be using quite a lot in this article: enamel tableware. So, what is it?

First of all, let’s see what is enamel since we reckon there’s no need to explain tableware. Anyway, enamel is, of course, a material that’s made by fusing powdered glass to a substrate by firing. The latter goes on at temperatures typically between 750 and 850°C (1,380 and 1,560 °F). We can thank those temperatures for enamel’s increased durability. Also, that makes this material completely fine for use on any cooker. Not to mention it also makes enamel dishwasher-safe.

Additionally, enamel can be used on metal, glass, ceramics, stone, or just about any type of material that’s able to withstand the temperatures we’ve talked about above. Also, keep in mind that enamelware is if we’re talking about technical terminology, seen as an integrated layered mixture of glass and another type of material (or extra glass). On the other side, the term enamel is usually associated with work on metal material.

Is ceramic and enamel the same?

You’ll want to know that ceramic and enamel actually aren’t the same thing. Here’s why that’s so:

  • The term “ceramic” represents hard brittle material that’s made by burning nonmetallic miners at high temperatures. The term “enamel”, as we’ve already mentioned, represents an opaque, glassy coating baked onto objects made from metal, ceramic, stone, or any other material that can withstand temperatures around 850°C (1,560 °F). 

Also, here’s the simplest difference between the two: if you were to drop a ceramic container, it would most probably break. If you were to do the same to a piece of enamelware, you’d probably only harm the coating.

Are enamel dishes good?

If you’re wondering whether enamel dishes are any good, you’ll be happy to know that they are. Actually, porcelain enamel cookware is definitely one of the safest types of cookware you’re able to find on today’s market, there’s no doubt about it. Because? Because enamel’s pretty darn durable & lightweight, non-porous, and above all – non-toxic. Therefore, it won’t pour any dangerous metals or chemicals into the food you’ll prepare with it.

All the info we’ve shared with you in the paragraph above puts enamel at the top of the chart, miles ahead of plastic, copper, or other materials. Also, keep in mind that it’s certainly not the only material you’re able to use without feeling you’re putting your or your family’s health in jeopardy. Cookware made from lava rock, ceramic, carbon steel, or tempered glass is also a good option.

Okay, so now that we’ve gone through some of the basic info that’s revolving around enamel tableware, it’s about time we consider the main question of today’s article: is enamel tableware good for camping?

An enamel jug good for camping.

Is enamel tableware good for camping?

Here’s the simplest answer out there: yes, enamel tableware is good for camping. However, we can’t say such a thing without providing you with the necessary argumentation. Let’s elaborate on why using tableware while camping is a fantastic thing to do!

Enamel tableware is one of the most recommended types of camping tableware, cookware, etc. Here we’ll try to count each and every advantage (we’ll probably fail in such a mission, though) of using enamel tableware when camping:

  • It’s non-toxic. You’ll rest assured knowing that you’re not using hazardous tableware.
  • It’s durable. There’s a good chance you’ve inherited some enamel mugs from your parents.
  • It’s eco-friendly. There’s no need to buy a new set each year.
  • It’s lightweight. Enamel tableware won’t put additional pressure on your camping luggage.
  • It’s resistant to rust and corrosion. Which makes it great for campers that like snow or rainfall. Or campers that just can’t escape those conditions.
  • It’s non-sticky. You won’t have a hard time cleaning it after a meal. Speaking of washing dishes, here’s some info on doing that chore while car camping.
  • It won’t “influence” the taste of your food. Forget about all the times you’ve eaten metallic food.
  • It’s pretty inexpensive. You’ll most likely find some enamel tableware in your local thrift store for a measly price.

All in all: it’s pretty safe to say that enamel tableware/cookware is clearly one of the best options you’ve got on your hands while in nature. Now that we’ve emphasized enamel tableware’s advantages, it’s time to consider other pieces of information that might be of some interest to you!

Can enamelware go on a campfire?

You’ll be happy to know that enamelware is ideal for cooking while enjoying the outdoors. That’s because it’s, as we’ve already said, quite durable and won’t break like an ordinary glass or ceramic plate. Additionally, it’s able to resist extreme temperatures without ending up “harmed”.

However, it’s not like you won’t have to take certain things into consideration. First of all, you’ll need to use a tripod or a similar tool in order to provide your pan or pot with some good support. That way, all the hot food you’ll prepare won’t have a chance to spill over or something. Also, try not to put your enamelware directly onto the flames.

Lastly, you’ll want to clean your enamel tableware after each use. Regular cleaning and maintenance will help in the prevention of soot and debris build-up. Needless to say, the longer you avoid cleaning your enamelware, the harder it will be for you to clean it. Okay, now let’s take a look at why enamel cups hold such an important place in your average camper’s backpack.

Speaking of backpacks, here’s an article on why are hiking backpacks important.

What are enamel cups good for?

Alright, here are some of the reasons why campers find enamel cups to be numero uno.

#1 Enamel cups have character

If you’ve ever seen an enamel cup (and there’s a very small chance that you haven’t), you must’ve noticed that they’ve got something of a character to them. You know, that cowboyish feel about them that a couple of chippings here and there inspire. You’re able to see the passage of time right there, on your enamel cup.

However, keep in mind that you should absolutely avoid using an enamel mug if the drink inside it is somehow coming into direct contact with the chipped surface. Otherwise, you’re risking a situation in which other chippings find a way into your digestive system, which is clearly not a good thing.

#2 They’re pretty versatile

You’re able to put them in the fridge/freezer as well as on a camping stove. Still, you should keep in mind that they’ll need to be “put back” at room temperature before you do any of the aforementioned actions.

#3 Enamel cups have a fine finish and are pretty attractive

As we’ve already mentioned, enamel cups are usually made from either cast iron or steel. The material is later dipped into liquid enamel and fired at extreme temperatures. That will prevent rust from forming, and “supply” your cup with a nice, elegant finish. Additionally, it will also help transfer heat equally to all sections of your trusty enamel cup.

#4 They’ve got rolled rims

We’ll try to be quick here since there’s not much to say other than:

  • Enamel cups have the recognizable rolled times that “suit” your lips quite smoothly while you’re sipping drinks. 

#5 Enamel cups are shatterproof

Try breaking an enamel cup and you’ll fail like there’s no tomorrow. Unlike ceramic cups, enamel cups are shatterproof which makes them ideal for outdoor adventures.

For more info surrounding this subject of using enamel cups while camping, click right here.

Final thoughts on enamel tableware

Okay, folks, that’s about all there’s to say about using enamel tableware while camping. Of course, it’s not all there’s to say, but the format of this article doesn’t allow us to say everything. That would also be pretty boring, though. Anyway, if you’re on the lookout for more tips on camping, click right here.

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