How to Wash Duluth Fire Hose Pants

you can machine-wash duluth fire hose pants

Besides all the gadgets and gizmos outdoor people love to use, there is also an extremely important thing – outdoor wear. More precisely, pants. Pants are practical, easy to put on and enable us to finish any outdoor task more easily. Well, at least good pants should do that. Whether you are a camper or just an outdoor enthusiast, you probably heard of Duluth Trading Company.

They are famous for their long-lasting, yet comfortable cargo pants. So, logically the interest for them is quite large. One of the most popular pants models among outdoor lovers is Fire Hose pants. Lots of people wonder how should they wash and maintain them.

The truth is, Duluth Fire Hose pants are machine washable and you can tumble dry them. However, there might be some minor issues regarding these pants and washing. Some people say they experienced a post-wash shrinkage, but for most of them it quickly went away after wearing the pants.

So, today’s topic will cover some useful info about Duluth’s pants, and provide you with some nice pants examples for outdoor activities.

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What are Duluth Fire-Hose Pants?

Fire Hose pants are made from 100% cotton cloth that is similar to fabric used to make fire hoses. This material is resistant to abrasion but soft at the same time. It’s also resistant to water and stains, because of the FendOff Finish. The Flex Fire Hose version has a 1% spandex extension, so the pants are more comfortable.

Are Duluth Fire Hose Pants Fire Resistant?

As the manufacturer says, Fire Hose Work Pants have canvas compounds that covered fire hoses. These cargo pants have nylon cloth that gives flame resistance.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you should walk through the fire or something like that. It just makes it easier to light a fire in your campsite, as you won’t have to worry that much about small burning holes in your pants.

How to Wash Duluth Fire Hose Pants

You can wash Duluth Fire Hose in the washing machine. There is no special regimen before and after washing. You can tumble dry them. Although, some people say they experienced a post-wash shrinkage, for some of them it quickly went away after wearing the pants.

However, be sure to check the label on the pants before washing them, just to be sure you didn’t miss something out.

Things to Look for In Good Outdoor Pants

If you’re looking for good, high-quality outdoor pants, here is a list of things that a good pair of pants should have. So, make sure to consider it next time you go for new outdoor pants shopping.

Cargo Pockets

Do you ever go on camping and suddenly run out of pockets for your tools? Well, that’s why you need to have pants with a lot of cargo pockets, preferably large and deep. These kinds of pockets are more like patches, and they have great storage potential.

They are great for some smaller tools you use frequently when outdoors. Besides front and side pockets, always pick pants with some nice back pockets. You can put there a tape measure or something like that.

Comfortable and Stretch Materials

One of the most important things to have in cargo or outdoor pants is comfiness. Tasks you often need to do in the wild are not that easy, so you don’t need uncomfortable clothes on top of that.

You need fabrics that will ease your movement and still be tough enough to be durable.

Utility Belt

This loop needs to be strong and large. It is often placed on the upper part of the leg or thigh.

You can use them to hold your tools, such as a hammer and similar gadgets.

Protection for Knees

Good outdoor pants should have some kind of stronger fabric on the knee area. You can also find different versions of knee protection.

For example, some pants have knee bags where you can insert pads that can save your knees from injuries.


This is a very important feature for outdoor pants. It’s a diamond-shaped piece of material that is sewed into the crotch part of pants. It provides you with some much-needed comfort which also enables you free movement.

One more important thing, it keeps your pants from pressing you while you crouch, and that’s a very frequent body position during outdoor activities.

Ripstop Material

This is the way some fabrics are woven. It’s a unique technique that makes the material resistant to tears. This fabric is created with a crosshatch of nylon. Ripstop can be created with various fabrics, but most commonly is made from cotton strengthened with nylon.

Best Outdoor Pants Styles

The pants style is very important when it comes to outdoor adventures. You can’t just buy any type of pants and go out. Well, you can, but then you may not be able to perform outdoor tasks with ease. So, take a look at the most common outdoor pants style, and see what works best for you.


  • You’ll be able to move more freely with these types of pants.
  • Active pants probably have features like stretch waist, some against sweat technology, and often stain and wrinkle resistance.
  • They are often made from materials like cotton.


  • Cargo pants often have large pockets with a lot of space.
  • You can find versions with flap pockets.
  • They are often made from some quick-drying cotton fabric mixes.
  • If they are high-quality, they would probably be made of some ripstop material.


  • These pants are suitable for people who bend and move a lot.
  • Carpenter pants are often made from soft denim, and they have less storage than cargo ones.
  • They provide good freedom of movement.
  • You can find multiple utility pockets in these pants, a loop for your hammer, and a leg hole that is suitable for boot.

Note: You can also bump into more professional styles of outdoor/work pants, but they will have fewer pockets. Also, their fabric is much smoother. But, they may be not the best choice when it comes to sturdiness and durability.

4 Great Duluth’s Pants for Outdoor Activities

duluth fire hose pants are great for outdoor activities

Duluth’s pants are very durable, allow freedom of movement, and fit nicely. Outdoor lovers say they are super-comfortable and they use this brand’s pants as a go-to option for their everyday outdoor activities. So, take a look at four great Duluth pants.

1. Fire Hose Cargo Pants

These pants are very popular, they are sturdy yet very comfortable. Which is also a perfect outdoor pants combo. They are secured with Fire Hose material and far more durable than regular cotton fabric pants. A good thing about these pants is, the more you wash the fabric, the better they feel.

They are rip and tear-resistant and have 11 pockets, which is pretty amazing. The crotch gusset is really comfortable and allows you to move freely. They also have FendOff material that is water and stain-resistant. You can roll them in dirt or water, wash them, and they’ll be nice as new.

2. DuluthFlex Fire Hose Jeans

If you are more of a jeans kind of person, here’s the option for you. These jeans are made of eight-ounce Fire hose cotton and are 30% lighter than regular Fire Hose material. But, even though they are light, they are still strong and have a good abrasion resistance.

Fire Hose jeans have some extra spandex in them that flexes nicely as you move. They come with extra-deep 12-inch pockets on the sides and have FendOff fabric. They are nice for camping trips in warmer weather and can hold a tent mallet nicely.

3. Ballroom 5-Pocket Jeans

These jeans are very sturdy but soft. They are made from 100% cotton material. You can find a hidden crotch gusset on them.

The ballroom jeans are a great option for doing some garden chores, walking in the woods during camping, or just going anywhere you like.

4. DuluthFlex Sweatstop Fire Hose Pants

If you have trouble sweating (and who doesn’t?) during your outdoor activities these ones may be for you. Sweatshop pants are made from cotton and Duluth’s CoolMax material. So, they are pretty good with sweat and can give you a nice, cool feel on the skin.

They are also abrasion-resistant. A crotch gusset allows you free movement. These pants come with seven pockets, reinforced on the back, and they also have a mid-leg utility pocket with some nice tuckable flaps. So, they are a great solution when you need to carry a lot of things outside.

The Bottom Line

As you had a chance to see, choosing the right outdoor pants is an important task to do. They are important just like your trekking shoes, tents, or bivvies. Good and quality pants will provide you comfort, but they will also be sturdy and would have a couple of pockets.

Also, don’t forget about the crotch gusset, as you will be moving, crouching, even jumping during your outdoor activities. When it comes to maintenance, every type of pants is different. So, it’s always best to check the label and follow the manufacturer’s advice regarding washing and drying.

That way you will avoid any unwanted issues and will be able to enjoy your pants for many years.

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