How to Clean a Hiking Backpack – 10 Awesome Cleaning Tips

How to Clean a Hiking Backpack - 10 Awesome Cleaning Tips

A backpack can be a prominent investment, and it’s one that requires proper care. Whether you’re unraveling a daypack or extensive backpack, salts from the sweat and oil from the skin will probably ooze into the shoulder straps and hip belt. Petroleum marks might initiate from boiling splatters. All these can draw soil with time, impairing the fabric. Zippers can get mucked up, making them tough to use. Food specks in the pockets can even get snakes in your sleeping bag. How to clean a hiking backpack – 10 Awesome cleaning tips – Let’s dive in!

Holding your backpack neat will help you not only to make it glance superior and clean. It will protect the virtue of the textiles from excessive corruption. Of course, you can’t just take your hiking sack and throw it in the shower, so try to read on to learn what to do and what to bypass.

In order to clean your hiking backpack, firstly take a look at the instructions from the manufacturer. Then, you have the option to choose from light cleaning, deep cleaning, and a washing machine.

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The Items That You Need

No matter if you’re doing a dawning cleaning or an in-depth cleaning, here’s a few items you’ll require:

  • A soft soap. The one that has zero perfumes or other additives. A creation like castile soap would function. Likewise, so would a wash creation made specifically for specialized packs and clothing.
  • One clean sponge or washcloth
  • Pliant nylon-bristled scrub or old toothbrush

How to Clean a Hiking Backpack?

First and foremost, observe the manufacturer’s cleaning suggestions for your backpack. Some suggest you grip a backpack in a bathtub, others say do not water. Typically you should comprehend these guidelines:

  • Try never to wash a backpack in a washing machine or perhaps dry it in a dryer.
  • Employ lukewarm water, and utilize your soft sponge or brush sparingly, so you don’t damage any protecting layers on the backpack.
  • Dangle the pack to dry in the shadow or indoors, not in the natural sun (UV light can spoil the material).
  • Zippers need periodic cleaning to remove fine sand, dust, and other elements. Be cautious not to scour, as many zippers have water-resistant layers. Reserve stuck zippers glide with petroleum made for zippers.

Light Cleansing

After any hiking or camping trip, it’s a suitable thought to do a quick once-over of your backpack. Here’s how:

  • Your pockets need to be empty. Shake them upside down to release the sand and mud.
  • Use your hygienic sponge (no soap) to wipe out the inner parts.
  • Lightly cleanse any taints or spots on the surface with your sponge and a bit of soap.
  • Use neat, chilly water with your sponge or material to flush off the soap.
  • When the backpack’s dry, place that multi-tool in so you’re prepared to go on your next tour.

Deep Cleansing

You might spend years without really cleansing your backpack, but shortly you’ll want to get the funk and camp vapor out of it. Let’s hop into the instructions below:

  • After offloading your backpack, slightly sweep seams and cracks in the pockets and way down inside the main sense of the backpack to clear any crumbs, sand, or lax dirt.
  • Dismiss the hip belt and shoulder belts, whether your backpack permits. Wash those individually with a sponge and a bit of soap. Flush well under running water.
  • If your pack’s metal frame can be removed or detached, do so (check your owner’s manual to be certain it can) and set the structure aside. Do not skip this!
  • Load a bathtub or extensive sink with almost 6 inches of lukewarm water. Utilize your mild soap. Dip and swish your pack busily, soaking off the interiors and dusting exterior spots. Pay awareness to any areas that come in touch with skin. Be delicate with mesh pockets.
  • Drain. Refill with 6 inches of clean cool water, rinse well. Rinse twice if required to clear all soap residue.

Hiking backpack and trekking poles

Machine-Wash Your Backpack

Although it is not so advisable you can put a backpack in the washing machine. This thesis relies on specific textiles, whereas most backpacks consist of nylon or canvas and are safe to put in the washing machine.

#1 Get Ready for Wash

Whether there are any external or internal taints, with caution apply some stain remover with a delicate brush or old toothbrush to impacted places and let it sit for approximately 30 minutes.

Empty any separable straps, pockets, or shorter bags and hand-wash them individually. Whether there’s a rack frame inside the sack, take that out. Vacate all the pockets as they should be, by all means, unzipped. You should cut any lines near zipping sizes, so they don’t get caught during washing.

Turn the bag back-to-front, or position it inside a pillowcase or laundry sack to detour belts and zippers getting caught inside the washer. That can even cause damage to the inside walls of the machine. It is advisable that you line dry, however, as tumble-drying may harm the padding of the sack and render breaks at the corners.

#2 Wash the Sack

Employ a slight amount of delicate detergent and wash the sack on the delicate cycle in cold water. Whether it gets crowded up during the whirl cycle, stop the washer and attempt to extend the bag back out, to let it be entirely washed, and also to detour the machine getting skewed with a miniature load.

#3 Air Dry Your Backpack

Let the backpack air-dry. Leave all the zippers unzipped and dangle them upside down. Whether you can dry it in the open air, that will help any spare scents float away. Make certain it’s thoroughly dry before employing it. Please note that this is the most important step in the cleaning process. What’s more, try not to use the dryer!

Impact of the Chemicals

Are you wish to clean your backpack but you’re not certain whether the soap that you have handy is good for it? Know that you can always go to the shop to purchase backpack cleaning soap. Unexpectedly, it does exist. Yet, the last thing that you will want to do is choose that in your actions to purify your dear backpack. You will just miss directly to the heavy-duty cleansers. This absolutely goes without saying!

Even though it may be captivating to attack a taint on your sack with a chemical wipe or mist, be aware! The chemicals in most cleaning derivatives are far too intense for the textiles of your backpack.

Treating the materials of a sack with chemicals can readily result in its collapse or even in varying its material formation. You determine what’s more ominous. In expansion, the final thing that you desire is your hiking snacks dry roasting in a load that is blanketed with the remains of toxic chemicals. Note, it just isn’t the proper method.

Air Drying vs. The Dryer

Whether you have just completed cleansing your backpack and it is totally drenched, you may see yourself viewing whether it is secure to place your backpack in the dryer.

Even though it is likely that some backpacks are dryer-friendly, the prevalence of high-quality hiking sacks is not. If you still choose to place your pack in the dryer, the end effect will most probably be an unpleasant surprise. Rather conceivably, your dear rucksack will be deformed, warped, and even softened in some places.

Since these textiles should not be revealed to high and robust heat, you might end up with some sort of creepy squeaking noise near the buckles or with a junction of it liquefied and missing. Elevated heat is not helping to the textiles that most backpacks consist of and risking impairing your sack to save a couple of hours will not be the best judgment in your life. This is the unwritten rule!


Keeping your backpack through periodic cleaning and deep cleaning is a splendid way to guarantee the longevity of lifespan for your item. Similarly, like anything else, large hiking backpacks need care and supervision to stay in sound shape. That will, by all means, stop them from breaking down before the right time comes.

Nevertheless of the chance that you may be able to get away without critique as to the person who goes out with a dirty backpack. People typically tend to respond more approvingly towards the person with the backpack that looks well-loved and sustained. Know that just like the same way you would cleanse your hiking boots or clean your solar shower, doing the same for your backpack is a vital part of being a true hiker or camper. With a bit of extra endeavor, you can keep your backpack in rowing form for years to come.

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