How to Hang a Hammock With One Tree?

How to Hang a Hammock With One Tree

Hammocking is truly the process of enjoying and de-stressing in a hammock, especially when you think about camping somewhere in Corsica. Having a textile splint affixed to your pack for brief and relatively effortless usage between your new online job or a school project is a sensation sweeping the nation. Now, you may be asking yourself how to hang a hammock with one tree. Read on below to reveal more! 

Affix a single tree strap to a particular tree at almost an eye level. You will not utilize the additional tree strap. You can also employ the paracord and carabiners approach to hitch up your hammock.

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Hanging Your Hammock Without Trees

What about camping in an area without trees? Is there a couple of useful ways to hang your hammock in these circumstances? Try not to worry since there are a bunch of alternative methods to hang your hammock, even without a single tree nearby. This truly goes without saying!

Most ways do require some pre-planning, however. This is to assure you maintain the preferred gear. So, let’s take a look at some of these methods first!

#1 Use a Mobile Hammock Stand

So, you know you will be camping without trees in the area? In that case, you can equip yourself by purchasing a mobile hammock stand. There are surely a couple of various styles that you can pick. More specifically, there are 2-legged, 4-legged, collapsible, and more options out there on the market.

There is an abundance of the best mobile hammocks that you can check out. This goes without saying!

Tip: Make sure that you understand how cold is too cold for hammocking. Staying safe should be your priority.

#2 Tie a Hammock Between Two Railings

Only because you are in no tree area, that doesn’t suggest there aren’t some amazing spots to hang a hammock. By all means, search for posts, railings, barricades, or comparable things.

You’ll need to assure the things you’re utilizing are good to maintain the hammock. If they are wooden sticks, try to find the ones that are no less than 6” in diameter. The perfect length between the entities is roughly the length of your hammock plus 2ft. Yet, in reality, you’ll stumble to encounter this, so a quality flexible strap is advisable.

The most suitable height to hang your hammock is approximately 6ft from the ground. Why? This lets you get a restful night’s slumber without being too far from the base.

#3 Employ a Madera Post

Uncovering 2 sticks or things to hang your hammock between can be an annoyance, but locating one is a lot more manageable. That’s exactly where a Madera post comes into play. These deliver the absent backing for the other stop of the hammock.

Madera bars are most typically utilized with one tree. Yet, you can readily use them when camping without any trees if you can locate a post, stone, fence, or something concrete as a base for the further end.

Tip: Some people wonder If they should use a pad when hammock camping, so is this a sound choice? Yes, perhaps it may be a good choice indeed.

#4 ENO Nomad Hammock Stand

With 4 legs that compare to the legs of a camera tripod, just a lot stiffer. It is fully free-standing, so you don’t even need a tree at all or any other object. This stand is extra mobile, it consists of weightless aluminum alloy, which suggests it’s quite powerful while weighing only 15lbs when loaded away in the bag that arrives with it.

When assembled, the rack can carry up to 300lbs capability. You can also utilize the bar that drives across the top as a drift line and dangle a tarp. ENO likewise has an ENO Nomad cover which you can connect over the lid.

Both the stand and the canopy are overly pricey. So, sadly, since it is expensive, this becomes unavailable for many hammocks. What’s more, you might want to try making your version if there are some branches nearby. However, bear in mind that this is quite tricky to set up.

#5 Make Use of a Vehicle

Let’s say that you want to go car camping. In that case, you already have the ideal thing to affix your hammock to. It can be affixed to top rails or the top of the entry through an open window.

If you own two vehicles or a camping trailer, this is a sounder option as you’ve got the further end fixed, just set them the preferred length separated and hang the hammock between the two.

Let’s say that you just own one car, then uncover a safe thing like those noted in earlier steps, or invest in the Madera stick. This truly goes without saying!

Tip: Knowing that bugs can be a true annoyance when camping, you should use a bug net for your hammock.

#6 Keep the ENO Roadie Stand Close

Using the ENO Roadie makes your car camping experience much better. Rather than hanging your hammock from your car, this stand has been made mainly for cars or trucks.

The 2 stands sit in front of 2 wheels. So, by gently stretching forward on top of the ground, you’ll tie them into position. They will carry up to 250lbs of poundage, but the length between them will be conditional upon your car. Moreover, longer trucks may not be fitting as the hang will be too low.

These aren’t the most lightweight rack, weighing in at 56lbs. Moreover, they are very inexpensive and tight enough to keep in your car.

#7 Hang it Off the Side of a Cliff

This is not so advisable unless you have a skilled expert with you and all of the proper tools. Never forget about the proper tools, these may be a lifesaver when you are out in the wild!

Now let’s dive deeper into the cliff camping tips for a moment. Cliff camping concerns word for word swinging the hammock from the side of a cliff.

The process has previously been prearranged for skilled highlanders who have slightly other alternatives than to put up on the cliff edge for the night. Yet, more and more excursions now suggest this to visitors, and it also exists a cliff camping Airbnb. This is surely not suitable for everyone!

One Tree Hammock Setup

Now, we have come to the ultimate topic that needs some explanation. That topic is hanging your hammock with only one tree. Have you ever desired to set up a hammock, just to see that there are no two trees nearby?

This one-tree technique lets you utilize a one-tree only to swing that beautiful hammock of yours.

Begin by finding an appropriate single tree. If you can locate 2 trees within 30 ft. of each other, you are better off hanging your hammock the regular way. If the trees are too far away, locate one with a sturdy branch approximately 10 ft. off the base to twist your rope over. The higher the branch, the better, frankly.

Tip: In order to avoid snakes crawling in your sleeping bag while night camping, make sure you take some safety measures early on!

How Cold Is Too Cold for Hammock Camping

There Is More to This

If you are not able to uncover any trees with a branch, you can likewise mount up the tree to attach the para-max to the truck. That should be nearly 10-15 ft. off the ground.

After you have spotted a perfect tree, toss the para-max over the chosen branch. If the string is too solemn to toss well, you can hook the 550 paracords to the rear of the para-max thread. To count a weight to the rear of your paracord, you can utilize the plastic bag as a throw pack.

No matter how you do it, drag the para-max over the extension. Tie a bowline in one back and attach the other end via the loop. Cinch that tangle close against the branch.

Now it’s time to specify an anchor pinpoint that substitutes a second tree. Hike roughly 20 ft. away from that tree and pin in your bottom anchor. Note that the big tent stake may not be sufficient to hold your weight.

Rather, try to use an industrial force ground screw. You can uncover lighter-weight anchors if you intend to take this approach to backpack. Place the back of your para-max line via the anchor eyelet. Hook an alpine butterfly tangle in the bight approximately 2 ft. before where the string matches the anchor.

Tip: Make sure you have proper and thick pants, as well as other safety tools to avoid Rattlesnakes while hiking.

The Alpine Butterfly

Twist the rear of the para-max back via the spiral of the alpine butterfly. This makes such a structure of varieties pull the line close. The tightness of this line defines how nicely your suspension will perform. After you have drawn the line as closely as you can, connect the end with two half traps without allowing the line to slack.

Let’s focus on hanging the hammock now. Utilize a tree strap method or a doubled-up size paracord to tie your hammock to the tree at close to eye level.

The additional end is more problematic. Hook the prusik hitch to the para-max utilizing a clash trap. If you are uncertain of the appropriate way to do this, try taking a look at YouTube tutorials.

After that is all set, hanging the hammock is rather uncomplicated. Hook single tree strap to the tree at roughly eye level. You will not employ the different tree straps. Whether you do not hold tree straps, you can utilize a paracord to attach your hammock to the tree and carabiners to tie up your hammock.

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