Are Hilleberg Tents Worth the Money

Many Hilleberg tents set up on a valley

Every camping gear enthusiast knows of the name Hilleberg. They are widely regarded as one of the best manufacturers of tents out there, but they are also known for their extremely expensive products.

Are Hilleberg tents worth the money? Or can you find a cheaper tent more suited to your needs?

Hilleberg tents are among the most expensive tents out there, and you definitely get what you paid for in waterproof and tear-resistant fabrics! However, Hillebergs are made for specific users, so, you need to ask yourself whether you need a tent with those specifications.

Most people buying a tent will get immediately deterred by the price, but if you look more closely

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Why Are Hilleberg Tents So Expensive?

Hilleberg the Tentmaker is a Swedish company that uses only materials of the highest quality which makes the tents more expensive. In most avid campers’ opinions, they are definitely worth the cost.

The tents consist of an outer and inner layer, which are connected to ensure an easy setup. You only need to stake out one end and pull the tent.

The floor of the inner tent is made from a highly waterproof material.

Fabrics Used in Hilleberg Tents

All fabrics used in Hilleberg tents are of the highest quality. They are treated for UV resistance and coated in 3 layers of silicone to increase their water resistance. The resistance and strength of the fabric used to make the tents divide them into three groups.

The ones people most usually opt for are the Black or the Red label Hilleberg tents.

Black Label Tents

Black Label tents are made for rough weather as well as camping in the snow. The Kerlon 1800 can even withstand blizzards and ice and has a tensile strength of 40 lbs. The floor is waterproof as well as tear and puncture-resistant. Two-person tents made from this fabric range in weight from 6 to 9 pounds.

Pros: This is a tent created to withstand anything short of alpine expeditions and it will last a long time.

Cons: You don’t need it unless you’re not camping in all four seasons. The price tag ranging from $860 to $1300 is a bit much.

Red Label Tents

Some of Hilleberg Red Label tents are also true all-season tents, but they are made for slightly milder conditions. While the floor and the outer layer retain almost the same water resistance levels, the Kerlon 1200 is much lighter than its counterpart. Hilleberg Red Label tents for two people weight from 5 lbs 5 oz to 8 lbs 6 oz.

Unfortunately, this means that it also has a significantly lower tear strength than Kerlon 1800. It can withstand a minimum of 26 pounds of pressure, which is quite a lot, but you might still have some issues with stronger winds and blizzards.

Pros: Amazing weight to durability ratio.

Cons: While many of the tents are all-season, you can still have a bad time if caught in bad weather.

Yellow Label Hilleberg Tents

This fabric has a tensile strength of 17,5 pounds which makes the outer layer the least resistant to tears and rips. However, the floor is still made from highly puncture-resistant, waterproof material.

Yellow Label two-person tents weigh from 3 lbs to 5 lbs, which isn’t light enough. Most ultralight tents weigh below three pounds. So, there is no ultralight Hilleberg yet.

Pros: Very durable and roomy tents for warmer weather.

Cons: Not light enough.

The Production Method

Apart from the best fabrics out there, the process of making Hilleberg tents is a time-tested one. The company has been manufacturing tents in their factory in Estonia since 1971. This is another reason why these tents are a bit more expensive than the competition.

Since most tents are mass-produced the production costs are much lower. Each Hilleberg tent is hand-made by an employee of the company (you can even see their name tag inside the tent). Everything is assembled, tested, and packed before it’s shipped off to the customer. You can even order a perfectly sized tent footprint to go under your entire tent, vestibule, and all.

The process of making each tent is so meticulous that they give a warranty for all manufacturing mistakes.

Additional Perks

In addition to the expensive, high-grade materials, and the detail-oriented production, there are a few perks you can get only from time-tested tentmakers. The tents have been designed to have a very fast setup system which, if followed, can help you make camp in no time. Along with this, because Hilleberg the Tentmaker has a problem-solving approach to his trade, some of the recurring issues that you might find with other manufacturers are solved here:

  • All meeting points between the parts of the fabric are reinforced
  • All the stitching is sealed for water resistance
  • Hilleberg tents don’t have small tent bags, there’s enough room for everything
  • Hilleberg tents have a larger than average vestibule than
  • All zippers are reliable YKK and water-resistant

Are Hilleberg Tents Really Worth the Money?

In the opinion of most camping enthusiasts, these are the best four-season tents out there. The fabrics retain their durability over time and the tents tend to last for 10 years.

People usually get Black or Red Label tents because that’s what Hilleberg is the best at. Durable, tear and water-resistant tents made to stand against crazy weather.

Additionally, most of the people camping nowadays are steering away from tents anyway. Hammocks and tarps are getting more popular. But, since you can’t hammock camp everywhere, everyone who likes to adventure in all sorts of conditions needs a tent. Whether this tent is a Hilleberg tent is up to you.

You’ll need to decide what you like, what you need and what you can’t live without when camping. You can also compare Hilleberg with Helsport or compare it with Warmlite to see what suits you best. Here are some questions you should ask yourself before choosing to invest in a Hilleberg tent.

Do You Camp a Lot?

The first thing you should do when deciding whether or not to purchase a Hilleberg tent is to think about how much you are actually camping.

If sleeping in the wild is something you do recreationally, or just a few times a year, then investing in a Hilleberg tent might be overkill for your camping needs. You would probably need just a regular nylon or silnylon tent, which you can get for much cheaper.

On the other hand, if you are an avid camper that likes to dare the wilderness every week, or over twenty times a year, then you’ll need a tent that can keep up with your camping lifestyle. And Hilleberg tents are designed to do just that!

What Kind of Weather Do You Camp In?

The next thing you should decide is whether you camp in all 4 seasons and in all sorts of weather.

Even if you camp more than an average person, Hilleberg tents might not be the right choice for you. Since they are made from extremely durable materials that can withstand rain, ice, and snow, you won’t need one if you’re mainly camping in spring or summer. Apart from this, camping inside a four-season tent in scorching weather gets sweaty.

However, if you’re a camping enthusiast living in an area where it’s cold even during the summer months, investing in a Hilleberg might be the right decision. Additionally, if you camp in a location where the weather tends to change on a whim, the durability and tensile strength of Hilleberg tents will come in handy.

How Long Do Your Camping Trips Last Stay Outdoors?

People who tend to stay in the wild for a long time should invest in the best gear out there, and Hilleberg makes some of the top-performing tents on the market. If you like to explore your boundaries and camp for weeks in various conditions around the country, you’ll want a Hilleberg tent by your side. Their strength, insulation, and overall reliability are worth the extra buck.

If your camping trips only last a couple of nights, you should probably get a tent from a different manufacturer. While you could invest in a Hilleberg tent, there are many cheaper options that would perform equally well for shorter trips.

How Do You Get to Your Camping Spot?

If you’re car camping, having a Hilleberg tent is not necessary. If anything happens to your tent, and it gets damaged, you won’t be left without shelter. You’ll be able to just get back to your car and drive home, or to get another tent.

However, if you’re on the trail and you’re between towns where you can repair your gear, you’ll want something as reliable as a Hilleberg tent by your side. Additionally, if you’re hiking in extremely cold weather, you’ll want a tent that will keep the wind out and the warmth in.

Are You Prepared to Invest a Lot in Camping Gear?

Finally, it’s a question of preference and affordability. Buying a Hilleberg tent is an investment in your camping. They are worth the money, but only if you’re an enthusiast and if you’ll be camping in challenging environments where a tent’s real mettle shows.

If you’re not sure whether you’ll like one, but you aren’t prepared to spend that much on a tent, there are many used Hilleberg tents you can find online. Try them out and see if it works for you. Also, check out this piece on Eddie Bauer tents since they might be a more affordable option. Since they are so durable, you could use a Hilleberg tent for a year and resell it with little to no loss.

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