How Do You Roll Up A Coleman Biscayne Sleeping Bag?

A rolled-up sleeping bag in a blue sack.

Sleeping bags are an integral part of camping gear, especially when the weather gets chilly. If you are a seasoned camper you are probably familiar with Coleman sleeping bags, their comfort, convenience, and warmth. Despite their many advantages, they are notorious for being difficult to roll up and pack. In this article, we will present you with a step-by-step guide on how to roll up a Coleman Biscayne Sleeping Bag.

First, you will need to prepare your bag for rolling. Then, you will need to lay it flat. Next, you will need to squeeze out the excess air. Zip all the zippers, fold the bag in two, and fasten the toggle and loop. Only then will you be ready to start with the rolling.

Stick around for a more detailed guide, as well as some other valuable information on sleeping bags and their storage. Make sure to also check out our blog for additional tips and find out how to stop sweating in a sleeping bag.

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A detailed guide on how to roll up a Coleman Biscayne sleeping bag

Our detailed guide will help you become an expert on rolling your Coleman sleeping bag. Read our blog to find out if Coleman’s camping gear is good. Without further ado, let’s learn three important steps you need to take to successfully accomplish the rolling.

Step #1 – Preparation

The first step of the rolling process is to prepare your sleeping bag for rolling. The idea here is to simply check that there is nothing inside your sleeping bag that would make the process of rolling the bag difficult. Remove any items such as water bottles or socks. Quickly check whether there are any detachable parts, as you should remove them as well.

Step #2 – Laying the bag flat

In order to have complete control of your sleeping bag, it’s best to lay it flat on the floor. Remove all excess air from your bag with your hands. Simply go over the sleeping bag to push out the air. This will enable your bag to roll tight.

Step #3 – Rolling

Since rolling is the most important part of the process, we’ll describe it in detail. Take a look at our blog to also learn how to roll a Coleman Double sleeping bag.

  • Zip all of the zippers up.
  • Fold the sleeping bag in two, lengthwise.
  • Use the Roll Control system. It consists of a toggle and a loop. Fasten them to ensure that the bag stays folded.
  • Start with the rolling. Make sure to push out any air that remains in the bag, use your hand and tuck it under. Also, put your knees on the bag to secure the tight roll.

Coleman Biscayne Sleeping bag, unlike some other models, has the fasteners that lock the bag in place while you roll. Its no-tie cords keep the bag tight. Some of the other features of this sleeping bag are as follows:

  • Coleman Biscayne Sleeping bag is big and tall and can accommodate campers up to 6 ft 4 in tall.
  • It offers space, warmth, and ventilation.
  • It has a brushed polyester cover and soft tricot fiber blend liner that provide softness and breathability.
  • This sleeping bag is soft, light, and machine washable.
  • It is suitable for mild temperatures as low as 40°F.
  • A Thermolock draft tube helps prevent heat loss through the zipper on colder nights.
  • On warmer nights, it unzips at the bottom to provide ventilation.
  • Roll Control and Quick Cord system enable easy rolling and securing.

How to store a Coleman Biscayne sleeping bag?

A Coleman Biscayne sleeping bag comes with a convenient stuff sack. It allows you to neatly pack your bag and it will ensure that the bag stays rolled. The stuff sack is a great choice for short-term storage, but it can reduce the loft, or puffiness of the bag in the long run.

If you leave your bag inside a stuff sack for an extended period of time, the bag will lose its resilience and lofting ability. Remember that too much compression is bad for your sleeping bag. The insulation loft is what keeps you warm and cozy in your sleeping bag.

Both down and synthetic bag insulations can usually fluff up after being compressed. However, both types of fills can be compromised if you keep them compressed for too long. Let’s also take a look at the two most important steps on how to prepare your Coleman sleeping bag for long-term storage.

Step #1 Wash and dry your Coleman Biscayne sleeping bag

When you want to store your bag between your camping trips, you are well-advised to wash it and properly dry it first. Sometimes, spot cleaning will suffice, and other times you will need to give your bag a full washing. Remember that Coleman Biscayne sleeping bag is machine washable, which makes your cleaning process that much easier.

Drying out your bag can take a couple of hours and it’s vitally important to prevent mold and mildew. Fully unzip your bag before you hang it over a line. You shouldn’t leave your bag in direct sunshine, but rather in a covered outdoor space. Remember that UV rays can weaken the fabric of your sleeping bag. If you don’t have access to outdoor space, you can also hang your bag in a dry indoor area.

There are certain things you should never do when it comes to washing your sleeping bag. You should never dry clean it. Fabric softeners, bleaches, and alternative-bleach products are a bad idea too. Don’t wash your sleeping bag in a top-loading machine with an agitator, as the agitator can rip seams.

Step #2 Store your Coleman Biscayne sleeping bag

When you want to store your Coleman Biscayne sleeping bag avoid basements, garages, and attics. Car trunks are a big no-no as well. Any place that is damp, unheated, or susceptible to temperature extremes can be hard on your bag. A corner of one of your closets is a good position for storing your sleeping bag.

When you want to store your sleeping bag for months, use a giant, breathable sack. If you don’t have a jumbo cotton storage bag, you can use a king-size pillowcase or 90L mash sack. Whatever you choose for long-term storage of your bag, remember that it needs to allow air circulation and it shouldn’t compress the fill of the sleeping bag.

Two sleeping bags and a tent.

How to care for your Coleman Biscayne sleeping bag?

To ensure that your Coleman Biscayne sleeping bag looks better and lasts longer, you should take good care of it while camping, as well as after camping. If you want to find out why your down sleeping bag smells, take a look at our blog. These are some tips that can help you protect your bag during camping.

Tip #1 Change into clean clothes before you go to sleep

It’s understandable that you are exhausted after hiking the whole day. Nevertheless, always change into clean clothes and avoid falling asleep in the same clothes you hiked in. Your body oils, sweat, dirt, and even sunscreen can soak into your sleeping bag and negatively affect the insulating power of your sleeping bag.

A bonus tip is to always change the clothes you cooked in. If your sleeping bag absorbs a cooking smell, it can attract the attention of wildlife. Read our blog to find out if bears can smell dry food.

Tip #2 Use a sleeping bag liner

Sleeping bag liners are lightweight and can be made of silk, cotton, wool, or polyester. Not only do they keep your sleeping bag clean, but they also provide an additional layer of insulation. Sleeping bag liners add from five to fifteen degrees Fahrenheit to your sleeping bag’s temperature rating. You can simply wash them at the end of each trip and you can use them again and again.

Tip #3 Put a sleeping pad on the ground

The underside of your sleeping bag needs protection from sharp sticks and rocks and that is where your sleeping pad steps in. Remember that sleeping pads will make your sleeping more comfortable and provide an additional layer of insulation from cold ground temperatures. You can also use sleeping pads if you plan to sleep out under the stars or in a hammock.

Tip #4 Gentle with the zippers

Familiarize yourself with your bag’s zipper at home and practice how to use it. Zippers can be frustrating, but don’t take it out on them. Yanking on your zipper can cause a fabric to tear, so always be gentle. If you decide to lend your sleeping bag to a friend, make sure to also show them how zippers work and ask your friend to use a sleeping bag liner.

Tip #5 Air out your sleeping bag

In order to prevent moisture and bad smell build-up, air out your sleeping bag daily. If necessary, leave it out for several hours. Turn it inside-out and remember not to leave it in direct sunlight. It is advisable that you air your sleeping bag daily and always when you arrive home after a camping trip.


We hope that you’ve found our detailed guide on how to roll up a Coleman Biscayne bag useful. If you take care of it during and after camping and store it properly, you can enjoy cozy sleeping in your Coleman bag on the myriads of your camping trips. This bag will definitely provide you with the comfort and warmth that you seek. For more info on sleeping bags, check out our blog and find out if you can use a 15-degree sleeping bag in summer.

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