How Do You Keep a Pop up Camper From Tipping?

How Do You Keep a Pop up Camper From Tipping

Setting up your camper can be so effortless to mess up. Holding a good set approach for this can cause the rest of your camping to stay at ease. How do you keep a pop-up camper from tipping? Read on for more info!

Ultimately, you may discover your way of setting it up. What is more, take a look at these tips that will help you set up at the campsite. 

Tongue jacks, or hitch jacks, exist to raise and stabilize tent campers. You can use them to hook the camper to the tow vehicle. You should lower the trailer tongue jack as much as you can, and secure it. Unhook any chains you have affixed to the towing vehicle.

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What Is a Pop-up Camper?

A pop-up camper is a type of hauled RV. This type of trailer provides a large amount of interior space and can be easily transformed into a more compact size for easy storage and travel. This type of RV also lets the user feel closer to nature. It feels like you are sleeping outside.  

Pop-up campers, or folding camping trailers, are cheap and easy to handle and can be connected to many typical family vehicles, including some small cars. 

Tip: It is quite useful to know how to attach a tarp to a camping trailer. You never know when you will need this!

Five Types of Pop-Up Campers

  • Tent Trailers 

Simple and easy-to-fold trailers with a hard base and tent sides. These campers have basic seating areas, storage cabinets, sleeping areas, a sink, and usually a small refrigerator. 

  • Hi-Lo 

Strong and durable, Hi-Lo campers are slightly diverse travel trailers with a hard side from top to bottom. This means that the top is a vertical slider with a hard shell that moves over a telescopic hydraulic lifting system. 

  • High-Wall Campers 

They look like a regular tent trailer but are equipped with a taller base wall. This allows you to use more advanced household apparatus like air conditioning, an oven, a microwave, also a larger fridge, etc. This makes high-wall campers identical to travel trailers.

  • A-Frames 

This is a trailer, as its name declares, that opens up into a peak-shaped roof resembling the letter “A”. 

  • Teardrops  

Often fully enclosed, hard-sided trailers. It has a “teardrop” tapered shape, and it opens up on the tapered end to reveal either a tent wall or additional hard-sided space. 

How Do You Set up a Pop-up Camper?

Pop-Up Camper Setup Instructions: 

  1. Level the camper. This should be side-to-side, and front-to-back. 
  2. Extend stabilizer jacks, if you equip them. 
  3. Unlatch the straps that secure the roof to the core. 
  4. Plug in the Air Conditioner power string, if it is on the outside. 
  5. Retrieve the crank handle. Know that it is vitally important to be fully raised.

If you are new to the camping scene, the best tip is to have a dress trial for fixing up your pop-up camper. Bring the entire family entangled and have a go at fixing it up on your drive.

This will allow you to comprehend precisely what needs to be done, how to see any problems with your camper, and more significantly how long it will take.

Confirm that you reach your destination with sufficient time to suitably set up your pop-up. It is usually not a quick job so aim to get to your camping site from late morning to lunchtime.

Reaching dusk and then attempting to set up your pop-up alongside discovering time to dine and unwind, unless you are a seasoned professional, is possible to generate a lot of stress. This is not the most useful way to start any family time far from home.

Pick a suitable place at the site. Guarantee that you have an adequate room close to your camper to permit the pop-out features. Take care not to have trees too nearby that will get in your way.

Make sure to be amply close to your utility hook-up. Why? You do not want to take the time to set up everything and then see the electric hook-up is a few feet too far away!

There Is More to This

Assuring your pop-up camper’s level is the most significant consideration. Try not to unhitch your vehicle until you control and balance your camper.

You may require to push your camper forwards or rearwards a couple of feet to get it even. Numerous campers will have vibrancy levels, for both movements, in the vehicle trap place which will help you get your camper as even as likely.

Position some wood beneath one or more of the wheels. If you require to raise one side, move the camper a few feet forward or backward.

Put a plank of wood on the bottom and then force the vehicle on the wood. This lets you boost one side of the camper to level it.

Tip: There is a widespread belief that dome tents are better in the wind. Is this theory truthful or not?

An RV camper with the awning out, during sunset.

Stop the Movement

After you have leveled your camper, put chocks against the wheels for resilience. This will also prevent any slight moves when you unhitch the vehicle. You do not require to go for anything pricey. Also, you can employ a couple of chunks of wood that serve this goal.

You are now prepared to unhitch the vehicle. Mainly, lower the trailer jack to the floor and confirm it is steady. Unhook any chains connected to the towing vehicle. Utilize the jack to lift the camper lofty enough that the trap can be freed from the vehicle and slowly push it away from the camper.

It is advisable having someone supervising the tongue jack, while you are pushing the tow vehicle. Do this as a precaution. Have another examination of the vibrancy levels and make any definitive checks with the tongue jack. You are now prepared to pop up the pop-up camper.

Set your stabilizer jacks lower, so they are approximately 2 inches from the floor. If you are on sand or more soothing terrain, it is a suitable idea to hold jack pads to spread the poundage of the stabilizer jacks.

Tip: Make sure to think about your safety to avoid snakes crawling in your sleeping bag when camping.

Opening the Roof

Now you should open the roof and/or side pods. Be cautious as, during this time, the camper will shift around negligibly. This is where the previous reviews will come in handy. After you have unlocked all the parts of your pop-up camper, go back and fully lower the stabilizer jacks to the bottom.

As a matter of fact, you can set them, so they are close to the ground, then you can turn them once more! The scheme here is not to disturb the fine work you have just done by balancing your camper. You only need to fasten the levels with the stabilizers.

With particular pop-up campers, you will need a reliable entrance to fit, though some include a zipper-style soft textile door. This truly does without saying!

Tie up any utilities, such as electricity, and then set up the interior of your camper. You are now prepared to appreciate your time away with your family or friends.

Tip: Make sure that you use proper pants and equipment in order to avoid Rattlesnakes while hiking.

Tent vs. Pop Up Camper?

Many believe that the pop-up camper is more refined than a tent. Some state that the pop-up camper is the uprise between a regular tent and an RV. Particular pop-up campers have restroom structures.

One of the great things about the pop-up camper, as objected to a tent, is the option to eat inside. In the summer, you truly want to get away from bugs when camping, so a camper equips safety inside.

Both tents and pop-up campers need proper ventilation. The pop-up camper can handle airing better than a tent. It is vitally important that you ventilate your pop-up camper as any moisture can create mold very fast.

Untreated mustiness can spoil the canvas guiding to rips and waterproofing problems. Mold and decay can also depart an extremely undesirable odor that is very hard to remove even after you get rid of the mold.

Pop-up campers are more pricey, and you will require warehouse space for it. On the contrary, a tent can be tucked away in your cellar. Furthermore, know that running a trailer is not so straightforward. This is mainly true for switching up the driveway!

Campers are, by all means, great for two individuals. Yet, they will feel a little claustrophobic if the number is anything more than that. Tents do provide you with an alternative for a bigger party.

Note: The law in particular states is quite strict on hauling power of your vehicle. So, it is advisable that you do your research. It also guarantees you and your family are protected on the road. You can choose a sturdy SUV for smaller pop-up campers, for instance.

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